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How to Find & Defeat the Deadfalls Rebel Outpost

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about how to find and defeat the Deadfalls Rebel Outpost in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Find the Deadfalls Rebel Outpost

The Deadfalls Rebel Outpost can be found just outside of Chainscrape, in the north. The best way to find it is by activating The Bristlebacks side quest.

After completing the main quest The Point of the Lance you’ll travel to The Daunt. Once off the lift, make your way southwest to Chainscrape and when you talk your way inside turn south to find a Carja named Javad the Willing arguing with an Oseram named Ulvund. Talk to them and after some chatter the quest will start.

You can take out some Rebel Soldiers on the edge by hiding in the grass when approaching the Outpost.

If you do not activate this quest in Chainscrape, you can still find it and travel there, which will activate the quest automatically anyway.

How to Defeat the Deadfalls Rebel Outpost

There are four Rebel Soldiers inside (one of which is mounted) and five Chargers. If you stick to high ground, there’s little the Chargers can do, but the rebels can and will shoot back at you, and perhaps even deploy Slingblast bombs.

Of course, dropping down off the wall to the outside will cause them to lose interest in time, so this is something of a turkey shoot - with some patience and a Sharpshot Bow you can easily pick off all the rebels, after which the Chargers are easy enough to take down with Silent Strikes. If you’d rather be more up close and personal with your spear, you can also use a nearby river, which snakes up north past the walls and allows you to climb ashore and infiltrate the camp at various points.

However you manage it, once all the rebels and their machines are dead, make your way up some ramps along the northeastern end of the camp to find a raised drawbridge. Keep the drawbridge in mind, then turn right (southeast) and keep your eyes peeled, as you’re looking for a Generous Supply Cache which contains the Strongarm Hunter Bow.

(1 of 2) Lower the first half of the drawbridge easily enough from this side.

Lower the first half of the drawbridge easily enough from this side. (left), Shoot these points on the other side to bring the rest of it down. (right)

Once that’s yours, return to the drawbridge and use the wheels to lower the part you have access to, then shoot some ropes holding the far side of the bridge up to create a path forward. Explore to the northeast to find a pit that confirms Aloy’s suspicions, after which you’ll be free to leave and return to Javad the Willing in Chainscrape.

This Outpost is a little unlike some of the others in that you some of them only require you to kill the leader, and Aloy will comment to herself that the Rebels will now abandon the Outpost. This one requires you to actually kill everyone to progess.


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