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Horizon Forbidden West

How to Find & Complete the Eastern Lie Rebel Camp

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Rebel Camp: Eastern Lie in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Find the Eastern Lie Rebel Camp

Likely the first Rebel Camp you’ll encounter, the Eastern Lie camp can be found west and slightly north of Barren Light. It’s just northwest of a Rebel Outpost, the Deadfalls, which you’ll encounter during the side quest The Bristlebacks.

The Rebel Outpost: Eastern Lie.

Location Level Rewards
West of Barren Light 8 XP_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png2670 Skill_Point_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png3

(1 of 3) Clear out the cavalry south of the camp,

Strategy For Completing the Eastern Lie Rebel Camp

The easiest approach is via the road, which will take you to the southern end of the camp. The grounds outside the camp are patrolled by several Charger-mounted Rebels, whom you should take great pains to dispatch, regardless of how overt you are. If you keep your distance, you can provoke and kill the cavalry without alerting the rest of the camp and secure your retreat in the process.

Once the mounted rebels are defeated you’ll find three entrances on the southern end of the camp - you can go up a hill to the east, through the front gate, or you can follow a river upstream to the west. Going uphill will take you to the southeastern corner of the camp, where you’ll find some grass you can use to pick off unwary rebels, while if you follow the river you’ll pass through a cave and ultimately end up in the western corner of the camp, which also has plenty of grass to hide in. The front gate is… well, obviously the path of most resistance.

We recommend going up the river; not only will you be able to sneakily skewer several rebels, but you’ll find a Ravager Cannon lying around. This heavy weapon has limited ammo, and will become useless when you’ve discharged it, but it should have enough juice to wipe out just about every rebel left in the camp. With this weapon in hand you can dispense with any notions of stealth and just amble through the camp, putting down any opposition with a few pulses of the Ravager Cannon.

(1 of 4) Shoot the ropes holding up a draw bridge.

How to Defeat the Rebel Leader at Eastern Lie

Clear the lower reaches of the camp, then make your way to the northern end of the camp, where you’ll find your progress impeded by a raised drawbridge. If you already cleared the Deadfalls, you know what to do - shoot the ropes holding the drawbridge up, pick up your precious Ravager Cannon, then cross the drawbridge to encounter a handful of rebels, including the camp’s rebel leader.

Just like Regalla’s Champion during the quest [The Embassy], this brute comes equipped with an energy shield. It’s simply no match for the Ravager Cannon, however, and a few seconds of sustained fire should be enough to blast through your opponent’s shield and the soft bits behind it.

How to Find and Destroy the Blaze Stockpile

Once all the rebels are dead, head uphill to the northwest, then turn right (northeast) to find the leader’s quarters. Scan a Messaging Device on a stone slab to intercept a message from Regalla, then scan and read some Weathered Parchments on a table against the wall. Finally scan and examine some Empty Canisters, which attest to the scale and feasibility of the rebel’s plans.

Blasting new routes between the Forbidden West and the Daunt never ends well, so let’s put a stop to this scheme, shall we?

Return to the lower section of the camp and seek out a collection of Blaze containers against the northeastern edge of the camp. Shoot them with a fire weapon to detonate them and, assuming you’ve killed all the rebels, finish the camp.

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