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Horizon Forbidden West

In the Fog

Staci Miller

This is a complete walkthrough for the In the Fog side quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Unlock In The Fog

In the settlement known as Tide’s Reach, you can find Fenirra and Revikka. Speak to Fenirra to find out that she is injured after a conflict with her father, Garrokah, who stabbed her. She’s now concerned about him, and Aloy agrees to go and find him.

Location Level Rewards
Tide’s Reach from Fenirra 20 XP_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png6250 Skill_Point_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png2 1x Sunhawk Shredder Gauntlet, 1x Tenakth Dragoon Face Paint

How to Complete In The Fog

Go through these steps to complete this side quest.

Head to Garrokah’s Camp

The first place you’ll have to go is Garrokah’s Camp. It’s a pretty far distance, so call your mount to ride to it.

Garrokah is a fair ride away, but easy enough to find.

Down there, you’ll find his gear and you’ll be able to highlight the path with your Focus and follow it to an Acid Clawstrider in a fight with him. Help him defeat the Acid Clawstrider.

Defeat the Acid Clawstrider

The Acid Clawstrider is weak to Plasma damage which is your best shot at defeating it. As the name suggests, it’s especially strong against Acid damage, so avoid using this. It shouldn’t be too difficult to take it down if you’re above the recommended Level 20.

Talk to Garrokah

Garrokah wants to save his squad from an ambush they’ve been keeping an eye on and will ask Aloy to follow him. Despite her suspicions, you should. On the way, two Stalkers will jump out at you, though they should be pretty easy to take down.

When you arrive, there’s no ambush. Garrokah is confused and does not remember stabbing his daughter, as well as forgetting who Aloy is. It becomes clear that he has memory troubles.

Garrokah will realize this happened 30 years ago.

The squad has been dead for years, and one of the Memorial Markers is missing, which Garrokah would like Aloy’s help to find.

Follow the Tracks

Again, highlight the tracks with your Focus and you can follow them to find the missing Memorial Marker.

Following these tracks will lead you to a Clamberjaw site. You should be pretty familiar with using the Focus to follow tracks by now.

Kill the Clamberjaws

You’ll have to kill the Clamberjaws before you can retrieve the Memorial marker.

Use the right damage to take them down as fast as possible.

They’re weak against Purgewater damage, so keep using that if possible. Fire and Plasma damage will not do much to them, as they’re strong against this.

Retrieve the Memorial Marker

You can now search the scrap piles to find the Memorial Marker. Garrokah will return to his daughter and explain himself, and they embrace as he apologizes.

Search the scraps to find the Memorial Marker.

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