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All Chapter Unlocks and Rewards in Fire Emblem Engage

Ben Chard

In Fire Emblem Engage, you’ll continually unlock new features, characters, and other goodies as you progress through the game. For the most part, you can almost expect something new every Chapter. This page will give you a breakdown of what rewards and unlocks you can expect from every Chapter.

"Lyn" iconLyn is just one of the Emblems you'll unlock throughout the game.

The information below will inform you of the unlocks by chapter, with any additional notes for that particular chapter (such as needing to speak to a character to recruit them).

Chapter 1

Unlock Notes Links
"Alear" iconAlear, "Framme" iconFramme, "Clanne" iconClanne, "Vander" iconVander Automatically
Emblem "Marth" iconMarth Automatically Best Marth Skills and Pairings

Nothing too fancy here for the introductory chapter, you’ll unlock all of the Lythos Units as permanent recruits along with your first Emblem, "Marth" iconMarth.

Chapter 2

Unlock Notes Links
Liberation Sword This is an exclusive sword for "Alear" iconAlear
Emblem "Sigurd" iconSigurd Automatically Best Sigurd Skills and Pairings

More tutorials abound but you will still unlock the excellent Liberation for "Alear" iconAlear along with your second Emblem in "Sigurd" iconSigurd, one of the better ones in the game.

Chapter 3

Unlock Notes Links
"Alfred" iconAlfred, "Boucheron" iconBoucheron, "Etie" iconEtie Automatically
Somniel Automatically

The game starts to open up a little more following this Chapter, but you’ll still bag yourselves three Firene recruits. You’ll also gain access to the Somniel and the first set of features.

Chapter 4

Unlock Notes Links
"Céline" iconCéline, "Chloé" iconChloé, "Louis" iconLouis Automatically
Emblem "Celica" iconCelica Automatically Best Celica Skills and Pairings
Strength Training, Stable, Item Shop and Armory In the Somniel

Chapter 4 will hand you over a set of new Firene recruits, another Emblem in the form of "Celica" iconCelica, who focuses on magic. Back in the Somniel, you’ll gain access to the Item Shop and the Armory, both of which will update their stocks throughout the game.

Chapter 5

Unlock Notes Links
Budding Talent Paralogue You can recruit "Jean" iconJean in this Paralogue How to Recruit Jean
Arena, Smithy, Boutique In the Somniel

Chapter 5 itself has nothing to unlock, but once you beat the Chapter and return to the World Map, you’ll unlock the game’s first Paralogue, Budding Talent. This Paralogue will give you the opportunity to recruit "Jean" iconJean so long as you speak to him with "Alear" iconAlear.

Back in the Somniel, the Arena will open up, allowing you to fight three practice battles for EXP and battle against Emblems to increase your Bond Level in exchange for Bond Fragments. The Smithy and Boutique will unlock too, allowing you to purchase outfits and refine your weapons.

Chapter 6

Unlock Notes Links
"Yunaka" iconYunaka Automatically
Emblem "Micaiah" iconMicaiah Automatically
Emblem Edelgard (DLC) Expansion Pass 1 How to get the Edelgard Emblem
Mysterious Merchant Paralogue You can recruit "Anna" iconAnna in this Paralogue How to Recruit Anna
Dragon Temple Divine Paralogue (DLC) You can recruit Emblem "Tiki" iconTiki in this Paralogue How to Recruit Tiki
Meals and Records Hall In the Somniel

You’ll get yourself one of the better characters in the game during the story Chapter, along with the next Emblem. Once you beat the Chapter, return to the Somniel to recruit Emblem Edelgard if you have the DLC.

Once you return to the World Map, you’ll find the Mysterious Merchant Paralogue where you can recruit "Anna" iconAnna by speaking to her with "Alear" iconAlear. After beating this, you’ll unlock the Dragon Temple Paralogue, which allows you to recruit Emblem "Tiki" iconTiki if you have the DLC. Back in the Somniel, you’ll gain the ability to cook meals to buff your characters for the next battle.

Chapter 7

Unlock Notes Links
"Alcryst" iconAlcryst, "Citrinne" iconCitrinne, "Lapis" iconLapis Automatically
Master Seal Dropped by "Hortensia" iconHortensia How to Get Master Seals

You’ll recruit the first batch of Brodia characters during this Chapter along with obtaining your first Master Seal once you defeat "Hortensia" iconHortensia. This can be used to change a class to an Advanced one so long as they meet the requirements.

