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Horizon Forbidden West

How to Find & Defeat the Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost

Staci Miller

This is everything you need to know about how to find and defeat the Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to Find the Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost

The Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost isn’t far from the Stillsands Rebel Outposts, and northwest of the Tallneck there. If you walk towards that area on your map, you should be able to see it.

The path into the Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost is very clear on approach, so you shouldn’t miss it.

It’s quite a jump in difficulty, as you’ll need to be Level 30 to defeat it.

How to Defeat the Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost

As ever with these Outposts, you’ll have two initial missions: kill the Rebels (optional) and find and kill the Rebel Leader (mandatory). These will pop as soon as you approach the Outpost and activate the quest.

This one is initially easy to stealth, as there’s lot of tall grass and buildings to hide behind. The Leader will start out on the left side of the Outpost as you approach, so scan him with your Focus to track him and you can follow him and go for a Silent Strike if you don’t want to alert the other Rebels of your entrance.

He does have a high-capacity weapon so, if alerted to your presence, he might be hard to get close to. Once you defeat him, however, you can always pick up this gun and use it on the other Rebels which can be really handy if you want to go through the mission in its entirety.

Once you’ve killed him, you’ll find a Rebel Key and Aloy will remark that she should find something to use it on. Climb the platforms to the top find a Chest and find a Generous Valuables Cache. Inside of it will be the Soldier Tags, which will mark this Outpost complete.

There are also other valuables with materials and loot around the camp if you’re willing to find the climbing spots on all of the platforms. Pulse your Focus to look for them and use the grappling points to jump up.

It can be quite difficult to climb to the top of these posts without alerting the other Rebel Soldiers to your presence, so you may already have done so. If you want to leave the area without further hassle, run out until you can no longer hear the Rebel Soldiers and Aloy will remark to herself that they’ll abandon the place anyway. If you’d prefer to complete the optional parts of the quest, you can take them down.

Most of the Rebels aren’t on machines, so it’s pretty easy to do.

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