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Best Emblem Ring Pairings In Fire Emblem Engage

Jacob Woodward

In Fire Emblem Engage, it’s all about the Rings. Whether that be Bond Rings, or what we’ll be discussing here, Emblem Rings, you’re going to need to not only grind to get them, but also know which are the best.

While Bond Rings are used for specific Emblems, Emblem Rings are a little more flexible, allowing you to pair them with a plethora of characters, exploring their strengths and weaknesses as you go.

However, to save you some trouble, this guide will take you through what the best Bond Rings are as well as which are the best Bond Ring pairings for each character so you can almost speedrun through the game.

Best Fire Emblem Engage Emblem Rings Overall

We’ll get into the best Emblem Ring pairings for each character shortly, but we thought we’d give you a list of the actual best Emblem Rings in an overall sense to begin with, just so you’re aware of which you’ll need to prioritise when selecting for battle. This is just the top five selections so you’re able to see them at a quick glance.

We’ve compiled this based on our own experience as we’ve progressed through the game. Here are the best Emblem Rings and what strengths they possess:


"Ike" iconIke in Fire Emblem Engage

The reason for choosing "Ike" iconIke as the top Emblem in Fire Emblem Engage is due to the fact that he provides some serious resilience in battle. When Engaged, your unit will take 50% less damage and if that unit is also using an Axe, you’ll gain increased Def and Atk. These come together to create a formidable unit and one that will likely see you through to the end of the battle with no concerns.


"Tiki" iconTiki in Fire Emblem Engage

"Tiki" iconTiki is a DLC Emblem so you may not have had much, or any experience with her. The reason why many are using her in battle, including ourselves, is because of her "Starsphere" iconStarsphere Sync Skill. This increases a units stat increase when they level up, integral to success in those hard to win fights. Additionally, she increases both HP and Lck, as well as healing units from status effects that wait a turn.


"Micaiah" iconMicaiah in Fire Emblem Engage

You’re always going to need to heal your units and "Micaiah" iconMicaiah is the top selection here, making her fit to be in the best Emblem Ring list. On top of her impressive magic power, you can also take advantage of Great Sacrifice, which if used correctly, can both level up characters and farm SP.


"Lyn" iconLyn in Fire Emblem Engage

Next up is "Lyn" iconLyn, a powerful Emblem to add to your party, thanks to her ranged abilities. Used in combination with rushing characters, you’re able to back them up from long range as well as getting up close and personal if you wish, making use of her counterattack abilities. Moreover, her "Call Doubles" iconCall Doubles skill creates illusory doubles that utilize chain attacks, perfect for overwhelming opponents.


"Roy" iconRoy in Fire Emblem Engage

Finally we’ve got "Roy" iconRoy, someone you may be familiar with even if you haven’t played "Fire" iconFire Emblem before. Similar to "Ike" iconIke, you will likely want to pair this Emblem with a physical attack unit thanks to increased Str and Sword attacks. Additionally, with "Roy" iconRoy’s "Advance" iconAdvance ability, you’ll gain more mobility on the battlefield coupled with "Hold Out" iconHold Out to take more hits.

As you can see, "Ike" iconIke comes out on top as our selection for the number one Emblem Ring in the game. While he doesn’t technically have the most overpowered attributes, it’s the most solid overall option to see you out to end-game.

Best Emblem Ring Pairings For Each Character In Fire Emblem Engage

Now we get to the good stuff, the Best Emblem Ring pairings for each character. This list will allow you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of each Emblem Ring, hopefully aiding you to victory in those especially tough matchups.


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