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Fire Emblem Engage

How to Unlock and Equip Inherited Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

Nathan Garvin

Equipping a character with an Emblem Rings grants a variety of boons, included access to new skills, stat buffs, and unique actions they can perform in combat. These are all desirable, of course, but should you equip your Bond Lvl enough with an Emblem, you’ll be able to start permanently acquiring Inherited Skills… even when that Emblem Ring is no longer equipped! This page will cover how to unlock, purchase and equip Inherited Skills from Emblem Rings.

To be able to purchase Inherited Skills, you must reach Bond Level 5 with an Emblem.

What Are Inherited Skills in Fire Emblem Engage?

As long as you have an Emblem Ring equipped while in combat you’ll earn Bond points, eventually increasing your Bond Level. Increasing your Bond Level will increase the Bond Effects that are in place while the Emblem Ring is equipped. For example, at Bond Level 1 "Marth" iconMarth will grant the following Bond Effects:

Once you reach Bond Level 2 you’ll unlock "Sword Agility 1" iconSword Agility 1, and at Bond Level 3 Marth will grant "Break Defenses" iconBreak Defenses. This is all well and good, but you only have access to these abilities while Marth is equipped, and Emblem Rings are kind of a hot commodity. Fortunately, each character has access to Inherited Skills, which, once obtained, they can equip on a whim, even without the Emblem Ring from whence they originated equipped, allowing you to mix and match skills to customize your build.

(1 of 2) Interact with the Central Pedestal in the Ring Chamber,

Interact with the Central Pedestal in the Ring Chamber, (left), and, assuming you’ve reached Bond Level 5, you can spend Skill Points to purchase Inherited Skills. (right)

How to Unlock Inherited Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

To unlock Inherited Skills, you’ll need to advance the main story until the Ring Chamber in the Somniel is unlocked. Once done, you can examine the Central Pedestal inside to get several options, one of which is “Inherit Skills”. Sounds promising!

Select this option, a character, and an Emblem and you’ll get a list of skills you can inherit. Unfortunately, two final hurdles are in your way - you cannot unlock any Inherited Skills until you reach Bond Level 5 with the Emblem, and even after that, you must have the requisite amount of Skill Points (SP) to purchase said Inherited Skill. Note that after going from Bond Level 4 to Bond Level 5 with an Emblem, you will need to return to the Somniel and have a Bond Conversation with said Emblem. You cannot increase your Bond Level further until you do this, so it’s important to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

To increase your Bond Level, just keep an Emblem Ring equipped and engage in combat as much as possible. It’ll probably take you until at least Chapter 5 to do this, quite possibly a bit longer.

Skill Points are also earned in combat as long as you have either an Emblem Ring or a Bond Ring equipped. Early on, there won’t be enough Emblem Rings to go around, so it’s important you create some Bond Rings (also performed by interacting with the Central Pedestal inside the Ring Chamber) for the characters who aren’t fortunate enough to end up with an Emblem Ring early on (which will be most of them). This will give them some minor stat boosts and allow them to start earning SP, which will make the process of later acquiring Inherited Skills with them much faster.

Enter the Inventory menu and pick the option “Manage Skills” to equip any Inherited Skills you’ve purchased.

How to Equip Inherited Skills in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you’ve met the aforementioned conditions, purchase a desired Inherited Skill via the Central Pedestal in the Ring Chamber, then enter the Somniel Menu and select the “Inventory” option, the character who just purchased new Inherited Skills, then select the “Manage Skills” option. You should see your Inherited Skills slots at the top of the list - just select a slot, pick one of the Inherited Skills you unlocked, and you’re good to go. Just note that redundant skills do not stack, so there’s no point in equipping something an Emblem Ring is already granting you. For example, Marth will not grant the Perceptive skill twice… although, if you unlock Perceptive as an Inherited Skill, you can equip Perceptive as an Inherited Skill and keep it active even without Marth’s Emblem Ring equipped.

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