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All Backup Classes In Fire Emblem Engage

Think of Backup Classes as the most proficient with their chosen weapons. The "Halberdier" iconHalberdier Class represents a Lance user who is massively experienced and will excel over standard units without a doubt, for example. They can also have extra buffs like enhanced dodging due to their experience, they are a fantastic addition to any band of units looking to take on the Fell Dragon. Let’s check out all Backup Classes in Fire Emblem Engage, with more information available by clicking the Class name and heading straight to our FEE database:

Class Name Usable Weapons Maximum Weapon Ranks Description
"Axe Fighter" iconAxe Fighter Axe Axe B Proven warriors with an axe. Their swings are fierce, but leave them open to retaliation.
"Berserker" iconBerserker Axe Axe S Mighty warriors of unparalleled strength. They cleave foes in twain with huge axes.
"Halberdier" iconHalberdier Lance Lance S Lance-wielders with a great deal of battlefield experience. Several cuts above common lance fighters.
"Hero (Sword, Lance)" iconHero (Sword, Lance) Sword, Lance (Secondary), Axe (Secondary) Sword A, Lance C+, Axe C+ Accomplished veterans proficient in several weapons and can easily cut through the front lines.
"Lance Fighter" iconLance Fighter Lance Lance B Soldiers who fight with a lance. They strike just the right balance between offense and defense.
"Lord (Sword)" iconLord (Sword) Sword Sword B One born into a family that leads a nation. Proficient with a sword.
"Picket" iconPicket Lance Lance S A lancer who pierces the enemy lines with flawless skill. Her bouncy steps presage deadly attacks.
"Royal Knight" iconRoyal Knight Lance, Staff Lance A, Staff C+ Noble knights who tear across the battlefield on horseback, rallying their allies. They can also use staves.
"Sentinel (Lance)" iconSentinel (Lance) Lance Lance B A Sentinel who takes up arms to defend her nation. Proficient with the lance.
"Successeur" iconSuccesseur Sword, Axe Sword S, Axe A One with the will and strength to lead a nation. Skilled with both the blade and the axe.
"Sword Fighter" iconSword Fighter Sword Sword B Footsoldiers who take pride in their skill with a blade. They avoid enemy attacks with nimble footwork.
"Swordmaster" iconSwordmaster Sword Sword S Master sword fighters who avoid attacks by a hair’s breadth and retaliate with mighty skills.
"Warrior" iconWarrior Axe, Bow Axe A, Bow C+ Skilled experts in annihilating their enemies. They are capable with bows as well as axes.
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