Chapter 8

Unlock Notes Links
"Diamant" iconDiamant, "Amber" iconAmber Automatically
Emblem "Roy" iconRoy Automatically Best Roy Skills and Pairings
Emblem "Leif" iconLeif Automatically
Fishing In the Somniel

A lot of unlocks in Chapter 8, you’ll unlock two more Brodia recruits at the start of the Chapter, one of which will come with Emblem "Roy" iconRoy. Once you finish the battle, you’ll unlock a second, Emblem "Leif" iconLeif. Back in the Somniel, you’ll be able to start fishing.

Chapter 9

Unlock Notes Links
"Jade" iconJade Speak with "Alear" iconAlear

Not much in the way of unlocks, but there is an optional character that is missable. To recruit "Jade" iconJade, you must reach her with "Alear" iconAlear and speak to her, obviously keeping her from harm during the process.

Chapter 10

Unlock Notes Links
Master Seal Automatically

Chapter 10 is a major one for the story with many implications, but in terms of unlocks, there’s just a Master Seal you’ll obtain once you defeat Hyacinth. The other enemies in this map also have useful items so don’t miss any of them.

Chapter 11

Unlock Notes Links
"Ivy" iconIvy, "Kagetsu" iconKagetsu, "Zelkov" iconZelkov Automatically
Emblem "Lucina" iconLucina Automatically
Emblem "Lyn" iconLyn Automatically Best Lyn Pairings and Skills
The Exalt Paralogue Automatically
Wyvern Riding In the Somniel

A lot of twists and turns in the story here, and your first Elusia recruits will join here. Alongside them, you’ll obtain two new Emblems in "Lucina" iconLucina and "Lyn" iconLyn. Following the completion of this Chapter, you’ll also unlock a new Paralogue, this is the first of the Emblem Paralogues that will release their Bond Level cap. Back in the Somniel, you’ll open up the ability to play the Wyvern Riding mini-game.

(1 of 2) You can unlock the ability to ride Wyverns in the Somniel

You can unlock the ability to ride Wyverns in the Somniel (left), alongside the online-focused Tempest Trials. (right)

Chapter 12

Unlock Notes Links
"Fogado" iconFogado, "Pandreo" iconPandreo, "Bunet" iconBunet Automatically
Master Seal Save all of the villagers
The Lady of the Plains Paralogue Automatically How to Defeat Lyn

You’ll obtain the first batch of Solm recruits at the start of this chapter. If you manage to save all of the villagers on this map, you’ll get a bunch of items including another Master Seal after your leave the area. You’ll unlock another Emblem Paralogue following the battle, this one for "Lyn" iconLyn.

Chapter 13

Unlock Notes Links
"Timerra" iconTimerra, "Merrin" iconMerrin, "Panette" iconPanette Automatically
Emblem "Ike" iconIke Automatically
The Radiant Hero Paralogue Automatically How to Beat Ike’s Paralogue
Flea Market In the Somniel

The next set of Solm recruits come with this Chapter, and you’ll obtain another new Emblem, "Ike" iconIke. Once you finish the battle, you’ll unlock "Ike" iconIke’s Paralogue mission which may be difficult based on your Level/Difficulty. Back in the Somniel, you’ll gain access to the Flea Market that will offer gifts for sale that you can use to boost your Support Points.

Chapter 14

Unlock Notes Links
"Hortensia" iconHortensia Automatically
Emblem "Byleth" iconByleth Automatically Best Byleth Skills and Pairings
The Instructor Paralogue Automatically How to Beat Byleth’s Paralogue

You won’t recruit both "Hortensia" iconHortensia and Emblem "Byleth" iconByleth until the battle is over. A lot of the Chests and enemies have useful drops on this map, such as a "Wyrmslayer" iconWyrmslayer, "Boots" iconBoots, "Radiant Bow" iconRadiant Bow, and "Hurricane Axe" iconHurricane Axe so be sure to grab them before finishing up. Once you complete the battle, you’ll unlock "Byleth" iconByleth’s Paralogue.

