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Horizon Forbidden West


Jarrod Garripoli

Throughout your journey in Forbidden West, you will come across a variety of Machines, most of which will be out to attack you. This page will concentrate on the Recon Machine, the Burrower.

(1 of 2) The Burrower Machine in Horizon: Forbidden West

The Burrower Machine in Horizon: Forbidden West (left), The Burrower in the Notebook (right)

General Information

A common recon machine that emits a high-pitched sound to alert allies and stun enemies. It can tunnel underground and resurface in unexpected locations.

Level Type Cauldron Weak Strong
5 Recon Mu Fire fire.png None

Tips for Defeating the Burrower

As the Burrower is a Recon machine, it is best to try and perform a stealth kill on it, or else it will alert others. Should you happen to alert it, though, then you will have to contend with fighting it normally. The Eye is one of its weak spots and considering it’s indestructible, then you will always have a target to hit to cause good damage to the creature. Be careful of its lunging attack and dodge out of the way to avoid getting hit. You should try and target the Resource Container to detach it and get extra loot, as well as try to disable the Soundshell to avoid its concussion attacks.

You will especially want to be careful of the sonic attack coming from its eye area, as this will disorient you for a few seconds and leave you open to attacks from the same Machine, or others. Once you gain access to fire attacks, use those against the Burrowers, as they are weak to that element. You also don’t have to worry about not using any specific type of weapon or element, since they aren’t strong against anything. Be on the watch out, though, as Burrowers tend to come in packs, so you will be fighting more than one at a time.

Loot (Body)

All of the loot in the table below can drop upon killing the Machine and looting its body.

Loot Chance to Drop
Metal Shards 100%
Machine Muscle 31%
Burrower Circulator 29%
Burrower Primary Nerve 19%
Small Machine Core 16%
Braided Wire 11%
Metal Bone 10%
Sturdy Hardplate 6%

Loot (Soundshell)

The Soundshell is located on the chest of the Burrower and can be shot off with your weapons. Doing this will disable concussion attacks, and also give you a chance to obtain exclusive loot. This part is destroyed upon killing the Machine.

Loot Chance to Drop
Burrower Soundshell 100%
Echo Shell 30%

Loot (Resource Container)

The Resource Container is located on the back of the Burrower, close to where its tail starts. It is a good idea to shoot this off, as it contains some valuable resources. This part is destroyed upon killing the Machine.

Loot Chance to Drop
Braided Wire 68%
Blastpaste 50%
Sturdy Hardplate 33%
Small Machine Core 16%
Burrower Primary Nerve 16%
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