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Horizon Forbidden West

How to Find & Complete the Hive Rebel Camp

Staci Miller

This is how to find and complete the Hive Rebel Camp in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Find the Hive Rebel Camp

The Hive Rebel Camp isn’t hard to find at all. If you move south of Scalding Spear, it should show up on the map. It’s recommended you’re Level 18 to attempt it and although it can be done on less, the camps are a little harder than the outposts and have less wiggle room for ability, so beware.

Location Level Rewards
South of Scalding Spear 18 XP_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png4500 Skill_Point_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png3

It isn’t hard to acess. In fact, it’s easy to stumble in accidentally.

How to Defeat the Hive Rebel Camp

Your first goal is to find and kill the camp leader.

How to Kill the Hive Camp Leader

Although it’s possible to choose the stealth route and attempt to sneak in and take down Rebel Soldiers with silent strikes, this camp makes it very difficult. You have to travel upwards, climbing ladders and posts to move up platforms and eventually, the Soldiers are likely to spot you.

It’s helpful to take them out ahead of time. You can see them coming from across that platforms and aim and shoot before they can even get close.

You’ll have to shoot down a drawbridge to find the Camp Leader and kill him, unless you can lure him down — but you’ll have to go up there later anyway to find the Weapons Caches. Unlike Rebel Outposts, these are essential in finishing the quest before you leave the camp.

The Camp Leader has a shield, making him a little more difficult to defeat than your average Rebel Soldier. You can either hit him enough times to break pieces of the shield off and eventually get rid of it or play a clever game and dodge every time he tries to hit you.

You can spot the leader by his shield.

He’ll stumble and as he tries to recover, his shield will be down, meaning you can whittle down his health. It’s the less aggressive method, but often the most effective.

How to Destroy the Weapons Caches

You’ll have to destroy the Weapons Caches to finish this camp, making it a little different from an Outpost. They’re next to explosive cannisters but if you’re having trouble finding them, use your Focus and they’ll light up. Shoot all four with an arrow to detonate them. They look like racks of arrows if you’re still having trouble aiming and locating them.

When you manage to do all of this, you’ll obtain the Piercing Sharpshot Bow as a reward for your trouble. This bow is long-range and not only deals a decent amount of damage to enemies, but also targets anyone behind them.

Once you’ve got this bow, you can leave, even if you haven’t killed all of the Rebel Soldiers as they’ll abandon the camp. As well as the bow, you’ll get 4,500 EXP and 3 Skill Points, which makes this a very worthwhile quest to complete.

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