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Horizon Forbidden West

Kill or Save Regalla

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about whether you should kill or save Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West.

Unlocking the Decision to Spare or Kill Regalla

To get to the point where you have to decide whether to spare or kill Regalla, you’ll have to unlock the main mission The Wings of the Ten. This will lead to a battle with Regalla, where you will have to defeat her in combat.

There’s an advantage to either option, so let’s take a closer look.

Saving Regalla

If you do decide to spare Regalla’s life, you’ll get a companion later in the game when you have to fight the Zeniths. Not everyone will agree with your decision to spare her — Kotallo won’t like it — but others will support Aloy, and Regalla will be allowed to keep her life.

Killing Regalla

Although this is the more noble option and you gain some help later, there is a reward for choosing to kill Regalla. You’ll get the Regalla’s Wrath Sharpshot Bow. Kotallo will run her through with his spear for you, and it’s done.

Regalla’s Wrath Sharpshot Bow

The Sharpshot Bow you get for killing her is Very Rare.

Regalla’s prized possession. This lethal bow inflicts extra damage to targets at long-range (30m or more). It can be upgraded to improve its rate of fire.

The Regalla’s Wrath Sharpshot Bow is best used when fighting larger machines that are heavily armored, as the Strikethrough Precision Arrows are good penetrating through the defenses. Unlike the Hunter/Warrior Bows you’ll want to be using this Sharpshoot Bow at a distance to deal more damage.

You can use either Advanced Precision Arrows or Strikethrough Precision Arrows with this bow.

Ammo Level Damage Tear
Advanced Precision Bows Base 150 124
Advanced Precision Bows One 164 130
Advanced Precision Bows Two 180 137
Advanced Precision Bows Three 198 147
Advanced Precision Bows Four 220 158
Advanced Precision Bows Five 251 170
Strikethrough Precision Arrows Base 106 N/A
Strikethrough Precision Arrows One 116 N/A
Strikethrough Precision Arrows Two 127 N/A
Strikethrough Precision Arrows Three 140 N/A
Strikethrough Precision Arrows Four 155 N/A
Strikethrough Precision Arrows Five 177 N/A

Is There Another Way to Get Regalla’s Bow?

Some people might be wondering if there’s another way to get this bow if you nobly choose not to kill Regalla. Unfortunately, there isn’t. If you choose to spare her, she will join you on the final mission and keep her bow to herself for the whole game.

If you’re looking to collect every possible weapon, you will have to kill her.

The Third Choice

There is a third dialogue option when deciding whether to spare or kill Regalla, which is, “This isn’t easy.” It’s true that it’s a hard decision for Aloy, but choosing it only buys her a few more seconds to make her decision and doesn’t actually affect anything in the game. Ultimately, you’ll still have to decide what’s worth more to you: an extra companion to fight Zeniths or a Very Rare Sharpshot Bow.

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