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How to Beat Sigurd's Paralogue

Jessica Dillon

In order to increase the bond level of your Emblems, you will need to do each one of their Paralogues. Depending on the Emblem, these can be some of the toughest or easiest maps you face in the game. "Sigurd" iconSigurd’s Paralogue is a stage that seems incredibly overwhelming at first but has a trick that lets you easily bypass the massive number of soldiers on the field. The guide below tells you how to easily defeat "Sigurd" iconSigurd without losing any units and what treasure is available on this map.

igurd at the start of his Paralogue Chapter, The Holy Knight

How to Unlock Sigurd’s Paralogue: The Holy Knight in Fire Emblem Engage

Once you get "Sigurd" iconSigurd back at the end of Chapter 17, his Paralogue will unlock. This paralogue is easier than some of the others you may have faced, like "Lyn" iconLyn’s, so it’s easy to go ahead and complete it as soon as it’s unlocked.

How to Defeat Sigurd at The River of Light and Dark

This is a pretty easy battle. Once you figure it out, you don’t have to worry about the army at the top of the map. Take out the soldiers on the bottom half of the map, working your way towards the fortress. Most of these enemies can easily be taken out by "Alcryst" iconAlcryst, "Lyn" iconLyn, "Ivy" iconIvy, "Pandreo" iconPandreo, and "Merrin" iconMerrin. Be careful of placing your flying units around the archers to keep them from being taken down, and watch out for moving your units between the rocks and getting stuck when you near the fortress.

The fortress in The Holy Knight.

Work through these units until they are all wiped out, and then go for the mage guarding the castle. On the next turn, the bridge will lower, and a large number of enemies will enter the field. These don’t matter. Move your units close to the start of the lowered bridge to get "Sigurd" iconSigurd to teleport over.

To get him to do this, place a unit that can withstand his attack within range. Once he’s over, make use of "Seadall" iconSeadall and "Byleth" iconByleth to launch a massive attack and deplete his two health bars. You can also fly "Ivy" iconIvy over to move him early on, but you will need to be careful while doing this if you don’t have a decent amount of backup.

All Treasure in The Holy Knight

Aside from the Goddess icon, all of the extra treasure on this map is easy to get.

Item Location
1000 G "Sage" iconSage
1000 G "Sage" iconSage
2000 G "Sage" iconSage (Fortress Guard)
Goddess Icon Waiting below the rocks.


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