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Horizon Forbidden West

Tinker’s Pride (Legendary)

Jarrod Garripoli

Information about the Tinker’s Pride in Horizon Forbidden West, including how to obtain it, how to upgrade it, and what the strengths and weaknesses of the Tinker’s Pride are.

Tinker’s Pride Description

*An incredible weapon that combines Oseram ingenuity with Old World technology. A faded insiginia on its handle suggests that it was built by a tinker known only as The Steelbroker.

You will earn the Tinker’s Pride after completing all Hunting Grounds with Full Stripes

Where to Get the Tinker’s Pride

Complete all 12 Trials with Full Stripes at the Hunting Grounds

The Tinker’s Pride is a reward for completing all of the Hunting Grounds Trials with the Full Stripes rank. There are four different Hunting Grounds to find in the world, with each of them having three trials each.

Tinker’s Pride Stats

Advanced Explosive Tripwires Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
Horizon_FW_Explosive_Icon.png Explosive 211 221 230 240 259 288
Staggerbeams Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
Impact_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Impact 55 58 60 63 68 75
Shieldwires Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
Horizon_FW_Explosive_Icon.png Explosive 176 184 192 200 216 240

Tinker’s Pride Perks

Perks Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
Damage Over Time 15% 15% 40% 40% 40% 40%
Knockdown Power 10% 10% 10% 25% 25% 25%
Instant Brittle Chance 2% 4% 4%
Knockdown Damage 15% 40%

How to Use the Tinker’s Pride

The Tinker’s Pride is a Tripcaster and should be used more as a means to set up traps for your enemies. You will want to keep yourself in stealth if you’re setting up the tripwires, as that is the best way to make sure enemies trigger them. If you wish to harvest parts from a machine, though, you will want to avoid the Advanced Explosive Tripwires, since explosive damage can destroy components. The Staggerbeams ammo is a bit different, as you can use those to force an enemy to be knocked down, opening up follow up attacks with a different weapon.

Where the Tinker’s Pride really shines, though, is with the Shieldwires, especially if you are fighting a machine with a lot of projectile attacks. Set this up to give yourself a nice barrier against those projectiles, making note that the shield can only absorb so much damage, before it will dissipate in a small explosion. This also includes your own shots, so you could plan it exploding if you see the machine closing into melee range.

How to Upgrade the Tinker’s Pride

Rank Effect Upgrade Cost
I Increased Weapon Stats 600x Metal Shards, 1x Luminous Brainstem, 2x Dreadwing Primary Nerve, 5x Dreadwing Metal Fang, 2x Frostclaw Circulator
II Increased Weapon Stats, Perk 1 Upgraded, Unlocks Coil Slot 800x Metal Shards, 2x Luminous Brainstem, 2x Frostclaw Primary Nerve, 3x Frostclaw Sac Webbing, 2x Thunderjaw Primary Nerve
III Increased Weapon Stats, Perk 2 Upgraded, Perk 3 Unlocked 1000x Metal Shards, 3x Luminous Brainstem, 1x Apex Thunderjaw Heart, 3x Thunderjaw Tail, 10x Tremortusk Tusk
IV Increased Weapon Stats, Perk 3 Upgraded, Perk 4 Unlocked 1200x Metal Shards, 4x Luminous Brainstem, 2x Tremortusk Circulator, 1x Apex Tremortusk Heart, 2x Slaughterspine Circulator
V Increased Weapon Stats, Perk 4 Upgraded, Unlocks Coil Slot 1500x Metal Shards, 5x Luminous Brainstem, 2x Fireclaw Circulator, 2x Apex Dreadwing Heart, 1x Apex Fireclaw Heart

Tinker’s Pride Rank I Upgrades:

  • Metal Shards: Common drop from all machines.
  • Luminous Brainstem: Very rare drop from most powerful and advanced machines.
  • Dreadwing Primary Nerve: Rare drop from Dreadwing. You won’t normally find them until you’ve completed [Seeds of the Past], but there are a few wild ones out there. You may be able to find a Dreadwing earlier in the mountains southeast of Cliffwatch, in the blacked-out, supposedly “inaccessible” part of the mountain range.
  • Dreadwing Metal Fang: Very rare drop from the Dreadwing. Must be detached before the machine is destroyed. There are two fangs right by the face.
  • Frostclaw Circulator: Uncommon drop from the Frostclaw. There is a Frostclaw site to the north of The Bulwark.

Tinker’s Pride Rank II Upgrades:

  • Frostclaw Primary Nerve: Rare drop from Frostclaws.
  • Frostclaw Sac Webbing: Rare loot from Frostclaws. Must leave the Chillwater Unit on its chest intact in order to gain the loot from the body.
  • Thunderjaw Primary Nerve: Rare drop from Thunderjaws.

Tinker’s Pride Rank III Upgrades:

  • Apex Thunderjaw Heart: Guaranteed drop from Apex Thunderjaws.
  • Thunderjaw Tail: Legendary loot from a Thunderjaw. Must be detached before killing the machine.
  • Tremortusk Tusk: Legendary loot from [Tremortusks]. Must be detached before killing the machine. You can find a Tremortusk at the Raintrance Hunting Grounds. These won’t start spawning until Tremortusks appear globally, which will occur after you complete the main quest The Broken Sky.

(1 of 2) The fangs are on the front of the Dreadwing, by its face

The fangs are on the front of the Dreadwing, by its face (left), The Tremortusk will have four tusks you can break off during battle (right)

Tinker’s Pride Rank IV Upgrades:

  • Tremortusk Circulator: Uncommon drop from Tremortusks.
  • Apex Tremortusk Heart: Very Rare drop from Apex [Tremortusks].
  • Slaughterspine Circulator: Uncommon drop from Slaughterspines. There is a Slaughterspine site to the northwest of Thornmarsh, as well as one more right next to the Survey Drone at Greypeak.

Tinker’s Pride Rank V Upgrades:

  • Fireclaw Circulator: Uncommon drop from Fireclaws. There is a site just east of Thornmarsh.
  • Apex Dreadwing Heart: Guaranteed drop from Apex Dreadwings. Apex Dreadwings seem more common at night.
  • Apex Fireclaw Heart: Guaranteed drop from Apex Fireclaws.

Ammo Types

Icon Name Effect
Horizon_FW_Advanced_Explosive_Icon.png Advanced Explosive Tripwires Deals Horizon_FW_Explosive_Icon.png Explosive damage
Horizon_FW_Staggerbeam_Icon.png Staggerbeams Deals Impact_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Impact damage to enemies that trip it
Horizon_FW_Shieldwire_Icon.png Shieldwires Blocks projectiles and if enough damage has been done, inflicts Horizon_FW_Explosive_Icon.png Explosive damage
  • Shieldwires: Generates a defensive barrier that protects against projectile attacks. It will explode after absorbing too much damage from enemy attacks, or your own.
  • Staggerbeams: Generates a moving energy beam that staggers and damages enemies over time. They will continue to damage enemies as long as they are active, but have a short lifespan after they are tripped.
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