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Horizon Forbidden West

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow (Rare)

Nathan Garvin

Information about the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow in Horizon Forbidden West, including how to obtain it, how to upgrade it, and what the strengths and weaknesses of the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow are.

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Description

“Coated in a special plant oil, this powerful Utaru bow can be upgraded to deal extra damage to targets at long range (30m or more).”

You can buy the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow from the Hunter in Plainsong.

How to Get the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow

Location Cost
Plainsong Hunter 549 Metal Shards + 1x Grazer Circulator

You can buy this bow from various merchants in the eastern half of the Forbidden West. To access these areas you must complete the quest The Embassy. The Hunter in Plainsong is one of the first merchants you’ll come across who sells it.

In addition to Metal Shards you’ll need to furnish the merchant with a Grazer Circulator, an Uncommon drop from Grazers. You can find Grazer Sites northeast and northwest of Plainsong.

How to Use the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow

Of the three Rare Sharpshot Bows in the game, the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow has the least on-paper damage, only two perks, and only one type of ammo available, while the other Rare Sharpshot Bows deal more base damage, have three perks and can fire two different types of ammo (see Cleaving Sharpshot Bow and [Exacting Sharpshot Bow] for more details). The positives for the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow? You can buy it sooner and it’s arguably easier to upgrade.

While the other Rare Sharpshot Bows have perks devoted towards Draw/Reload speed, Component Tear Damage and Concentration Damage, the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow’s perk, Long-Range Damage - increases damage dealt to enemies who are more than 30m away. This makes the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow arguably the best sniping weapon out of the bunch… provided you’re not trying to knock down your target or strip off components.

All in all, it’s a decent upgrade to the Uncommon Sharpshot Bows that come before it, and while it’s probably not as good as the Cleaving Sharpshot Bow overall, it’s a fine transitional weapon until you get the aforementioned alternative.

Like most Rare weapons, the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow can unlock up to two Coil Slots.

How to Upgrade the Hardweave Sharpshot Bow

Rank Effect Upgrade Cost
I Increased Weapon Stats, 1x Perk Improvement 75x Metal Shards, 2x Braided Wire, 2x Small Machine Core
II Increased Weapon Stats, 1x Perk Improvement 112x Metal Shards, 2x Braided Wire, 1x Bellowback Sac Webbing, 1x Grazer Rotor Horn
III Increased Weapon Stats 150x Metal Shards, 3x Braided Wire, 2x Medium Machine Core, 1x Lancehorn Circulator
IV Increased Weapon Stats, 1x Perk Improvement, Unlocks Coil Slot 250x Metal Shards, 6x Braided Wire, 3x Medium Machine Core, 1x Lancehorn Primary Nerve, 1x Rollerback Hammer Tail

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Rank I Upgrades

  • Metal Shards: Common drop from all machines.
  • Braided Wire: Common drop from all machines.
  • Small Machine Core: Uncommon drop from all Lightweight machines.

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Rank II Upgrades

  • Bellowback Sac Webbing: Rare component from [Bellowbacks]. You must avoid destroying the Cargo Refining Sac to loot this component.
  • Grazer Rotor Horn: Rare component from Grazers. Must be detached before the machine is destroyed.

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Rank III Upgrades

  • Medium Machine Core: Rare drop from all Midweight machines.
  • Lancehorn Circulator: Uncommon drop from [Lancehorns].

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Rank IV Upgrades

  • Lancehorn Primary Nerve: Uncommon drop from Lancehorns.
  • Rollerback Hammer Tail: Legendary component from [Rollerback] machines. Must be detached before the machine is destroyed. Rollerbacks can be found southwest of Saltbite.

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Stats

Precision Arrows Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV
Impact_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Impact 68 74 83 93 105
Tear_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Tear 50 52 57 63 75

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Perks

Perks Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV
Long_Range_Damage_Horzion_Forbidden_West.pngLong-Range Damage - +15% +15% +15% +40%
hfw_perk_overdraw_icon.jpg Overdraw Damage +15% +15% +15%
  • Long-Range Damage - Increases damage against enemies at long-range (30m or more). Unlocks at Rank I and improves to +40% damage at Rank IV.

  • Overdraw Damage: Deals extra damage when a shot is “Overdrawn”. Unlocks at Rank II.

Hardweave Sharpshot Bow Ammo Types

Icon Name Effect
hfw_precision_arrow_icon.jpg Precision Arrows Deals Impact_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Impact and Tear_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Tear damage
  • Precision Arrows: The standard ammunition for Sharpshot Bows. Deals heavy Impact damage and moderate Tear damage. Great for sniping from afar, especially as a stealthy first strike.
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