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Horizon Forbidden West

How To Complete The Isle of Spires Relic Ruin

Shane Williams

This is a walkthrough for The Long Coast Relic Ruin in Horizon Forbidden West (HFW). It’ll navigate you through the necessary steps to finding the Main Office Key and Door Code.

Aloy overlooks the Isle of Spire Relic Ruin.

Starting Location Level Reward
Southwest of Legacy’s Landfall 30 XP_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png5,000 Skill_Point_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png2


Treasure away those who dare explore the ruins of the Old World.


  1. Find The Main Office Key
  2. Find the Main Office Door Code

Where To Find The Main Office Key

Approach this Relic Ruin from the northeast and activate your Focus to highlight areas to climb and make your way up. Once you’re inside, follow the path to the end and you’ll see a vent on the ceiling that you can use your Pullcaster on to open. Climb into the vent and follow the path along until you drop down into a room, then destroy the Firegleam to break a hole into the wall. Take two lefts and you’ll find a dead Energy Cell that you’ll want to grab, then take into the room you just came from and place it into the Charging Terminal

(1 of 7) Climb into the relic ruin

Once it’s fully charged you’ll want to take it back to the entrance of the Relic Ruin and place it into the Power Terminal to restore power to the Elevator. Take the elevator down to the lower level and use your Pullcaster on the crate to the right to pull it out of the water, then push it back into the water on the right side. Swim across to the Metal Flower on the opposite side and destroy it with your Vine Cutter, then use your pullcaster on the crate again to pull it towards you.

Jump onto it and look through the gap in the wall to see a ladder being held by a lock. Shoot it, then follow the path along to the left and climb up the wall using the now accessible ladder. Press Circle DualSense-ButtonCircle to leap onto the platform behind you and pick up the Main Office Key.

Where To Find the Main Office Door Code

Return to the Elevator and put the crate inside it, then take it back up to the upper floor. Push the crate out and position under the broken handhold, then climb up and. jump across the gap. Drop down and you’ll find the 9th Floor Security Measures Datapoint, then put 109 into the nearby door and head through.

(1 of 6) Push the crate into the elevator and take it up to the upper floor

Grapple across to the other side of the room and climb up the wall to the left to reach the second floor, then grapple across to the other side again. Head left and use your Pullcaster on the crate on the opposite side of the room to drop it into the water, then drop down and climb up onto the platform behind. Pull the crate over and position it under the vent, then pull the vent open with your pullcaster and climb up. Walk over to the left side of the room and scan the RE: LOCKED INI Datapoint.

Unlock the nearby door by putting the code 2109 and drop into the water, then swim over to the east side of the room to find a locked door. Insert the key and the put in 2109109 to unlock it, then collect the Golden Toucans Ornament to complete this Relic Ruin.

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