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Best Lucina Emblem Skills and Pairings

Ben Chard

The best "Lucina" iconLucina Emblem skills and pairings are here in this very page. With her heavy focus on Dex, "Lucina" iconLucina is an excellent Emblem to Sync to some of your melee units with great movement possibilities. She’s known as the Emblem of Awakening and has type bonuses with most melee classes. This page will tell you everything you need to know about her.

"Lucina" iconLucina will join during the battle in Chapter 11.

Lucina Emblem Basic Stats and Background

Engage Attack Engage Skill Usable Weapons
"All for One" iconAll for One "Bonded Shield" iconBonded Shield, Foe Engage Attack Damage/2 "Noble Rapier" iconNoble Rapier, "Parthia" iconParthia, "Parallel Falchion" iconParallel Falchion

"Lucina" iconLucina is from Fire Emblem: Awakening that released back on the Nintendo DS, and is one of the more popular titles in the west. You’ll have to wait until Chapter 11 to obtain this Emblem Ring, where you will obtain it alongside Emblem "Lyn" iconLyn.

Her "All for One" iconAll for One Engage Attack is a strong Sword attack that will force nearby allies to join in a Chain Attack. Her Engage Skill, "Bonded Shield" iconBonded Shield, will prevent first attacks on all adjacent units for a whole turn, very powerful if setup correctly.

Lucina’s Playstyle

"Lucina" iconLucina’s playstyle is a bit of an odd one, as she takes a fair bit of tinkering to make the best use of her but once done, she can be incredibly potent, setting up massive Chain Attacks between lots of Units at once. "All for One" iconAll for One is one of the more disappointing Engage Attacks and is definitely not the focus of "Lucina" iconLucina as an Emblem. The damage is fine, and if you have Units nearby, they’ll join in, but outside of that, it’s unremarkable.

"Bonded Shield" iconBonded Shield, however, is one of "Lucina" iconLucina’s strong points, as it will prevent enemy’s first attacks on anyone close to "Lucina" iconLucina, so set it up correctly with someone who has high AVO, and you can really limit what the enemy can do on their turn.

"Noble Rapier" iconNoble Rapier, the Emblem weapon that "Lucina" iconLucina starts with is an excellent weapon that is effective against both Cavalry and Armored Units. "Parthia" iconParthia is a bow that will not only add Res+5, but also double the experience you earn while the final weapon, "Parallel Falchion" iconParallel Falchion, is a strong weapon effective against Dragons.

Best Lucina Emblem Skills to Inherit

As with most Emblems, their stat skills are always useful, but they’re expensive and your slots are limited. The "Dual Assist" iconDual Assist Skills (at Levels 3 and 18) are where "Lucina" iconLucina’s whole playstyle comes into play. These will let said Unit join a Chain Attack provided they’re able to move into range. If you inherit this Skill on multiple Units (such as Heroes) and they have high movement, you can begin to setup Chain Attacks that decimate the enemy on all of your turns.

"Dual Support" iconDual Support is less useful, as it requires you to invest in developing as many Supports with other characters as possible. It will grant a bonus to AVO (with a cap of 90) based on the character’s support level with Units nearby. If you set this up correctly, you can make it so it’s close to impossible for the Unit to be hit, but it takes a lot of time to setup.

(1 of 2) Consider pairing with "Alcryst" iconAlcryst using a "Longbow" iconLongbow

Consider pairing with "Alcryst" iconAlcryst using a "Longbow" iconLongbow (left), this will allow him to join Chain Attacks at great distances. (right)

Best Lucina Emblem Pairings

You want to pair "Lucina" iconLucina with someone who will make use of her ability to create "Bonded Shield" iconBonded Shield in tight situations (so no squishy characters here) and the greater their MOV, the better.

"Alcryst" iconAlcryst, then, is a good example of a Unit that can make a lot out of this Emblem pairing as you can give him a weapon like a "Longbow" iconLongbow and he will end up joining a lot of Chain Attacks.

Alternatively, "Fogado" iconFogado as a "Cupido" iconCupido can make good use of everything that "Lucina" iconLucina has to offer. He has access to bows, just like "Alcryst" iconAlcryst, but due to the fact that you may have him closer to the front lines due to his increased MOV, he will make use of the bonuses to Bows on top of being in better situations to make more use out of "Bonded Shield" iconBonded Shield.


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