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Landfall Tallneck

Jarrod Garripoli

Information about how to complete the Tallneck: Landfall in Horizon Forbidden West, including information about how to find the Glinthawks nest, the missing components, and how to scale the Tallneck.

The Tallneck at Landfall reactivates and begins moving

Location Level Rewards
Isle of Spires; East of landing spot 30 XPIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png7.500 SkillPointIconHorizonForbiddenWest.png2

Where to Find the Landfall Tallneck

The Tallneck: Landfall can be found on the Isle of Spires, which is the smaller island to the west of the mainland. This island is inaccessible until you have access to the Faro’s Tomb main story quest. Once you have started that quest, you will need to venture to the western coast of the mainland and take a boat over to it. From the spot where you land on the Isle of Spires, the Tallneck will be located to the east, in the waters. The activity will be added to your log upon getting close enough to the location of the Tallneck.

How to Reach the Glinthawks Nest and Retrieve the Components

Upon approaching the Tallneck, you will see that a large portion of it will be underwater. Dive down and swim to the Tallneck itself to examine it, most notable around its back. There will be two empty sockets on its back, which is the reason why the Tallneck isn’t moving right now. As you saw (or heard Aloy), a Glinthawk is probably what took these parts, so you decide to go to their nest to find the components. The nest will be located a little bit northeast from where you found the Tallneck, on the ruins of some submerged buildings.

(1 of 3) Inspect the empty sockets to see the reason why the Tallneck isn't active

Climb up onto the first building you find and you should find a Glinthawk on top of one piece of the building. Coerce it down with some arrows, then kill it to get it out of the way. There is a ladder on the one side of that piece of building, which has a hard-to-see latch on it holding it in place. Shoot the latch to extend the ladder, then look for the nearby crate. Push it into the water and leap to the ladder, allowing you to get on top, where the Glinthawk was located. Cross the rope, then hop over the gap to the southeast. Use the grapple point a little beyond that to reach another nest, where you will also find another Glinthawk. Although you don’t have much room here, dispose of the Glinthawk and get to where it was scavenging. The scavenging pile there will have one of the two Power Converters you are looking for to restart the Tallneck.

The other component is located in the nest to the northeast of your current position, but it’s going to be a little more challenging to get to it. If you use your Focus and look at the waters, you will see a few Snapmaws swimming around the nest. Since you cannot fight underwater (nor injure the machines while they are in the water), you will want to be a little stealthy in approaching the second set of nests. Of course, you can find some kelp under the water to help with keeping hidden from the Snapmaws. With this, go around the one side and look for a place to climb onto the ruins.

(1 of 4) You can use the Stealth Kelp to hide from the Snapmaws

You want to get inside the ruins, on land of course, then look for a grapple point by some beams, allowing yourself to get to a higher spot. If you’re at the correct position, there will be another Glinthawk just ahead of you, that you can sneak up on and perform a Silent Strike. Grapple up to the next tier, then search the scrap pile up there to find the second Power Converter. With both in hand now, return to the Tallneck and go back underwater, where you can place the Power Converters into the empty sockets (pay no attention to the marker taking you to its head here). The Tallneck will begin moving and you will have to find some way to jump onto it.

How to Climb the Tallneck

Now that the Tallneck is moving, you will need to find a way to climb onto it. There will be some ruins to your east, which is where the Tallneck is heading. On the side of these ruins is a ladder, but there’s nothing you can do about that, since it is retracted and you can’t knock it down. Instead, swim underwater and look for an opening on either side of the ruined building, allowing you to get inside. There will be some stairs in the building, bringing you to the roof. Before attempting to jump onto the Tallneck, lower the ladder previously mentioned, in case you miss your jump.

(1 of 3) Find the hole on either side to get inside the ruined building

When you have a clear jump, hop onto the Tallneck and climb to the top, where you can finally Override it. You have uncovered the map on the Isle of Spires now.


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