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Glowblast Tripcaster (Very Rare)

Jarrod Garripoli

Information about the Glowblast Tripcaster in Horizon Forbidden West, including how to obtain it, how to upgrade it, and what the strengths and weaknesses of the Glowblast Tripcaster are.

Glowblast Tripcaster Description

This powerful weapon can deploy Plasma Tripwires that explode on contact and leave a pool of deadly Plasma. It can be upgraded to handle Advanced Explosive Tripwires.

Go to Tide's Reach to purchase this weapon

Where to Get the Glowblast Tripcaster

Location Cost
Purchase from Merchant at Tide’s Reach 1249x Metal Shards, 1x Sunwing Circulator, 1x Slitherfang Circulator

Once you reach the western edge of the mainland, you will find a little village towards the north, called Tide’s Reach. Check the Hunter merchant here to see that you can purchase the Glowblast Tripcaster. It will require you to have both a Sunwing Circulator and a Slitherfang Circulator in your inventory, both of which are uncommon drops from those machines. In the case of the Slitherfang, you will not find them in the wild until you’ve completed The Kulrut story mission. Once you have, you can find a Slitherfang site to the north of The Stillsands Relic Ruins.

Glowblast Tripcaster Stats

Plasma Tripwires Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
hfwplasmadamageicon.jpg Plasma 26 27 30 33 37 42
hfwplasmadamagebuildupicon.jpg Plasma Buildup 210 218 230 248 266 285
Staggerbeams Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
ImpactStatusIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png Impact 43 46 50 55 61 70
Advanced Explosive Tripwires Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
HorizonFWExplosiveIcon.png Explosive 211 235 269

Glowblast Tripcaster Perks

Perks Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
Multiple Enemy Damage 15% 40% 40%

How to Use the Glowblast Tripcaster

The primary use with the Glowblast Tripcaster will be to use the Plasma Tripwires. As with all other Tripcasters, this weapon is better off to set up ambushes for machines, so that’s your best bet with this weapon, too. Plasma is a nice status effect, since you will get extra damage from it, once you build it up completely. After the initial affliction, you can keep attacking with another weapon to fill up the gauge to the right of the timer, making sure the explosion at the end will be stronger. Note that you can only build up the extra damage gauge so much, so anything after it’s full is wasted, in terms of the Plasma explosion.

In terms of the other ammo, there’s nothing new that can’t be found on other, better Tripcasters. Staggerbeams are nice for the knockdown, but not much better otherwise. The Advanced Explosive Tripwires are nice, if you don’t care about the components you can shoot off of the machine, but the price of crafting the ammo for that ammo is quite high, especially if you haven’t been upgrading your Resources pouch. You only get one Perk and it’s not particularly suited well for a Tripcaster.

How to Upgrade the Glowblast Tripcaster

Rank Effect Upgrade Cost
I Increased Weapon Stats 127x Metal Shards, 4x Braided Wire, 1x Medium Machine Core, 4x Small Machine Core
II Increased Weapon Stats, Unlocks Coil Slot 212x Metal Shards, 6x Braided Wire, 2x Sunwing Shield Caster, 1x Tideripper Tail Fin
III Increased Weapon Stats, Unlocks Advanced Explosive Tripwires Ammo, Unlocks Perk 300x Metal Shards, 10x Braided Wire, 1x Large Machine Core, 1x Tideripper Circulator, 3x Scorcher Scanning Ear
IV Increased Weapon Stats, Perk Upgraded 450x Metal Shards, 2x Large Machine Core, 1x Scorcher Circulator, 6x Tremortusk Tusk, 1x Sunwing Primary Nerve
V Increased Weapon Stats, Unlocks Coil Slot 600x Metal Shards, 1x Luminous Brainstem, 1x Tremortusk Primary Nerve, 1x Slaughterspine Circulator, 1x Apex Thunderjaw Heart

Glowblast Tripcaster Rank I Upgrades:

  • Metal Shards: Common drop from all machines.
  • Braided Wire: Common drop from all machines.
  • Medium Machine Core: Uncommon drop from all Midweight machines.
  • Small Machine Core: Uncommon drop from all Lightweight machines.

Glowblast Tripcaster Rank II Upgrades:

  • Sunwing Shield Caster: Rare component from Sunwings. Must be detached before killing the machine.
  • Tideripper Tail Fin: Very Rare component from Tiderippers. Must be detached before killing the machine. Can find one on the shoreline southwest of Thornmarsh.

It can be challenging getting a clean hit on the Tideripper's Tail Fin

Glowblast Tripcaster Rank III Upgrades:

  • Large Machine Core: Rare drop from all Heavyweight machines.
  • Tideripper Circulator: Uncommon drop from Tiderippers.
  • Scorcher Scanning Ear: Legendary component from Scorchers. Must be detached before killing the machine. There is a site northeast of Cliffwatch, directly north of the Slaughterspine site nearby.

Glowblast Tripcaster Rank IV Upgrades:

  • Scorcher Circulator: Uncommon drop from Scorchers.
  • Tremortusk Tusk: Legendary component from Tremortusks. Must be detached before the machine is killed. Tremortusks will not spawn in the wild until after completing The Broken Sky.
  • Sunwing Primary Nerve: Rare drop from Sunwings.

Glowblast Tripcaster Rank V Upgrades:

  • Luminous Brainstem: Very Rare drop from all Heavyweight machines, as well as [Scorchers] and [Apex Frostclaws].
  • Tremortusk Primary Nerve: Rare drop from Tremortusks.
  • Slaughterspine Circulator: Uncommon drop from Slaughterspines. One spawns east of Cliffwatch.
  • Apex Thunderjaw Heart: Guaranteed drop from Apex Thunderjaws.

Glowblast Tripcaster Ammo Types

Icon Name Effect
HorizonFWPlasmaTripwireIcon.png Plasma Tripwires Deals hfwplasmadamageicon.jpg Plasma damage and hfwplasmadamagebuildupicon.jpg Plasma Buildup
HorizonFWStaggerbeamIcon.png Staggerbeams Deals ImpactStatusIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png Impact damage
HorizonFWAdvancedExplosiveIcon.png Advanced Explosive Tripwires Deals HorizonFWExplosiveIcon.png Explosive damage


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