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Looking for the best classes for every character in Fire Emblem Engage? Well there’s a lot to get through, considering there’s 36 characters and 72 different classes to marry up. It’s important to make sure players get there class and character match ups spot on to make the best use of their units on the battlefield. However, this can be a bit overwhelming when considering the best unit placements, best weapons and other important decisions. Let’s take one thing at a time and break down the best classes for every character in Fire Emblem Engage:

Best Classes For Every Character In Fire Emblem Engage

Classes are great for buffing the best statistics in units. Have a high HP character as a unit? Why not find a class that will emphasize that stat alongside Defense to turn it into a solid tank unit? The possibilities are endless, but that doesn’t mean they’re all solid choices and strategies.

We’ve put together an easy-to-read table below which tells players the best classes for every character in Fire Emblem Engage. To make things a bit easier to understand, we’ve also included the reason why we’ve matched characters up with said classes too. Make sure to click through on any that look ideal to get detailed information via our Fire Emblem Database.

Character Class Description
"Alcryst" iconAlcryst "Sniper" iconSniper More likely to get follow up attack and Critical hits.
"Alfred" iconAlfred "Avenir" iconAvenir A unique class for "Alfred" iconAlfred that matches well with his stat growth.
"Amber" iconAmber "Great Knight (Sword, Lance)" iconGreat Knight (Sword, Lance) / "Great Knight (Lance, Axe)" iconGreat Knight (Lance, Axe) High Speed and Strength stats naturally compliment the class.
"Anna" iconAnna "High Priest" iconHigh Priest A healing class is ideal for "Anna" iconAnnas base stats.
"Boucheron" iconBoucheron "Berserker" iconBerserker More likely to deal follow up attacks and powerful Axe damage.
"Bunet" iconBunet "Great Knight (Sword, Axe)" iconGreat Knight (Sword, Axe) / "Great Knight (Sword, Lance)" iconGreat Knight (Sword, Lance) A standard Class for "Bunet" iconBunet but makes him a good damage absorber.
Celine "Vidame" iconVidame Celines Strength and Magic stats and growth rate make great use of this Classes skill, “Ignis”.
Chloe "Griffin Knight (Lance)" iconGriffin Knight (Lance) Chloes Dexterity and high HP lend to quick hits and ally support.
"Citrinne" iconCitrinne "Mage Knight (Sword, Tome)" iconMage Knight (Sword, Tome) A highly mobile tome user that can take a hit is very useful.
"Clanne" iconClanne "Mage Knight (Sword, Tome)" iconMage Knight (Sword, Tome) "Clanne" iconClanne’s low magic stat will be complimented by sword use in multiple units.
"Diamant" iconDiamant "Successeur" iconSuccesseur Compliments "Diamant" iconDiamants tanking ability whilst covering up some weak spots.
"Etie" iconEtie "Bow Knight (Axe, Bow)" iconBow Knight (Axe, Bow) As an all-rounder, this class will make the best use of "Etie" iconEties best stat, Strength.
"Fogado" iconFogado "Warrior" iconWarrior "Fogado" iconFogados Dexterity and Speed will mostly remain intact whilst increasing general damage.
"Framme" iconFramme "High Priest" iconHigh Priest Keeps her healing focus with the added benefit of Tome use.
"Goldmary" iconGoldmary "Great Knight (Sword, Lance)" iconGreat Knight (Sword, Lance) Further buffs her high Defense and Dexterity stats.
"Hortensia" iconHortensia "Sleipnir Rider" iconSleipnir Rider Allows "Hortensia" iconHortensia to move across the battlefield avoiding hits.
"Ivy" iconIvy "Lindwurm" iconLindwurm This exclusive flying Mage class can clear up lone units and create movement advantages ahead of offensive units.
"Jade" iconJade "General (Axe)" iconGeneral (Axe) Takes advantage of "Jade" iconJades high HP, Defense and Strength.
"Jean" iconJean "Martial Master" iconMartial Master Able to distribute heals from a healer whilst tanking hits and dealing them back.
"Kagetsu" iconKagetsu "Swordmaster" iconSwordmaster Already has the best class for him, not much work needed here.
"Lapis" iconLapis "General (Lance)" iconGeneral (Lance) Best use of a general stat unit that will provide more defense on front lines.
"Lindon" iconLindon "Sage" iconSage That’s right, just build "Lindon" iconLindon up in his beginner class for his high Magic and Strength stats.
"Louis" iconLouis "General (Sword)" iconGeneral (Sword) "Louis" iconLouis high HP stat makes a great combo for this class to tank out.
"Mauvier" iconMauvier "Royal Knight" iconRoyal Knight Gives this multi talented unit movement to support other units.
"Merrin" iconMerrin "Wolf Knight (Sword, Dagger)" iconWolf Knight (Sword, Dagger) "Merrin" iconMerrins High Speed and Dexterity allows her to dodge most attacks.
"Pandreo" iconPandreo "High Priest" iconHigh Priest Goes great with Pandeos low Strength and Defense. Stick to healing.
"Panette" iconPanette "Berserker" iconBerserker Takes advantage of "Panette" iconPanettes high HP and Strength, steamrolling enemy units whilst clearing room for fellow units.
"Saphir" iconSaphir "Warrior" iconWarrior To be used as a support for "Berserker" iconBerserkers, going second and using "Merciless" iconMerciless to deal 50% damage to broken units.
"Seadall" iconSeadall "Dancer" iconDancer Use to support other units. Able to grant +3 Dex, Luck and Speed for one turn.
"Timerra" iconTimerra "Picket" iconPicket The "Sandstorm" iconSandstorm ability will work well with "Timerra" iconTimerras naturally high Dexterity.
"Vander" iconVander "Great Knight (Lance, Axe)" iconGreat Knight (Lance, Axe) Builds on "Vander" iconVanders naturally high Defense stat, turning him inot a great tank unit.
"Veyle" iconVeyle "Fell Child" iconFell Child This class, with the combination of "Fell Spirit" iconFell Spirit and "Corrin" iconCorrin, makes "Veyle" iconVeyle the best Magical unit in FIre Emblem Engage.
"Yunaka" iconYunaka "Thief" iconThief When combined with "Yunaka" iconYunakas high Dexterity and Speed, this Class ensures plenty of dodging and opportunities to attack.
"Zelkov" iconZelkov "Thief" iconThief "Zelkov" iconZelkovs natural growth in Speed and Dexterity statistics will be further buffed by this class.


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It seems that Alear is missing from this list. On the topic of "best" is there a preferred gender to use for Alear for gameplay reasons?

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It seems that Alear is missing from this list. On the topic of "best" is there a preferred gender to use for Alear for gameplay reasons?

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