Chapter 15

Unlock Notes Links
"Seadall" iconSeadall Speak with "Alear" iconAlear
Emblem "Corrin" iconCorrin Alongside "Seadall" iconSeadall
The Crux of Fate Paralogue Must recruit "Seadall" iconSeadall How to Defeat Corrin
Fortune-Teller In the Somniel

This Chapter features another recruit that you can miss, "Seadall" iconSeadall. To recruit him, make sure you speak with him using "Alear" iconAlear, as an added bonus, you’ll also get Emblem "Corrin" iconCorrin. Beat the map with "Seadall" iconSeadall recruited and you’ll also unlock "Corrin" iconCorrin’s Paralogue.

Chapter 16

Unlock Notes Links
"Rosado" iconRosado, "Goldmary" iconGoldmary Automatically
Emblem Eirika Automatically
The Azure Twin Paralogue Automatically How to Beat Eirika’s Paralogue

A nice Chapter where all of the unlocks come automatically, both "Rosado" iconRosado and "Goldmary" iconGoldmary join at the beginning, and you’ll find Emblem Eirika already equipped to "Rosado" iconRosado. Once you finish the battle, Eirika’s Paralogue will also unlock.

Chapter 17

Unlock Notes Links
Emblem "Sigurd" iconSigurd, Emblem "Leif" iconLeif Automatically
The Holy Knight Paralogue Automatically How to Beat Sigurd’s Paralogue
The "Sage" iconSage Lord Paralogue Automatically How to Beat Leif

You’ll obtain some useful drops from this map, such as "Bolganone" iconBolganone and another Master Seal. Once the battle is over, you’ll reclaim both Emblem "Sigurd" iconSigurd and "Leif" iconLeif, along with both of their Paralogues once you return to the World Map.

Chapter 18

Unlock Notes Links
"Lindon" iconLindon Speak with "Alear" iconAlear

A rather quiet Chapter with not many unlocks, but there is another one of those missable recruits here. You must speak with "Lindon" iconLindon using "Alear" iconAlear if you wish to enlist his services.

Chapter 19

Unlock Notes Links
"Saphir" iconSaphir Speak with "Alear" iconAlear How to Recruit Saphir
Emblem "Roy" iconRoy, Emblem "Micaiah" iconMicaiah Automatically
The Dawn Maiden Paralogue Automatically
The Young Lion Paralogue Automatically

This Chapter begins with another missable character, "Saphir" iconSaphir, that you’ll need to use "Alear" iconAlear to speak with if you wish to recruit. Beyond that, you’ll reclaim both Emblem "Roy" iconRoy and "Micaiah" iconMicaiah, along with unlocking their Paralogues once you return to the World Map.

Chapter 20

Unlock Notes Links
Emblem "Celica" iconCelica Automatically
The Caring Princess Paralogue Automatically

This is a tough battle, but most of the items you can obtain within it are excellent, especially the "Excalibur" iconExcalibur from Griss. Once the battle is over, you’ll reclaim Emblem "Celica" iconCelica alongside unlocking her Paralogue when you return to the World Map.

Chapter 21

Unlock Notes Links
"Mauvier" iconMauvier Automatically

Just a single recruit, "Mauvier" iconMauvier, is your unlockable for this Chapter but once again, you’ll get some useful items as drops, including the "Caladbolg" iconCaladbolg that drops from Zephia.

Chapter 22

Unlock Notes Links
"Veyle" iconVeyle Automatically How to Recruit Veyle
"Alear (Emblem)" iconAlear (Emblem), Emblem "Marth" iconMarth Automatically
The Hero-King Paralogue Automatically
The Connector Paralogue Need to clear for the Pact Ring How to Get S-Rank Supports

This is a major Chapter in the story, and you’ll score yourself the final recruit in the game, "Veyle" iconVeyle. You’ll also unlock the 13th Emblem alongside reclaiming the final missing one, "Marth" iconMarth. Both of their Paralogues will unlock following the battle and if you complete The Connector, you’ll obtain a Pact Ring. With this, you can give it to a Support that you have an A-Rank with to obtain their relationship ending.

Chapters 23-26

There are no more unlocks for the rest of the game at this point, but most of the enemies and chests all contain fantastic items/weapons so make a habit of obtaining them all.


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