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Horizon Forbidden West

Wings of the Ten (Legendary)

Matt Chard

The Wings of the Ten Blastsling is part of the Blastsling archetype. Blastslings have large areas of effect which make them ideal for direct or indirect hits. They are also the best weapons to build up an elemental state. The downside to Blastslings is they cannot tear off machine components.

Wings of the Ten (Legendary) Blastsling


Death flies on the Wings of the Ten. Passed down from one elite champion to another, this prized weapon has rallied Tenakth troops and claimed decisive victories.

Where to get the Wings of the Ten Legendary Blastsling

Location Cost
Collect all 12 Black Boxes Black_Box_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png12

The Wings of the Ten Blastsling can be obtained by collecting all 12 Black Boxes, and bringing them back to Untalla at Memorial Grove.

Weapon Stats

Damage Type Damage Element Buildup Damage
Explosive_Bombs_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Explosive 127 Explosive_Buildup_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Explosive Buildup 203
Adhesive_Bombs_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Adhesive Adhesive_Buildup_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Slow Buildup 211

Here you can see that you start with three open coils, with the other two being unlocked when upgrading.

Ammo Types

Icon Name Effect
Explosive_Bombs_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Explosive Bombs Deals Explosive_Damage_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Explosive Damage. Deals Explosive_Buildup_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Explosive Buildup
Adhesive_Bombs_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Adhesive Bombs Deals Adhesive_Bombs_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Adhesive Damage. Deals Adhesive_Buildup_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Slow Buildup

Aloy trying out her new Legendary Blastsling.


Rank Effect Upgrade Cost
I Increased Weapon Stats Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png600 Metal Shards, Luminous_Brainstem_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png1 Luminous Brainstem, Dreadwing Primary Nerve x2, Dreadwing_Metal_Fang_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png5 Dreadwing Metal Fang, Slitherfang Circlator x2
II Increased Weapon Stats, Increase Crit Chance perk to 15%, Unlock Perk 3, Unlock Coil Slot 4 Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png800 Metal Shards, Luminous_Brainstem_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png2 Luminous Brainstem, Slitherfang Primary Nerve x2, Slitherfang Earthgrinder x6, Stormbird Primary Nerve x2
III Increased Weapon Stats, Increase Critical Damage Perk to 40%, Unlock Perk 4 Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png1000 Metal Shards,Luminous_Brainstem_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png3 Luminous Brainstem, Apex Stormbird Heart x1, Stormbird Storm Cannon x3, Apex Ravager Heart x3
IV Increased Weapon Stats, Increase Close Range Damage Perk to 40%, Unlock Perk 5 Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png1200 Metal Shards,Luminous_Brainstem_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png4 Luminous Brainstem, Tremortusk Circulator x2, Apex_Tremortusk_Heart_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png1 Apex Tremortusk Heart, Fireclaw Sac Webbing x2
V Increased Weapon Stats, Increase Instant Plasma Blast Chance Perk to 6%, Unlock Perk 4 Unlock Coil Slot 5 Metal_Shards_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png1500 Metal Shards,Luminous_Brainstem_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png5 Luminous Brainstem, Slaughterspine_Circulator_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png2 Slaughterspine Circulator, Apex_Fireclaw_Heart_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png2 Apex Fireclaw Heart, Apex_Slaughterspine_Heart_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png1 Apex Slaughterspine Heart


Icon Perks
Critical_Hit_Perk_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png +5% Critical Chance
Critical_Hit_Damage_Perk_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png +15% Critical Damage
Overdraw_Damage_15Perk_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png +15% Overdraw Damage
Close_Range_Damage_15_Perk_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png +15% Close Range Damage
Instant_Plasma_Blast_Chance_Perk_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png +2% Instant Plasma Blast Chance

Best Use

The Wings of the Ten Blastsling is best used when fighting larger machines that are susceptible to Explosive and/or Adhesive damage. A great way to use this weapon is by launching a few adhesive bombs around the battlefield so when machines go over them, they start building up Adhesive.

When the gauge fills up, they will become slowed giving you more time to lay your explosive payloads upon a less reactive enemy.

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