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Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Memento Drawer: What Is The Important Item?

Jacob Woodward

While Fire Emblem Engage does talk you through a bunch of the game’s mechanics to aid you in the heat of battle, a lot of things are left a mystery for you to uncover as you play.

If you’ve started to dabble in collecting items and creating bonds with your Units after reaching the Somniel, you’ve likely realised that things aren’t so simple. It’s certainly not made clear what each of the items do, or what gifts to give them to increase the relationship.

Another puzzling aspect of the Somniel is the Memento Drawer in your room, as a certain item will be able to be placed there, but you’re given no clue other than it is ‘important’. This guide talks you through everything you need to know about the Memento Drawer so you know exactly what it’s used for.

What Do You Need To Use The Memento Drawer In Fire Emblem Engage?

!Fire Emblem Engage Memento Drawer

As previously mentioned, the Memento Drawer in your room is going to leave you scratching your head. You are able to examine it time and time again, but you will almost certainly be met with the message “It looks like something important belongs here”.

!Fire Emblem Engage Memento Drawer examine message

To put it simply, to get to the stage where you can use the Memento Drawer, you’re going to have to put some serious hours into Fire Emblem Engage. This is because the Memento Drawer is used as an area for you to keep an important item, to romance a beloved support character that you will not receive in the game’s early stages.

To get this item, you’ll first have to complete Chapter 22. Once you do so, an optional Paralogue called The Connector will become available in the Garden of Memories. Beat this Paralogue to receive an item called the Pact Ring.

How To Use The Pact Ring In Fire Emblem Engage

You will now need to have levelled your desired character all the way up to A rank to be able to give them the Pact Ring you have just got your hands on. Once you’ve got the A rank, head back to the Memento Drawer in your room and instead of that previous message, you will be able to retrieve the Pact Ring.

Now, head out into the Somniel and give the Pact Ring to your chosen character. This will essentially ‘romance’ them and elevate their rank to S.

!Fire Emblem Engage Pact Ring romance cutscene with Boucheron

You will now have a special secret cutscene and this character will then gain additional bonuses in battle, as well as have a portrait on the Memento Drawer.

One final thing to note here is that you are only able to get one Pact Ring per save so make sure that you use it on someone you won’t regret!

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