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Fire Emblem Engage

Firene Donation Rewards

Nathan Garvin

You can make donations to various realms in Fire Emblem Engage, which will set you back a painful sum of gold, but in return you’ll gain numerous rewards, both immediately and long-term. This page will cover the rewards you’ll earn for donating to Firene and increasing Firene’s Donation Level in Fire Emblem Engage.

A fairly tame realm, you can nonetheless gain a wide variety of goods by donating to Firene.

All Firene Donation Rewards

Firene is the first region you’ll explore, and since it’s where you’ll cut your teeth and start amassing wealth, power and resources, it’s not a bad idea to expedite the process by donating some money. Increasing Firene’s Donation Level to 3 isn’t a bad idea - it’s not like you’ll have the metals you need to upgrade weapons at first, anyways, so why let that first 15,000G you’ll accumulate sit idle when it could be boosting your rewards?

As the first realm in the game, Firene is fairly tame. Leveling it will only modestly increase the encounter rate of Gold Corrupted (up to 40%) and Silver Corrupted (up to 30%), and the amount of metals and food found while exploring.

Firene Level Reward Contents
2 Harvest’s Bounty "Onion" iconOnion x5, "Cabbage" iconCabbage x5, "Herb" iconHerb x5, "Tomato" iconTomato x5, "Potato" iconPotato x5, "Rare Vegetable" iconRare Vegetable x5, "Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour x5, "Apple" iconApple x5, "Orange" iconOrange x5, "Peach" iconPeach x5, "Grapes" iconGrapes x5, "Berries" iconBerries x5, "Rare Fruit" iconRare Fruit x5, "Nuts" iconNuts x5, Bonds.png x500
3 National Clothing "Steel Lance" iconSteel Lance x1, Floral Set, Bonds.png x1,000
4 Companion Pack "Spear" iconSpear x1, Donkey.png Mere Donkey x2, Bonds.png x2,000
5 Local Garb "Venomous" iconVenomous x1, Oceanic Set, Bonds.png x3,000

Corrupted Spawn Rates

Below you’ll find the odds of Gold Corrupted and Silver Corrupted spawning during Skirmishes. Keep in mind that this only applies if you’re actually fighting Corrupted, other enemies will remain normal.

Firene Level Gold Silver
1 20% 10%
2 20% 10%
3 30% 20%
4 30% 20%
5 40% 30%

Exploration Drop Rates

Below you’ll find a table listing the various metal, Bond Fragment and ingredient drop rates by Donation Level. Keep in mind that these may not indicate the raw numbers dropped - in the case of metals the rate of increase is unclear, but we were picking up 74 Iron at Donation Level 3. Bond Fragment drop rates may be multiplicative, as a Donation Level 3 we were getting 150 Bond Fragments per pickup. Ingredients found seem to be the raw numbers listed below (in other words, you’ll start getting 3x "Orange" iconOranges at a time at Donation Level 3).

Firene Level Metal Bond Fragments Ingredients
1 1 1 "Tomato" iconTomato x1 "Potato" iconPotato x1 "Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour x1 "Orange" iconOrange x1 "Berries" iconBerries x1 "Rare Fruit" iconRare Fruit x1 "Nuts" iconNuts x1 "Milk" iconMilk x1 "Eggs" iconEggs x1 "Rice" iconRice x1 "Beans" iconBeans x1
2 2 2 "Tomato" iconTomato x1 "Potato" iconPotato x1 "Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour x1 "Orange" iconOrange x2 "Berries" iconBerries x1 Rare "Berries" iconBerries x1 "Nuts" iconNuts x1 "Milk" iconMilk x2 "Eggs" iconEggs x2 "Rice" iconRice x1 "Beans" iconBeans x1
3 2 3 "Tomato" iconTomato x2 "Potato" iconPotato x2 "Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour x1 "Orange" iconOrange x3 "Berries" iconBerries x2 Rare "Berries" iconBerries x2 "Nuts" iconNuts x2 "Milk" iconMilk x3 "Eggs" iconEggs x3 "Rice" iconRice x1 "Beans" iconBeans x1
4 3 4 "Tomato" iconTomato x2 "Potato" iconPotato x2 "Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour x2 "Orange" iconOrange x4 "Berries" iconBerries x2 Rare "Berries" iconBerries x2 "Nuts" iconNuts x2 "Milk" iconMilk x3 "Eggs" iconEggs x3 "Rice" iconRice x1 "Beans" iconBeans x1
5 3 5 "Tomato" iconTomato x3 "Potato" iconPotato x3 "Wheat Flour" iconWheat Flour x2 "Orange" iconOrange x5 "Berries" iconBerries x2 Rare "Berries" iconBerries x3 "Nuts" iconNuts x2 "Milk" iconMilk x3 "Eggs" iconEggs x3 "Rice" iconRice x2 "Beans" iconBeans x2

Adoptable Animals

Below you’ll find a list of all the animals you can adopt in Firene. Most of these are available at Donation Level 1, but a few require you to upgrade to Donation Level 2.

Firene Level Animals
1 Elyosian Sheep, White Hop Rabbit, Hop Rabbit, Eastern Freecat, Western Freecat, Southern Freecat, Northern Freecat, Elyosian Pigeon, Elyosian Seagull, Elyosian Dog, Black Elyosian Dog, White Elyosian Dog
2 All above, plus Firenese Cat, Calisson Chicken, Mère Donkey
3 All above
4 All above
5 All above
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