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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

A jack of all trades with an emphasis on damage and a slight lack of durability the most utility of the Rogue archetype.

Raised in secret in Nevarra by a Mortalitasi mage, Sidony was brought up to revel in her magical abilities. She feels no kinship with mages who do not share her pride and has little but disdain for most other people. Sidony’s only goal is to uncover her full potential as a mage, so she hungers for magical knowledge. When news of the Breach reached her, she headed directly to see it for herself, hoping that whatever secrets it held would be the key to her own advancement.

Attribute Our Rating
Damage (AoE) 3/5
Damage (Single Target) 3/5
Durability 2/5
Buffs & Debuffs 5/5
Taunts / Aggro 1/5
Fun Factor 3/5
Crafting Requirements Rq Total Rq #1 Rq #2 Rq #3 Rq #4
Necromancer’s Raiment 24 9 Cloth 5 Leather 5 Metal 5 Cloth

Unlock order

Unlock Fade Step and Ice Armor first(level 4), then beeline to Walking Bomb/Death Siphon (level 10), then Blizzard(level 13). Upgrade all your abilities (Walking Bomb, Fade Step, Winters Grasp then Blizzard). You will have 2 points left over, which you can put into whatever you prefer.


For groups of enemies, lead with Blizzard, follow up immediately with Walking Bomb while you still have a good amount of mana (blizzard is active until mana is empty). Fade Step or run into the middle of the Blizzard to activate your ice armor, Detonate Walking Bomb then use winters grasp/walking bomb until everything is dead. Death Siphon enables you to keep alive and keep Blizzard up.

Fade step to safety if needs be. For single targets, alternate between walking bomb and winters grasp depending on the need. Remember to incapacitate ranged units because they are very strong on higher difficulties. Use Blizzard for DR if possible.

Recommended Abilities Description
Winters Grasp Freezes a single target. 200% weapon damage, 4s duration, 8s chill, 16s cooldown. Cost: 65 Mana, upgrade grants 3m AoE chill effect
Fade Step Evade ability. 2s Duration, 12s cooldown. Upgrade grants 300% weapon damage and 8s chill when passing through enemiesEvade ability. 2s Duration, 12s cooldown. Upgrade grants 300% weapon damage and 8s chill when passing through enemies
Blizzard AoE cast which can be toggled on and off. 150% weapon damage per second. 8s chill. 8m AoE. 24s Cooldown. Cost: 5 mana per second active. Upgrade grants 75% bonus damage and progressively chills enemies in radius till frozen
Walking Bomb 200% weapon damage per second. 10s duration. When detonated (remotely or when 10s has expired, explosion deals 600% weapon damage. 5m radius. 20s Cooldown. Cost: 65 mana. Upgrade enables walking bomb to spread to nearby targets if it kills the first enemy for more explosions
Mandatory Passives Description
Blinding Terror 15% damage vs panicked enemies. +3 magic
Conductive Current 5% damage for every 10% mana missing
Hastened Demise 2% damage for each 10% missing enemy health
Simulacrum When downed, you become a spirit for 10s. Casting costs no mana. Needs reviving when spirit disappears. +3 willpower
Death Siphon 20 mana and 10% health restored when an enemy is killed near you. +3 constitution
Gathering Storm 0.5s cooldown reduction per attack. +3 willpower
Clean Burn 1s cooldown reduction per spell cast. +3 willpower
Ice Armor 50% damage reduction when near a frozen enemy or in Blizzard radius. +3 willpower
Tricks of the Trade 10% damage and duration to all team status effects. +3 willpower
Frost Mastery 25% freeze and chill duration. +3 magic
# Best Weapons Type Rarity Item Level DPS Damage
1 Pyre of the Forgotten Staff Unique 21 112 69 Fire
2 Fury of the Veil Staff Rare 23 110 68 Electricity
3 Mindchill Staff Staff Rare 22 107 66 Cold
4 Staff of the Void Staff Unique 20 105 35 Electricity
5 Sorcerer’s Staff Staff Rare 21 100 62 Fire

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    18 December 2014
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    24 January 2021
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    Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth

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