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Horizon Forbidden West


Jarrod Garripoli

Throughout your journey in Forbidden West, you will come across a variety of Machines, most of which will be out to attack you. This page will concentrate on the Acquisition Machine, the Scrounger.

(1 of 2) Scrounger in the game

Scrounger in the game (left), Scrounger in the notebook (right)

General Information

An agile scavenger, often seen in packs. It can swiftly consume torn off machine parts, close in to bite enemies, or hurtl Shock attacks from afar.

Level Type Cauldron Weak Strong
8 Acquisition MU Cauldron Frost frost.png, Acid acid.png None

Tips for Defeating the Scrounger

The Scrounger can be a bit of an annoyance in the early parts of the game, as you aren’t all too familiar with it. It is a pretty basic machine, though, so once you become accustomed to its attacks, the Scrounger becomes one of the easier Machines to handle. First and foremost, you will want to dodge at the last second whenever the Scrounger does its lunging attack, as it tends to release a small shockwave at the end of it. That means if you happen to dodge too early, you will get out of the way of the actual lunge, but it’s highly possible you will take damage from the little shockwave released.

Outside of the lunging attack, the Scrounger only seems to have one other move in its arsenal. If you happen to stick to range with the Scrounger, then you might see it launch an energy ball at you, which will explode upon coming into contact with the ground. This seems a lot easier to dodge, when you realize it’s a little more telegraphed and you know it produces a splash upon hitting the ground. Once you make it farther into the game and have unlocked other types of elements, Shock Arrows to the Power Cell near the back of the creature will cause it to explode, dealing major damage to the Scrounger, as well as possibly other nearby enemies.

Loot (Body)

All of the loot in the table below can drop upon killing the Machine and looting its body.

Loot Chance to Drop
Sparker 100%
Metal Shards 100%
Machine Muscle 31%
Scrounger Circulator 23%
Small Machine Core 17%
Scrounger Primary Nerve 15%
Metal Bone 10%
Braided Wire 10%
Sturdy Hardplate 6%

Loot (Resource Container)

The Resource Container is located on the back of the Scrounger, in the middle of it. It is a good idea to shoot this off, as it contains some valuable resources. This part is destroyed upon killing the Machine.

Loot Chance to Drop
Braided Wire 68%
Blastpaste 51%
Sturdy Hardplate 33%
Scrounger Primary Nerve 15%
Small Machine Core 15%

Loot (Power Cell)

The Power Cell is located on the back of the Scrounger, on the far back, by its hind legs. Shooting this off will not only allow you to get some loot, but it will also disable the energy ball attack. This doesn’t disable the little shockwave it does at the end of the lunging attack. If you happen to shoot it with a Shock Arrow, then it will cause an explosion, destroying the part. This part is destroyed upon killing the Machine.

Loot Change to Drop
Sparker 100%
Scrounger Spark Coil 20%
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