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How to Beat Ike's Paralogue

Ben Chard

Paralogue battles are essentially side missions that typically earn you new characters or release the Bond Level Cap on Emblems. In the case of this particular Paralogue, it’ll allow you to unlock "Ike" iconIke’s Bond Level cap. This page will discuss how to unlock the The Radiant Hero and once done, how to defeat "Ike" iconIke in this challenging battle.

You will unlock "Ike" iconIke's Paralogue at the start of Chapter 14.

How to Unlock Ike’s Paralogue: The Radiant Hero in Fire Emblem Engage

After unlocking the main story mission for Chapter 14 (The Battle for Solm) you’ll unlock "Ike" iconIke’s Paralogue, The Radiant Hero, which can be found on an island south of the Fort on the Border located in the upper center of the world map. As this is one of the tougher Paralogues and has a suggested level of Advanced Class Lvl 3, you may wish to wait until you get a bit stronger and acquire some more Emblems.

How to Defeat Ike at the Fort of Hope

For those of you who have played Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, you may be forgiven into thinking that you want to defend the middle on this map. This is actually a trap, as "Ike" iconIke will wait until around Turn 5, then destory the wall around the middle as you then get overwhelmed by the reinforcements on the same turn (along with the other enemies from the start).

(1 of 3) Avoid keeping your team bunched up and split them between the two side paths

The plan, then, is to split your forces between the left and right and make your way up to "Ike" iconIke as soon as possible. The name of the game here is to deal with "Ike" iconIke before you get overwhelmed with reinforcements. There are a lot of Lance units on this map, so having a way to deal with them using Axes is of great benefit. Having one or two Tome users will also make life easier, as a lot of the units are Armored (as is "Ike" iconIke considered).

Once you do reach "Ike" iconIke, take care of the two healers that are close by and then look to deal with "Ike" iconIke himself. "Ike" iconIke acts like an Armored unit, so you won’t be able to break him, but you will be able to take advantage of his weakness to Tomes with his low Res. More importantly is his "Resolve+" iconResolve+ Skill, this will boost his Def and Res by 7 when he’s at 75% HP or less. Needless to say, unless you’re coming into this battle massively overleveled, you may need a few Units to attack him to defeat him.

"Ivy" iconIvy is fantastic for this reason, her Tomes hit hard and you can get around the battlefield with ease. Characters like "Yunaka" iconYunaka are useful too, as if you build her with a focus on AVO, "Ike" iconIke will have trouble hitting her while she chips away and inflicts Poison.

(1 of 2) Use magic against "Ike" iconIke due to his low Res

Use magic against "Ike" iconIke due to his low Res (left), Reinforcements will begin to appear from Turn 5 on. (right)

This is the reason why you want to deal with the healers first, in the event that you’re not able to defeat him in one turn. The battle as a whole is not as difficult as you may expect, so long as you don’t fall into the trap of trying to defend the middle. Speed is the key here so look to deal with "Ike" iconIke before reinforcements start coming on Turn 5.

All Treasure in the Fort of Hope

There are no chests to track down and loot in this battle, so all of the items will come from enemy drops. The "Sage" iconSage near where "Ike" iconIke starts has a useful "Elthunder" iconElthunder while you’ll find drops of 1000 G from the General, "Swordmaster" iconSwordmaster, "Martial Master" iconMartial Master, and "Berserker" iconBerserker scattered around the map.


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