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Shock Warrior Bow (Uncommon)

Matt Chard

The Shock Warrior Bow is part of the Warrior Bow archetpe. Warrior Bows are very fast, agile weapons which can be fired effectively even when not fully drawn.

Shock Warrior Bow


This fast-firing, short-range bow delivers Shock payloads. It is useful for stunning targets and completing Izvad’s Hunting Ground trials.

Where to get the Shock Warrior Bow

Location Cost
Barren Light, Hunter Merchant MetalShardsIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png127 Metal Shards BristlebackCirculatorIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png1 Bristleback Circulator

The Shock Warrior Bow can be purchased from the Hunter merchant at the Barren Light settlement after arriving there for the first time.

Weapon Stats

Damage Type Damage Element Buildup Damage
ShockAmmoIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png Shock 5 ShockBuildupIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png Shock Buildup 10

Here you can see that the Coil slot is locked. This becomes available at Rank III.

Ammo Types

Icon Name Effect
ShockAmmoIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png Shock Light Arrows ShockDamageIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png Deals Shock Damage. ShockBuildupIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png Deals Shock Buildup

Aloy trying out her new Shock Warrior Bow.


Rank Effect Upgrade Cost
I Increased Weapon Stats MetalShardsIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png50 Metal Shards, BraidedWireIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png1 Braided Wire
II Increased Weapon Stats MetalShardsIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png75 Metal Shards, BraidedWireIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png1 Braided Wire, GreenshineSliverIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png2 Greenshine Sliver
III Increased Weapon Stats, Unlock Coil MetalShardsIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png95 Metal Shards,BraidedWireIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png2 Braided Wire, GreenshineSliverIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png2 Greenshine Sliver, GreenshineFragmentIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png1 Greenshine Fragment


Icon Perks

Best Use

The Shock Warrior Bow is best used when fighting any machines that have a weakness to Shock as it’ll stun them for a short while. Warrior Bows have the capability to buildup elemental status effects quicker due to the speed of the bows at a cost of damage. This bow is also useful for Hunting Ground trials.


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