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How to Beat Byleth's Paralogue

Ben Chard

Paralogue battles are essentially side missions that typically earn you new characters or release the Bond Level Cap on Emblems. In the case of this particular Paralogue, it’ll allow you to unlock "Byleth" iconByleth’s Bond Level cap. This page will discuss how to unlock the The Instructor and once done, how to defeat "Byleth" iconByleth in this challenging battle.

You will unlock "Byleth" iconByleth's paralogue at the start of Chapter 15.

How to Unlock Byleth’s Paralogue: The Instructor in Fire Emblem Engage

After unlocking the main story mission for Chapter 15 (!Dancer in the Ruins) you’ll unlock "Byleth" iconByleth’s Paralogue, The Instructor, which can be found to the east of Shadowy Moor located to the east of the world map. As this is one of the tougher Paralogues when you first unlock it and has a suggested level of Advanced Class Lvl 5, you may wish to wait until you get a bit stronger and acquire some more Emblems.

How to Defeat Byleth at the Sacred Tomb

The main task in the Sacred Tomb, beyond defeating "Byleth" iconByleth, is to ensure that the other enemies don’t smash the pink crystals or you’ll get no additional reward for completing the battle That reward comes in the form of a Talisman and an Elixir so long as you end the battle with the majority of crystals still standing (we had two crystals smashed and got the reward).

Still, this means that "Byleth" iconByleth’s forces will be focused on that task and will only look to head for and attack them during the Enemy phase. "Byleth" iconByleth himself can be found surrounded at the far south of the map, which you access by heading up the stairs on the west or east. With that in mind, you should split your squad between the west and east side, with a unit or two dealing with the dragon fabrications in the center (Alear is a good choice for this).

(1 of 2) Split your forces between the east and western stairs

Split your forces between the east and western stairs (left), leave someone like "Alear" iconAlear to deal with the dragons in the center. (right)

Units that can fly are a good choice for this battle, such as "Chloé" iconChloé, "Ivy" iconIvy, and "Hortensia" iconHortensia. Take your forces up both sides while dealing with the enemies, a lot of them are Armored so you’ll want magic users (or "Levin Sword" iconLevin Swords/Radiant Bows/Hurricane Axes) to penalize their low Res.

Once you reach "Byleth" iconByleth, the "Martial Master" iconMartial Masters nearby will warp the other nearby units to the ground below to try and divert your attention. If you want the bonus reward, be sure to leave some units in the center to deal with this threat appropriately. "Byleth" iconByleth himself will also close the distance after using Goddess Dance to buff his nearby allies.

"Byleth" iconByleth comes with two Revival Stones, so you’re unlikely to take him out in a single turn, and you’ll want to focus on melee over magic due to his natural high Res. He’ll also respond to ranged attacks if he’s using the "Sword of the Creator" iconSword of the Creator, so be wary of it when trying to attack him from distance with a magic-user. He will alternate between his other weapons as the turns go on, so look to defeat him within two combat turns.

(1 of 3) The "Martial Master" iconMartial Masters will warp units to the center when you get close

Be sure that you take out the "Martial Master" iconMartial Masters before you focus on "Byleth" iconByleth, as they will heal him and draw the battle out longer. The best method for dealing with "Byleth" iconByleth is to hit him with the Killer weapons, to hopefully preempt a Critical hit and give him less options to counter. Once you finally defeat "Byleth" iconByleth, you’ll complete the Paralogue and unlock "Byleth" iconByleth’s Bond Level cap.

All Treasure in the Sacred Tomb

There are no chests to track down and loot in this battle, so all of the items will come from enemy drops. All of the enemies with drops available will all drop Gold in the value of 1000 G. On top of that, you’ll also obtain a Talisman and Elixir if you should defeat him before too many crystals are smashed.


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