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Fire Emblem Exclamation Marks Explained (Yellow & Purple)

Jacob Woodward

Fire Emblem Engage can be a little confusing at times, especially for new players. With various icons, stats, and support characters to learn about, you might get a little bogged down in things to remember.

One part of the game that is particularly baffling when in the heat of battle are the exclamation marks that appear next to characters as you’re not really reminded as to what these mean. This guide will talk you through both the yellow exclamation mark as well as the purple exclamation mark, so you know exactly what they’re in the game for.

What Does The Yellow Exclamation Mark Mean In Fire Emblem Engage?

"Clanne" iconClanne casting "Fire" iconFire in Fire Emblem Engage

If you’re playing Fire Emblem Engage, we’re sure you’ve seen the yellow exclamation mark pop up in battle a few times. As previously mentioned, this, along with other icons in battle can be confusing, and sometimes a little overwhelming. Don’t fret though, because the yellow exclamation mark means something very simple.

Essentially, when you see a yellow exclamation mark near one of the characters, this means that you need to be very careful. This is because when a yellow exclamation mark is on one of the enemy units, they have what’s known as a Killer Weapon. These Killer Weapons add a 30% crit chance to physical attacks, meaning that if you choose to hit them and they counter, you will likely take a huge hit for your efforts.

If you’re wondering how to get past enemies of this ilk, if you have your units already set up to do so, we recommend that you enhance your chance of breaking your enemies thus making them unable to attack you for that turn. This will completely negate their Killer Weapon to hopefully allow enough time for you to dispatch it.

What Does The Purple Exclamation Mark Mean In Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage purple exclamation mark

A second exclamation mark in Fire Emblem Engage is another colour - purple. This purple exclamation mark does not have the same meaning as the above yellow variant, so naturally, you’ll also want to know this to ensure you’re not getting one-hit KO’d.

While not having the same meaning as the yellow exclamation mark, if you do spot a purple one, it still means bad news. This is because a purple exclamation mark means that the enemy that is marked by it is using a weapon that has an advantage over the unit you are attacking with. This, therefore, means that you will probably be receiving even more damage than you’d usually expect.

For what we suggest if you come up against an enemy that has the purple exclamation mark, is to simply cycle through your available units to find one that isn’t weak to it. And if you don’t have one in your arsenal, it could be time to sacrifice your weakest unit in an effort to save your top characters for later.


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