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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

The below details all approval options for Sera throughout the main story, side quests, cut scenes, and other prompted dialogue. Where ‘N/A’ is stated after a quote, this indicates that your response has no consequence to approval ratings. As with all companions, your approval rating with Sera starts at 0. This is altered by specific choices in the following ways:

Slightly Approves / Slightly Disapproves:

  • Slightly Approves (+1 to approval rating)
  • Slightly Disapproves (-1 to approval rating)

Approves / Disapproves:

  • Approves (+5 to approval rating)
  • Disapproves (-5 to approval rating)

Greatly Approves / Greatly Disapproves:

  • Greatly Approves (+25 to approval rating)
  • Greatly Disapproves (-25 to approval rating)


I thought it’d be bigger…

They’re too busy to look up where the real questions are.

  • “We’ll help them all see.” - N/A
  • “You think it should be easy.” Slightly Approves
  • “What questions are those?” - N/A

Sound good to you, all touched Lady / Lord Herald?

  • “I think I’ll like you too.” / “You staying sounds very good.” - Romance
  • “We’ll succeed. We have to.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Sounds good to me.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I only care about stopping it.” - Slightly Approves

What’d I step in?

Andraste, what’d I step in?

  • “I didn’t expect it either.” - N/A
  • “Andraste? Not an elven god?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “If she answers, let me know.” - N/A
  • “You knew this’d be strange.” - N/A

It’s too far, innit? I just want to plug the skyhole rubbish so I can go play.

  • “Thanks for the ‘pretty’ part.” - Romance
  • “I need hope, not selfishness.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Pick whatever cause you want.” - - N/A
  • “I need doubters like you.” - Slightly Approves

Varies depending on previous choice, but next choices are always the same.

  • “I hope there’s more you want.” - Romance
    • Female human or elf Inquisitor - Slightly Approves
    • Female qunari or dwarf Inquisitor - Approves
    • Male Inquisitor of any race - N/A
  • “Faith may decide much of this.” - N/A
  • “Just follow orders, crazy.” - N/A
  • “That almost makes sense.” - N/A


Pissed off and fired up is better than dreary bleary. Come on!

  • “Time with you sounds like fun.” - Romance
    • Female human or elf Inquisitor - Slightly Approves
    • Female qunari or dwarf Inquisitor - Approves
    • Male Inquisitor of any race - N/A
  • “No, grow up.” - Disapproves
  • “Yes, I’m in.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You go ahead without me.” - N/A

What, the desk? Oh yes! Center of the empire and all that. What to do, what to do…

  • “Great, so what do we do?” - Slightly Approves
  • “I won’t diminish my general.” - Slightly Disapproves

What, just the door? Where she greets every important idiot! Yes!

  • “All right, what do we do?” - Slightly Approves
  • “I can’t mock my diplomat.” - Slightly Disapproves

Solas: Who is up there?

  • “Run!” - Slightly Approves
  • “It’s the Inquisitor and Sera.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I should appear respectable.” - N/A
  • “Anything to keep us inspired.” - Slightly Approves
  • “It’s just not me.” - N/A
  • “You don’t make a lot of sense.” - N/A

Ugh, that place…

Ugh, that place. Should have just thrown in some bees and slammed the doors.

  • “We made important decisions.” - N/A
  • “Earwigs. That’d stop a ball.” - Slightly Approves
  • “That wouldn’t have helped.” - N/A

Line varies depending on who rules in Orlais

  • It’s not that simple. - Disapproves
  • “The empress was right.” / “But Briala is in charge now.” / “Gaspard put an end to that.” - Disapproves
  • “Their mistakes made it worse.” - Approves

Well, that was stupid. Want to go roll around until I feel better?

  • “Yes. Yes, I do.” - Approves
  • “You’re trying to distract me.” - N/A
  • “I thought I’d keep you close to me.” - N/A
    • “About time you asked.” - Approves
    • “Why?” - Slightly Approves


I’ve got something I want to do for you. Just come, you won’t need your gear and stuff.

  • “I’m ready for anything.” - Romance
    • Female human or elf Inquisitor - Slightly Approves
    • Female dwarf or qunari Inquisitor - Approves
    • Male Inquisitor - N/A

Plus if they were bad, we could throw them at people? These are really bad. Frigging raisins.

  • “I am laughing, but it’s good.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Throwing them sounds like fun!” - Approves
  • “You don’t need this. Nor do I.” - N/A

Anyway, I’ll throw this rubbish away. Next time will be better, yeah?

  • “I look forward to it.” - Approves
  • “Once was enough.” - N/A

Bullshit! And I’m trying to say I like it here! I thought you’d want to know that, and eat my shitty cookies!

