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Horizon Forbidden West

Blood for Blood

Jarrod Garripoli

Walkthrough for the Side Quest, Blood For Blood, in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Upon completing the main quest, The Broken Sky, you will unlock a follow-up main quest, called The Kulrut. Finish that one and the Memorial Grove and The Maw of the Arena areas will be fully open. Go to the Memorial Grove and you will find Dekka not that far inside; simply talk to her to begin the quest.

Dekka wants some help to locate her grandson

Quest Giver Starting Location Prerequisite Level Rewards
Dekka The Memorial Grove Complete The Kulrut 19 5700 XP, 2 Skill Points, Perimeter Tripcaster, Tenakth Recon Face Paint

Rebel Outpost: Shining Waters South

Dekka wants to find her grandson, Kavvoh, who was not amongst the dead from the attack on the Kulrut. He joined the rebels willingly, and some scouts have reported his squad leaving a nearby outpost, as well as one of their own being held captive there. So, your first task will be to go to the outpost and find the Tenakth clan member. You can either opt to meet Dekka there or set off right then and there. If you choose to leave now, you will be following Dekka to the outpost.

Note that this is an actual Outpost (Rebel Outpost: Shining Waters South), so you can kill two birds with one stone, if you haven’t already done this. If you have already cleared the outpost, then the quest will continue on, as if you cleared it during it. Aloy will basically say she already cleared it, but didn’t see any prisoners, and decides to take another look around, in case she missed anything. Dekka mentions some post that Nakalla, the prisoner, was tied to, so that is what you will be looking for. It is towards the southeastern portion of the search circle indicated on your map (two poles in a triangle formation).

(1 of 4) The Rebels do have a Bristleback at this outpost

You won’t find Nakalla here, but Aloy mentions about using her Focus to see if there’s any tracks. As usual, use your Focus to look for a trail and follow that until you reach what appears to be a dead end. There is a hidden hatch here, so open it up to find Nakalla, alive and well enough. Nakalla overheard the rebels mention they were going to Fall’s Edge, so that will be your next destination.

Meet Dekka at Fall’s Edge

Fall’s Edge is a small village to the southwest of the rebel outpost. If you follow the road, you will undoubtedly see some machines along the way, but you should also be able to find a small outpost, called Lowland’s Path, for a little pit stop. Not too far from there will be Fall’s Edge. Feel free to take a look around the place, if this is your first time here, then head on over to where Dekka is waiting for you. Speak with her to get things started, where you see that Arokkeh, the leader of Fall’s Edge, had managed to capture Kavvoh. They caught him sneaking around the village, but Kavvoh insists that he came here to warn of a rebel attack.

He says the rebels built a campfire to the north and he wants to bring you there, although Arokkeh doesn’t want to release him. Dekka invokes blood for blood, meaning she will take Kavvoh’s place in the cage, while he shows you the location of the rebels. Of course, not trusting him, Arokkeh will be coming with you. They agree to meet you at the campfire, so you will be alone for now.

Go to the Campfire

Exit the village and follow the markers to the campfire, which will be located to the north of Fall’s Edge. Note that you will want to approach the campfire silently, as there will be some rebels there. You will only find three rebels here, but one of them will have a shield, so he will be a little bit of a challenge to take down. Of course, if you want to take things a little more delicately, use rocks to lure the Champion away from the others, so you can perform a Silent Strike on him. Once you’ve defeated the rebels, approach the campfire and press the designated button to wait for Arokkeh and Kavvoh.

(1 of 2) You will find a few Rebels at the campfire

You will find a few Rebels at the campfire (left), one of which will have a shield (right)

Kill the Rebels and Their Machine

After the cutscene ends, follow Kavvoh up some cliffs to reach a waterfall. Pulse your Focus to highlight the holds on the cliffside, then use them to climb across, to the other side. As you arrive on the other side, some rebels will appear from the north, who will have a Behemoth with them. Your task is simple, as you need to kill the rebels and the Behemoth, the latter of which should be your focal point. If you’ve never fought one before, they have the ability to toss rocks at you using its Force Loaders. These are the little canisters on the sides of its head and should be your primary target initially. There’s six in total to hit, but they act in groups of two and detaching them will get rid of the anti-gravity attacks.

(1 of 2) Target the Force Loaders to get rid of the anti-gravity attacks

Target the Force Loaders to get rid of the anti-gravity attacks (left), Use the environment to help protect yourself from some of the Behemoth’s attacks (right)

It can also do a melee-range attack where it slams its head into the ground, which can cause the Crushed effect. If you sprint, roll, or jump with this active, then you will lose a little bit of health. You cannot die from this, but it can leave you with low health, if you’re not paying attention. Just keep knocking off the parts of the Behemoth and you should eventually bring it down. Upon doing so, clear any other enemies in the vicinity, then collect the loot. Speak with Kavvoh and Arokkeh after the battle for a quick scene, then travel back to Fall’s Edge to talk with Dekka, signaling the end of the side quest.

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