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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

The below details all approval options for Blackwall throughout the main story, side quests, cut scenes, and other prompted dialogue. Where ‘N/A’ is stated after a quote, this indicates that your response has no consequence to approval ratings. As with all companions, your approval rating with Blackwall starts at 0. This is altered by specific choices in the following ways:

Slightly Approves / Slightly Disapproves:

  • Slightly Approves (+1 to approval rating)
  • Slightly Disapproves (-1 to approval rating)

Approves / Disapproves:

  • Approves (+5 to approval rating)
  • Disapproves (-5 to approval rating)

Greatly Approves / Greatly Disapproves:

  • Greatly Approves (+25 to approval rating)
  • Greatly Disapproves (-25 to approval rating)

Main Story

In Hushed Whispers

I have to ask… what was I like in that dark future you saw?

  • “You were heroic.” - Approves
  • “You were the same.” - N/A
  • “You were angry.” - N/A
  • “Don’t ask.” - N/A

Champions of the Just

I imagine it makes trusting others risky.

  • “Trust is important.” - Slightly Approves
  • “What’s life without risk?” - Slightly Approves
  • “I don’t trust anyone.” - N/A

Here Lies the Abyss

They died for us, and Corypheus twisted their sacrifice to make it his own!

  • “We stopped it.” - Slightly approves
  • “Clarel’s pride is to blame.” - Disapproves
  • “That’s why we fight him.” - Slightly approves

It’s not right… to want to do good, to be good, and have that turned against you.

  • “They didn’t have your resolve.” Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “Then remember the intention.” - Slightly Approves
  • “We can still try, right?” - Slightly Approves
  • “Nothing is perfect.” - Slightly Disapproves

Walking the Ramparts (Romance)

I hope you can forgive me for pushing you away.

  • “I understand.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You’re the one suffering.” - N/A
  • “I’m not giving up.” - N/A

I… owe you an explanation for what I did. But not here.

  • “We’ll go as soon as possible.” - Slightly Approves
  • “This sounds ominous.” - N/A
  • “Explain now.” - N/A

What Pride Had Wrought

Perhaps it’s a good thing I’m not a real Warden.

  • “A very good thing.” - Slightly Approves
  • “We would’ve left you behind.” - N/A
  • “Trying to defend your lie?” - N/A



I have to admit, I thought you’d be… Herald: Human? Blackwall: Yes.

  • “I don’t blame you.” - Slightly Approves
  • “At least you’re honest.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Is this a problem?” - N/A

Just one question, then. How do you think you fit in with all of this?

  • “I want peace.” - Approves
  • “I’m not sure yet.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Some worship me. I like that.” - Disapproves


Let him come. I swear I’ll take the twisted bastard down, even if I have to die to do it.

  • “I’m not losing you.” - Approves (Romance)
  • “Thank you.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You’re taking this hard.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “You’re no good to me dead.” - Slightly Disapproves

Warden Workshop

It’s good to be part of something so important, something that could change things.

  • “It’s only about the work?” - N/A
  • “I’m glad.” - Slightly Approves
  • “What about the Wardens?” - N/A
  • “So we have your loyalty?” - N/A

“Someone told me that once. Took me years to understand what he meant.”

  • “Wise words.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Isn’t it obvious?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Why follow at all?” - Slightly Disapproves

Put aside his own ambitions to help me win the melee. I don’t think I ever thanked him.“

  • “A generous act.” - N/A
  • “Why’d he help you?” - N/A
  • “You couldn’t win on your own?” - Slightly Disapproves

“I should’ve gone with him. Perhaps things could’ve been different.”

  • “It all turned out.” - N/A
  • “Not necessarily better.” - N/A
  • “Regret is useless.” - Slightly Disapproves

But now I believe I made the right decision after all.

  • “What changed?” - Slightly Approves
  • “Because of me?” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “Self-doubt is dangerous.” - Slightly Approves

I’ve A Hankering For Company

I just pretended it wasn’t happening.

  • “You were a child.” - N/A
  • “So did everyone else.” - N/A
  • “You were weak.” - Approves

We could make the world better. It’s just easier to shut our eyes.

  • “Don’t let that stop you.” - N/A
  • “Your eyes aren’t shut.” - Slightly Approves
  • “All this over a dog?” - Slightly Disapproves

Upon completing romance quest ‘Explanations’:

But I… I need you to end this, because I can’t.

  • “No.” [Kiss him.] (commit to relationship) - Greatly Approves
  • “You’ll have to do it.” (ends relationship) - Slightly Approves

Prompted Dialogue


Tell me about the Wardens…

How do you kill an Archdemon?

  • “I suppose you’d know.” - Slightly Approves
  • “It can’t be that simple.” - N/A
  • “Fine, keep your secrets.” - Slightly Approves

You never heard the Calling.

  • “You idolize them.” - N/A
  • “Would he have agreed?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “A foolish fantasy.” - Disapproves
  • “You helped Adamant’s Wardens.” - N/A

Why were you recruited?

  • “A noble act.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Were you drunk?” - Approves
  • “He saw how you fight.” - Slightly Approves

Thoughts on the Inquisition…

You may have Andraste’s favor, but wars are won by men. Soldiers.

  • “Why war at all?” - Slightly Approves
  • “Wars are won in many ways.” - Slightly Approves
  • “That’s obvious.” - Slightly Disapproves


You’re strangely charming.

  • “I like your modesty.” - Slightly Approves
  • “What’s hard to come by?” - N/A
  • “There’s more in my quarters.” - Approves

So is there something large and heavy you need moved?

  • “I just wanted to talk.” - Approves
  • “I’m sure you have better uses.” - Approves
  • “Possibly.” - Approves

That could very well explain why so many have disappeared.

  • “We need to find them.” - N/A
  • “How’s your state of mind?” - N/A
  • “All, but you.” - Slightly Disapproves

Almost like “Inquisitor”. Reminds me of what I ought to be.

  • “A noble sentiment.” - Slightly Approves
  • “They aren’t the same thing.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Your choice.” - N/A

Companion Quests

Memories of the Grey

You didn’t have to take the time to help, and yet you did.

  • “It was a good cause.” - Approves
  • “It was on the way.” - N/A
  • “It helps our cause.” - Slightly Approves

I’ve never been more certain in my decision to join you.

  • “Admiration?” (Romance)
  • “We will do better.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I’m just hiding the bad.” - N/A
  • “I don’t care what you think.” - N/A

“Of course I do. You have the world at your feet, myself included.”

  • “I don’t want to be worshipped.” - Slightly Approves
  • “And if the world hated me?” - N/A
  • “Good. Stay there.” - Slightly Approves


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