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Horizon Forbidden West

Boom or Bust

Shane Williams

This is a walkthrough for the side Quest, Boom or Bust. It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding Boomer.

Aloy speaks with Delah and Abadund for the first time.

Quest Giver Starting Location Prerequisite Level Rewards
Delah and Abadund Hidden Ember Complete Breaking Even 24 XP_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png7,800 Skill_Point_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png3


Delah will risk everything to find her sister Boomer, who left camp after the two had a bitter argument.


  1. Go to Boomer’s Last Known Location
  2. Kill The Machines
  3. Examine the Camp
  4. Go to the Wreck
  5. Follow Boomer

Go to Boomer’s Last Known Location

Once you’ve completed the Side Quest, Breaking Even, travel over to Hidden Ember and speak with Delah and Abadund to begin this Side Quest. After the conversation has come to a close, travel over to some arches which are located northeast, then activate your Focus by pressing the R3 DualSense-Stick-R-Down and tag the tracks by pressing R1 DualSense-R1.

(1 of 4) Head northeast of Hidden Ember

Kill The Machines

Follow the tracks and eventually you’ll reach an abandoned ruin which is swarmed with multiple Machines that you’ll need to take down before you go in and search for Boomer. Here you’ll need to deal with three Scrappers and two Clawstriders. Scrappers are weak to Shock Damage and are most vulnerable from the back (Plasma Cell). Clawstriders are also weak to Shock Damage and are most vulnerable from the back (Razor Tail).

Examine the Camp

After you’ve cleared out all the machines, head to the back of the area and examine the camp, then activate your Focus again and tag some more Tracks that you’ll want to follow. Eventually you’ll reach a dead end, so use your focus to highlight any climbable surfaces and make your way up to the top. Enter the nearby wreck and examine the device.

Go to the Wreck

Head southeast from where you found the device to find another wreckage, then examine the Tools. Here you’ll be ambushed by two Longlegs and one Frost Bellowbacks that you’ll need to take down. Longlegs are weak to Shock Damage and most vulnerable from the Front (Concussion Sac). Frost Bellowback are weak to Fire Damage and are most vulnerable from the large sac on the back. Upon clearing out all the machines once more, speak with Delah and Boomer.

(1 of 4) Follow the tracks from the camp and climb up the wall

Follow Boomer

After the conversation has come to a close, you’ll be given the Boomer Shredder Gauntlet, then follow Boomer until you reach the resting place for a Shellsnapper. These are Weak to both Frost and Acid and have multiple weak points all around its body. Once it’s been defeated, speak with Boomer once more to bring this Errand to a close.

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