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Horizon Forbidden West

Berserker Hunter Bow (Rare)

Jarrod Garripoli

Information about the Beserker Hunter Bow in Horizon Forbidden West, including how to obtain it, how to upgrade it, and what the strengths and weaknesses of the Beserker Hunter Bow are.

Beserker Hunter Bow Description

Crafted by the Quen, this mid-range bow can send targets into a frenzy, causing them to turn on each other. It can also be used to direct the attacks of overridden machines.

Where to Get the Beserker Hunter Bow

You will find this weapon inside of a Superior Supply Chest in The Greenhouse facility, which you will visit during the main story quest, Seeds of the Past. When you reach the little camp of Quen during that mission, right before meeting with the important NPC, there will be a chest underneath one of the tents. You will have to pry open the chest with your spear before being able to loot it and find this weapon.

Beserker Hunter Bow Stats

Advanced Hunter Arrows Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV
Impact_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Impact 36 41 45 51 57
Tear_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Tear 85 94 102 115 141
Berserk Hunter Arrows Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV
Berserk_Build_Icon.png Berserk Buildup 53 57 62 68 81
Targeting Hunter Arrows Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV
Impact_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Impact 4 5 5 6 7


Perks Base Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V
Knockdown Power 10% 10% 10% 25%
Overdraw Damage 15% 15%

How to Use the Beserker Hunter Bow

The Berserker Hunter Bow is a lesser version of the Marshal Hunter Bow, as it has the same ammo types. As such, if you manage to get that weapon prior to this one, there is no reason to use the Berserker Hunter Bow. Putting that aside, this bow does have the upgraded Hunter Arrows, meaning they will deal more damage and do more Tear. The best part, though, is the Berserk Hunter Arrows, as they can cause the Berserk state on enemies. While afflicted with this, enemies will attack the nearest target, no matter if they are friend or foe, making it great for large groups of machines. The Targeting Hunter Arrows can be nice if you do a lot of overriding; otherwise, they are completely useless.

How to Upgrade the Beserker Hunter Bow

Rank Effect Upgrade Cost
I Increased Weapon Stats, Perk 1 Unlocked 75x Metal Shards, 2x Braided Wire, 2x Small Machine Core
II Increased Weapon Stats 112x Metal Shards, 2x Braided Wire, 1x Rollerback Hammer Tail, 1x Snapmaw Sac Webbing
III Increased Weapon Stats, Perk 2 Unlocked 150x Metal Shards, 3x Braided Wire, 2x Medium Machine Core, 1x Rollerback Circulator
IV Increased Weapon Stats, Perk 1 Upgraded, Unlocks Coil Slot 250x Metal Shards, 6x Braided Wire, 3x Medium Machine, 1x Rollerback Primary Nerve, 2x Behemoth Force Loader

Beserker Hunter Bow Rank I Upgrades:

  • Metal Shards: Common drop from all machines.
  • Braided Wire: Common drop from all machines.
  • Small Machine Core: Uncommon drop from all Lightweight machines.

Beserker Hunter Bow Rank II Upgrades:

  • Rollerback Hammer Tail: Legendary component from Rollerbacks. Must be detached before killing the machine.
  • Snapmaw Sac Webbing: Rare drop from Snapmaws. Must leave the Chillwater Sac underneath the head intact in order to loot this.

Beserker Hunter Bow Rank III Upgrades:

  • Medium Machine Core: Rare drop from all Midweight machines.
  • Rollerback Circulator: Uncommon drop from Rollerbacks.

Beserker Hunter Bow Rank IV Upgrades:

  • Rollerback Primary Nerve: Rare drop from Rollerbacks.
  • Behemoth Force Loader: Very Rare component from Behemoths. Must be detached before killing the machine. They are located on the sides of the head.

Beserker Hunter Bow Ammo Types

Icon Name Effect
hfw_precision_arrow_icon.jpg Advanced Hunter Arrows Deals Impact_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Impact and Tear_Status_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png Tear damage
Berserk_Arrow_Icon.png Berserk Hunter Arrows Does no damage, but does Berserk_Build_Icon.png Berserk buildup
Target_Arrows_Icon.png Targeting Hunter Arrows Assigns target for overridden machines
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