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All Cavalry Classes in Fire Emblem Engage are units that will move quick across the battlefield and deal some decent damage? Regardless of weapon choice, Cavalry have to bonus of taking the fight to the enemy quicker with bonuses most other classes don’t have. Let’s get into all Cavalry Classes in Fire Emblem Engage:

All Cavalry Classes In Fire Emblem Engage

There’s some great buffs for all Calavry Classes in Fire Emblem Engage, drop preventing physical damage to having a good spread of stat growth. There’s a horse for every course here, or should we say battle? Check out which Cavalry Class works, and feel free to click through to our FEE Database for even more information and detailed breakdowns:

Class Name Usable Weapons Maximum Weapon Ranks Description
"Avenir" iconAvenir Lance, Sword Lance A, Sword B During combat, may prevent 50% of physical damage taken. Trigger %=Dex. A dashing prince who rides a white horse into battle. Excels with a lance and serviceable with a blade.
"Axe Cavalier" iconAxe Cavalier Axe Axe B Axe-wielding knights who ride freely about the battlefield. They strike a good balance of skills.
"Bow Knight (Lance, Bow)" iconBow Knight (Lance, Bow) Axe (Secondary), Bow, Lance (Secondary), Sword (Secondary) Axe C+, Bow A, Lance C+, Sword C+ If unit initiates combat without moving first, grants Hit+40 during combat. Bow users that fire from the saddle and outflank foes with high mobility.
"Cupido" iconCupido Bow, Sword Bow B A charming bow knight who fights with casual flair. Skilled with both bow and sword, he toys with his foe.
"Great Knight (Lance, Axe)" iconGreat Knight (Lance, Axe) Axe (Tertiary), Lance (Tertiary),Sword (Tertiary) Axe B+, Lance B+, Sword B+ Heavily armored knights clad in thick armor. They defend their allies with a variety of weapons.
"Lance Cavalier" iconLance Cavalier Lance Lance B Lance-wielding knights who ride freely about the battlefield. They strike a good balance of skills.
"Mage Knight (Lance, Tome)" iconMage Knight (Lance, Tome) Axe (Secondary), Lance (Secondary), Sword (Secondary), Tome Axe B+, Lance B+, Sword B+, Tome A Magic knights who cast spells from horseback, but can also take part in melee combat.
"Noble (Lance)" iconNoble (Lance) Lance Lance B "Alfred" iconAlfred Exclusive Class: One born into a noble royal family. A proficient horseman and skilled lancer.
"Paladin (Lance)" iconPaladin (Lance) Axe (Secondary), Lance (Secondary), Sword (Secondary) Axe A+, Lance A+, Sword A+ High-ranking knights with a wealth of experience. Highly mobile and strong against magic.
"Royal Knight" iconRoyal Knight Lance, Staff Lance A, Staff C+ Noble knights who tear across the battlefield on horseback, rallying their allies. They can also use staves.
"Sentinel (Lance)" iconSentinel (Lance) Bow Bow B A Sentinel who takes up arms to defend his nation. A proficient rider and archer.
"Sword Cavalier" iconSword Cavalier Sword Sword B Sword-wielding knights who ride freely about the battlefield. They strike a good balance of skills.
"Wolf Knight (Lance, Dagger)" iconWolf Knight (Lance, Dagger) Axe (Secondary), Dagger, Lance (Secondary) ,Sword (Secondary) Axe B+, Dagger A+, Lance B+, Sword B+ Knights who dart over the battlefield mounted on wolves. Their knife strikes are the ruin of enemy camps.
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