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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Caravan Requisition in Crestwood

Quest Giver : Requisition Officer

Requirement : Be in Crestwood

Reward : Influence, +1 Power

Our first requisition quest asks for 10 Iron and 5 Plaideweave. The iron is very easy to find throughout the Hinterlands and Crestwood. Very, very common. Plaideweave less so, but it is still tier 1 and you may already have five of it from enemy drops in the Hinterlands, but you can find it in loot bags as you explore the area. Once you have these common drops, craft the item to complete the quest.

Longbow Requisition in Crestwood

Quest Giver: Requisition Officer

Requirement: Be in Crestwood

Reward : Influence, +1 Power

This quest asks for more iron and two Druffalo Hides. The Druffalo can be found on the eastern part of the map, past the fort, out roaming the plains and farmland. Take two of them down and then acquire the iron you need to finish this quest.

Truth Requisition in Crestwood

Quest Giver : Requisition Officer

Requirement : Be in Crestwood

Reward : Influence, +1 Power

Time for some propaganda! Hahaha! We covered the Druffalo already, and Embrium is a very common plant. You likely already have a ton of them already, but if you want more you can find them scattered throughout the farmlands, east of the fort. That is the most common area to find them in Crestwood. Gather up what you need and craft the item to complete this quest.

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