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Horizon Forbidden West

The Twilight Path

Nathan Garvin

Walkthrough for the Side Quest The Twilight Path in Horizon Forbidden West.

(1 of 2) Meet up with Petra in Chainscrape and she’ll tell you about some Carja refugees.

Meet up with Petra in Chainscrape and she’ll tell you about some Carja refugees. (left), You can optionally talk to Tolland about it, but any attempts at reasoning with him are futile. (right)

How to Start The Twilight Path

After completing the main quest [The Point of the Lance] you’ll travel to The Daunt. Once off the lift, make your way southwest to Chainscrape and when you talk your way inside you’ll find yourself hailed by Petra, an acquaintance from Horizon Zero Dawn. During some banter you’ll be invited to visit her at the tavern that dominates the center of Chainscrape. Head there after Petra leaves, find Petra inside, then talk to her to start this quest.

Quest Giver Starting Location Prerequisite Level Rewards
Petra Chainscrape Complete [The Point of the Lance] 7 XP_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png1750 Skill_Point_Icon_Horizon_Forbidden_West.png2 oseram_artificer_icon_horizon_forbidden_west.png1

Before you head out in search of these refugees, you can try to reason with Tolland, who can be found south of the Campfire in Chainscrape. He’s not fond of the Shadow Carja, and isn’t interested in parlaying. So that’s that.

(1 of 2) Help the Carja refugees fend off some machines,

Help the Carja refugees fend off some machines, (left), then talk to Lokasha to find out why the refugees are waiting here. (right)

How to Find the Shadow Carja Refugees

The Shadow Carja have a settlement up in the mountains west of Chainscrape, and you’ll have to follow the road’s circuitous route to reach it, passing through the quarry en route. It’s largely the same path you’d have to take to reach Split Crag, save you’ll turn right (east) at a fork in the road to reach the Shadow Carja settlement.

As you approach this settlement, you’ll find that the Shadow Carja have plenty of problems of their own, including rampaging machines. Help them put down a Fanghorn and some attending Burrowers, after which two Scroungers will arrive to complicate matters. Vanquish the machines, then talk to a refugee named Lokasha, who is attending another, wounded refugee near a gate. Exhaust her dialog options to learn why they’re here, and what’s keeping them from moving on.

(1 of 3) To ascend the mountain, you’ll need to shoot down a ladder,

How to Track Down Savohar

Make your way up a trail a short distance to the northwest where you’ll find some ladders by a waterfall. Coax the closest one to drop within reach by shooting it, climb up two ladders, then follow a linear trail to reach a third ladder. This one’s in much rougher shape, and you’ll have to use your Pullcaster to ascend where the ladder has given way. A short distance beyond that second climb you’ll find some handholds in a cubby which require you to jump up the opposite wall, then vault backwards by pressing Circle mid-jump. After that, the third ascent is a cinch.

Climb up a fourth section of wall and when you reach a ledge, turn left to find a Greenstone Sliver. Backtrack to the right and climb up the cliff face to the northeast, using your Pullcaster to ascend faster if you wish. Once up this fifth climb, cross a bridge and let Aloy’s climbing prowess make up for what she lacks in jumping ability.

(1 of 3) As you climb the mountain, keep an eye out for a Greenshine Sliver,

Once across the bridge, examine some blood, then scan it and tag a trail, which you can then follow along a mountain trail, through a cave, and down into a valley where two Burrowers and several Scroungers patrol. To take them out, you need only patience, as there’s plenty of grass you can use as the staging points for ambushes. Killing the machines entitles you to loot their scrap piles, but you can just sneak past them if you’re not in the mood to deal with them.

Follow Savohar’s trail until you reach a Campfire, which you’ll find the Sun-Priest near. Talk to Savohar and he’ll let religiosity get in the way of survival - both his and that of the other refugees.

(1 of 3) Climb up to the tower,

How to Recover the Stormbird Heart

The salvation of the refugees does seem to lie in the fallen Stormbird, but due to material considerations, rather than spiritual ones. To reach the downed machine you’ll need to cross over to the tower - just jump south off the broken bridge and use your Pullcaster to reach a handhold on the cliff across from the Campfire, then climb along the cliff face to the right to ultimately ascend near the tower.

Make it across to the tower, then climb to the top and recover the Stormbird Heart. The way back is fortunately much easier due to more favorably-placed grapple points. Plus, gravity is something of a boon when it comes to getting down. Cross back over the bridge and check on Savohar, then work your way back down to the refugee camp.

Confront Tolland and pick whatever dialog choice you want. After he’s been dealt with, Aloy will instruct Lokasha and the quest will end.

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