  • “I’m annoyed but also grateful!” - Slightly Approves
  • “Hold on, let’s calm down!” - Slightly Approves
  • “I need allies, not brats!” - Disapproves

Muffins on the… on the roof. Because tits?

  • “You’re wonderful and silly.” - N/A
  • “Crude, but I still like you.” Slightly Approves
  • “Not funny.” - N/A

I just thought you’d want to know that I think you’re pretty great! That I made you shitty cookies!

  • “Next time, spare me!” - Disapproves (Ends Romance)
  • “Then this is dumb but great!” - N/A - Continues Romance

I saw you dead…

So yes. “Love.” Lots of it. Who cares against all of everything?

  • “I care! And I love you, too.” - Continues Romance
  • “Right, ‘love’ is so much better.” - Approves
  • “The fun is gone. We’re done.” - Greatly Disapproves (Ends Romance)

Main Story

Here Lies the Abyss

Heard what went on in that Fade thing. What you think went on. Can’t even start to believe that business.

  • “A difficult time for everyone.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Seeing is believing.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “All I know is we lost people.” - Slightly Approves

They’re the good thing that means a bad thing is about to happen. Like in Denerim, when the Blight ended.

  • “What do you remember?/What was the Blight like?” - Approves
  • “That’s called planning ahead.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I only care if they’re useful.” - Slightly Approves

What Pride Had Wrought

So! Test done, you’re still you. We can leave these lies behind.

  • “This threat was a test?” - N/A
    • “Never again, you hear me?” - Slightly Disapproves

I mean, it just makes sense, right?

  • “You’re insulting our heritage!” - Disapproves
  • “But what if even some is true?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I believe it was all true.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I agree it was all lies.” - Greatly Approves

You’re the frigging Herald of Andraste! Every time you open your mouth, you’ll sound like an idiot.

  • “But it’s important.” - Greatly Disapproves
  • “I’ve said I’m not her Herald.” - Disapproves
  • “It wouldn’t be the first time.” - Approves
  • “That hasn’t stopped you.” - Approves

So take it back. Just Say you’d rather look ahead. That’s all.

  • “I’m an elf. I can’t look away.” - Greatly Disapproves (Ends Romance)
  • “For you, anything.” - Greatly Approves (Contunues Romance)

I mean, I’ve dated some right tits, but you’re the Herald of Andraste. You keep saying this, you’ll sound like an idiot.

  • “Let’s both shut up. You first.” - Greatly Approves (Continues Romance)
  • “Too far, Sera. We’re done.” - Greatly Disapproves (Ends Romance)

Prompted Dialogue

What’s going on with your face?

So, what’s going on with your face? You go off with Solas, and now your elfy dealies are gone.

  • “I don’t want to talk about it.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Solas explained what they are.” - N/A

Nobody knows anything about “real elves” except they’re gone.

  • “I agree, it’s pretty stupid.” - Approves

Choosing a Specialization


You shouldn’t be scary. You’re the Inquisitor.

  • “It’s a burden I must bear.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Not even a little? For fun?” - Slightly Approves
  • “Our enemies should be scared.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I would never disappoint you.” - Romance
    • Female human or elf Inquisitor - Slightly Approves
    • Female qunari Inquisitor - Approves
    • Male Inquisitor - N/A


Covered it, right? Don’t be a shit like a chav-alierer. You’re better than that.

  • “I’ll live up to my own title.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Different titles. Stop worrying.” - N/A
  • “It isn’t up to you.” - Slightly Disapproves


Tell me about your background…

Where are you from?

  • “No ties worth mentioning?” - N/A
  • “I can make evasive jokes, too.” - N/A
  • “Don’t keep secrets.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “It’s nice knowing other elves.” - Slightly Disapproves

Tell me about your “friends.”

  • “You pretend that’s moral?” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Good to know.” - N/A
  • “So you’re also killers?” - N/A

Free payday. And free blame, right? But, whatever.

  • “Well, as long as it works.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I still don’t get it.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Sounds like a con.” - Slightly Disapproves

It’s inspiring. Even if it sometimes goes tits up and they take a hit back. You know, like Haven?

  • “I’m Herald. You’re a thief.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “That’s actually a fair point.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You believe weird things.” - Slightly Disapproves

Why did you really join me?

What do you mean? To help people.

  • “Seems like there’s more to it.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Are you really sure of that?” - N/A
  • “I don’t believe you.” - Slightly Disapproves

##Ready to talk about yourself?

They didn’t give two squirts about who or what you were. It was all what you did.

  • “Thanks for trusting me.” - Slightly Approves
  • “I get why you’re an odd elf.” - N/A
    • “Then that’s all I need. - Slightly Approves
    • “We all represent our kind.” - N/A
    • “All right, I’ll drop it.” - N/A

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