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Horizon Forbidden West

Trial 7: Frost Trial

Jarrod Garripoli

Hunting Grounds are challenges that will test your mettle with various weapons in the game. This page will detail the Frost Trial at the Hunting Ground in Sheerside Mountains.

The Frost Trial at the Sheerside Mountains Hunting Grounds

Where to Find the Hunting Grounds in Sheerside Mountains

There doesn’t seem to be a story prerequisite for this Hunting Grounds, as long as you can freely explore the western portion of the map. As for the exact location, once you find Stone Crest to the northeast of The Bulwark (a location you visit in The Broken Sky), then head straight south from there to find this Hunting Grounds.


Stripes Time Needed Rewards
Quarter Stripes 10:00 4 Hunting Medals, 40 Metal Shards, 2 Small Machine Cores
Half Stripes 04:00 5 Hunting Medals, 50 Metal Shards, 10 Chillwater, 1 Medium Machine Core
Full Stripes 03:00 6 Hunting Medals, 60 Metal Shards, 10 Chillwayer, 1 Bellowback Circulator, 1 Medium Machine Core

Grounds Keeper’s Tips

  • Shoot a Bellowback with Frost ammo to build up to the Brittle state.
  • If you hit a Frost Bellowback’s Cargo Refining Sac (or the Gullet) enough times for it to explode, it will frost any other machines in the range of the blast.
  • When a Bellow back is in the Brittle state, you will have a limited amount of time to destroy its Cargo Refining Sac and Gullet.
  • Bellowbacks have 2 sacs on their body - the Cargo Refining Sac and Gullet. Destroying either of them counts towards your goal.

How to Complete the Frost Trial

While it’s not entirely necessary, you will need a weapon with Frost ammo for this trial. If you don’t have one, the Hunter sells a Frost Hunter Bow for you, if needed. Should you have another weapon to use, make sure it is upgraded to increase the chance for Frost Buildup, and don’t forget to equip any relevant Coils, too. The goal of this trial is to inflict the Brittle state on the Bellowbacks, then destroy either their Cargo Refining Sacs or their Gullets. The Frost Hunter Bow mentioned above, fully decked out to inflict Frost, will help a lot and is all that’s needed here.

There are three Bellowbacks on the Hunting Grounds and despite there being a Frost variant, it doesn’t really matter here. In fact, the Frost Bellowback might help out, since it is possible to destroy either of the sacs to have them explode, which might deal some Frost buildup on any nearby enemies. Once the Brittle status has been inflicted, then you will need to quickly switch over to any weapon that has great Tear damage and aim at the two sacs. As already mentioned, you will need to destroy three sacs while a Bellowback is in the Brittle state. Also, something like the Acid Bellowback will lose the Brittle state, since its sacs will put it into the Corroding state, so you will need to reapply it.

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