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Horizon Forbidden West

Scalding Spike Thrower (Rare)

Staci Miller

The Scalding Spike Thrower is part of the Spike Thrower archetype. Spike Throwers are simply spikes thrown that explode a few seconds after landing. While their execution can be very slow, they hit hard when they land, so they can be great in some situations.

The Scalding is one of the earliest accessible Spike Throwers in the game.


A fearsome Tenakth weapon designed to launch Fire Spikes and Drill Spikes, dealing damage over time. Can be upgraded to inflict extra damage when firing down on enemies from higher ground.

Where to get the Scalding Spike Thrower

This weapon can be bought from Hunter Merchants in the Maw of the Arena and Camp Nowhere. The easiest to get to is Camp Nowhere, which is north west of the Stillsands Tallneck and accessible quite early in the game.

Camp Nowhere is small but easy to find.

Ammo Types

Name Effect
Drill Spikes Deals Impact damage
Fire Spikes Deals Fire damage

Weapon Stats

This weapon can do two types of damage.

Impact Damage

Level Damage Buildup
Base Level 85 100
Level One 91 105
Level Two 100 113
Level Three 110 125
Level Four 123 138

Fire Damage

Level Damage Buildup
Base Level 95 50
Level One 103 52
Level Two 116 57
Level Three 130 63
Level Four 147 75


Upgrade I: Increased Weapon Stats, Unlocked Perk

  • Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Metal Shards: The main way to get these is by exploring crates.
  • 2x Braided Wire: Dropped by machines. It’s possible for any machine in the game to drop one.
  • 2x Small Machine Core: These can be dropped by any machine.

Upgrade II: Increased Weapon Stats, Unlocked Perk

  • Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Metal Shards
  • 2x Braided Wire
  • 1x Spikesnout Sac Webbing
  • 1x Rollerback Hammer Tail

Upgrade III: Increased Weapon Stats

  • Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Metal Shards
  • 3x Braided Wires
  • 2x Medium Machine Core
  • 1x Bellowback Circulator

Upgrade IV: Increased Weapon Stats, Unlocked Coil

  • Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Metal Shards
  • 6x Braided Wires
  • 3x Medium Machine Cores
  • 2x Clamberjaw Tail Duster
  • 1x Bellowback Primary Nerve


There are two different kinds of perks available for this.

The first is High Ground Damage (+15% at Level 1).

The second is Overdraw Damage (+15% at Level 2).

Best Use

Spike Throwers are best used for slow machines that you want to get rid of quickly. Although the damage they can deal is shockingly mighty, it takes quite a while to load them up and quick machines may get the better of you in that time.

They’re also great to use from some cover or a slight distance, where even the fastest machines might take a second to get to you.

Because this Spike Thrower can deal Fire damage, it’s especially useful on machines weak to fire. These include:

  • Burrowers
  • Spikesnouts
  • Lancehorns
  • Corruptors
  • Glinthawks
  • Snapmaws
  • Behemoths
  • Shellsnappers
  • Frostclaws
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