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Before reading ahead regarding the Best "Alear (Emblem)" iconAlear (Emblem) skills and pairings, please note that this particular Emblem is a late-game addition. This means the below content is riddled with spolers for the end-game of Fire Emblem Engage. For those who want to continue on reading, let’s get straight into it:

Best Alear Emblem Skills And Pairings

Alear becomes the !Fire Emblem

"Alear" iconAlear (Emblem) works a little bit differently than other Emblems but still has the statistics, skills, attacks and weapon set other Emblems posses, so let’s dive right in:

Alear Emblem Basic Stats And Background

Engage Attack Engage Skill Usable Weapons
"Dragon Blast" iconDragon Blast Attack Damage/2, "Attuned" iconAttuned and Foe Engage "Dragon's Fist (Alear)" iconDragon’s Fist (Alear), "Lyrátion (Alear)" iconLyrátion (Alear) and "Oligoludia (Alear)" iconOligoludia (Alear)

Not only is Alear (Emblem) also the protagonist Alear, she is also known as the Fire Emblem. Alear (Emblem) grants the "Divine Dragon" iconDivine Dragon’s blessing and is the bane of the Fell Dragon. Known as the “Ring of the Connector”, collecting the Twelve Emblem Rings to combine their powers turns Alear into her true form, The Fire Emblem. Alear (Emblem) unlocks at the beginning of Chapter 23: The Four Hounds.

Alear Emblem Playstyle

Whilst Alear (Emblem) is focused on offensive play, they also grant some amazing stat boosts. Due to the tree turn limit for Engaged Emblems, we’d recommend keeping Alear (Emblem) in a players back pocket for a tight spot. Allow battles to play out for a few turns before unleashing this absolute beast of an Emblem Ring. Use the buffs when necessary as there’s no chance any unit will steam roll a battle from the get go, but Alear (Emblem) will certainly make quick work of Axe wielding units.

Best Alear Emblem Skills To Inherit

Holt Aura is a very convenient skill for Fire Emblem Engage’s end-game, but making units effective against The Fell Dragon is only really useful in one situation. Bond Forger+ gives +30 to Hit and Avo stats to units already engaged with an Emblem on the battlefield at bond level 20, with its lesser form granted +20 at the more achievable level five. There’s plenty of HP, Speed and Defense stat boosts for players between bond levels one to ten also that will come in handy early on for players who unlock Alear (Emblem).

Best Alear Emblem Pairings

The best pairings for Alear (Emblem) is actually Alear. This might not make much sense for those who haven’t played through the story, so once again this is a spoiler warning. Remember Lumera talking about the ring she made for Alear but ran out of time to give it to her? Well, this is actually the “Ring of the Connector”. Created by the power of the twelve Emblems, this brings Alear back from the dead near the climax of Fire Emblem Engage to finish the fight against the Fell Dragon. So for this particular Emblem, the best Alear Emblem pairing is herself. Talk about a spin!

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