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How to Find & Complete the First Forge Rebel Camp

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about how to find and complete the First Forge Rebel Camp in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Find the First Forge Rebel Camp

The First Forge Rebel Camp is unlocking after completeting the previous five. Until you’ve done the rest of them, there’s no way to access it, so make sure to prioritize the ones available earlier in the game first.

Speak to Erend in the Hidden Ember settlement. The camp should now be on the map, near the shoreline in the Northeast of the Forbidden West.

Location Level Rewards
Southeast of Fall’s Edge 32 XPIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png8000 SkillPointIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png3 The Sun Scourge Legendary Weapon

How to Complete the First Forge Rebel Camp

When you arrive, Erend will be outside of it and you can enter the camp together.

You’ll have to first clear the Rebels out of the base. There’s no getting around them and stealthing your way through, as you could with earlier Rebel Camps. Take them out (which shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re at the recommend level) with Erend and continue on.

When you lift the gate that leads into the cave, you’ll hear Asera talking and should proceed through to find her. She’ll run away and destroy the bridge as she goes, but Erend will be able to force a way through and you can follow.

You’ll come across some Machines that you’ll have to kill.

You’ll then have to kill Asera.

This is a much more difficult fight than the other Rebels, so be careful. Make sure you dodge her attacks and only aim when you have the time to hit her. If you can roll close to her, you can get in a few good hits with your spear that will really help whittle down the damage. While Erend is there helping you, he doesn’t deal too much damage to Asera so don’t rely on him to help you out that much.

Fortunately, he can’t die, so you don’t have to worry about that too much!

She has set more traps up here so be careful that you don’t fall into them. She tends to stay pretty close to her traps and can’t really be lured towards Aloy. Hitting her with long distance weapons is best aside from the occasional spear melee attack, so use the most powerful bow you have.

After she dies, you’ll have to talk to Erend. Erend seems pretty down on himself, but Aloy is very encouraging about how much he helped.

By no means should you forget to loot Asera’s body before you leave — you’ll find the Sun Scourge there, a Legendary bow. Fortunately, the quest will prompt you to stop and take a look around to remind you, though it’s not an actual mandatory objective. Once you’ve talked to Erend, the Camp is marked as complete and you’ve now finished the Rebel Camps.


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