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Horizon Forbidden West

How to Find & Defeat the Shining Wastes North Rebel Outpost

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about how to find and defeat the Shining Wastes North Rebel Outpost in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Find the Shining Wastes North Rebel Outpost

As you might expect, you can find the Shining Wastes North Rebel Outpost north in the Shining Wastes themselves. The time you’re likely to come across them is after the main quest splits into three and you have three things you need to go find.

These are the main objectives.

Head to the northwest of the Shining Wastes Tallneck to find this Rebel Outpost. It’s recommended that you’re at least Level 25 to take it on though it’s doable with less if you don’t plan on killing all of the Rebel Soldiers.

How to Defeat the Shining Wastes North Rebel Outpost

As with most of the Rebel Outposts, you’ll be given two objectives: find the Outpost Leader (mandatory) and kill the Rebels (optional).

This Outpost is relatively small, the Rebel Leader is towards the back of it. If you plan to kill off the Rebels anyway, you can start taking them out by hiding in the tall grass and stealthing your way towards the leader. Throwing rocks is a great way to lure them towards you.

The first couple are very easy to get close to due to the abundance of grass at the edge of the Outpost, so move slow and steady if you want to do this with the least hassle.

There’s plenty of grass to hide in on approach.

If you attract any attention to yourself, you’ll bring all of the Rebels down on you and your best choice is to kill them before taking on the Leader. As this is one of the Outposts further on in the game and it requires a higher level than the previous ones, you can expect the leader to be tough. For example, he has a shield he’ll bring up that you’ll have to get out of the way to do much damage to him. Using melee combos can help bring it down.

Once you defeat him, you’ll be granted some Metal Shards and Soldier Tags from his body. This Outpost doesn’t have as much loot available as some of the others, though you can look around to find some minor materials.

After he’s gone, you can choose to either defeat the Rebel Soldiers to gain some experience (if there are any left) or simply run from the Outpost and leave them to it. Just as with most of the others, if you choose to flee, Aloy will remark to herself that the Rebels will now abandon the Outpost without their leader and the next time you return, they’ll be gone.

As with most of the other Outposts, there are no Skill Points or specific rewards for taking this down aside from what you can loot from the bodies and the location itself. It just brings you one step closer to taking down all of the Rebels in the Forbidden West.

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