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How to Find & Defeat the Jagged Deep Rebel Outpost

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about how to find and defeat the Jagged Deep Rebel Outpost in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to Find the Jagged Deep Rebel Outpost

The Jagged Deep Rebel Outpost can be found in No Man’s Land.

This is its location on the map.

It’s in the southeast section of the map, close to the very bottom. You should ideally be Level 10 when taking on this outpost.

How to Beat the Jagged Deep Rebel Outpost

When approaching the camp, you’ll be given two main tasks: killing the Rebel Leader (mandatory) and killing the Rebel Soldiers (optional). You can choose to go in all guns blazing and take everyone down, or you can lure the leader away and go for a silent strike.

Stealth is definitely the best option, as this camp has quite a few Rebels in it and if you want to get away with the least amount of trouble, this is how to do it. Use your Focus to locate the leader. He’s the one who has quite a lot of armor on, so he’s easy to spot regardless. Since he’s at the forefront of the camp, he’s quite easy to lure away from the others. He’ll come towards you as he suspects something’s up, and there’s tall grass that Aloy can hide in, making a silent strike easy.

Once you’ve killed the leader of the rebels, you’ll be told to loot his body. When you do this, you’ll find a key and be told to search for a chest somewhere in the camp.

It’s not far away. Enter the camp and you’ll see the purple symbol above it, indicating where you can go and insert the key into the chest. If you’ve been playing in stealth mode, you’ll have to be careful not to alert the other rebel members of the Outpost to your movements. Fortunately, you don’t have to go too far in.

There’s nothing special in here, but there are some nice materials and rewards for Aloy. Opening it and taking them all ends the mandatory part of the quest.

(1 of 2) This is what you get from the leader's body

This is what you get from the leader's body (left), In the chest, there's a healthy amount of loot (right)

If there are still Rebels left to kill, you have two options. You can clear the camp completely of them, or you can leave. If you choose to run away, Aloy will remark to herself that the Rebel Soldiers will abandon the camp anyway, so killing them all isn’t necessary if you’re struggling — but if you’re Level 10 or higher, this camp shouldn’t prove too much of a struggle if you’d like the experience.

Other than the loot you get from the chest and the bodies, there are no official rewards for this outpost — just peace of mind knowing you’ve taken down more rebels.


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