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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Side Quests

Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Watchers Reach Refugees

Quest Giver : Scout Harding

Requirement : Be in the Emerald Graves

Reward : 80 Influence, Experience

This is our initial “story” quest for this area. First we must find Fairbanks. He isn’t very far away actually, just head north and go down the slope when you get a chance. His guards will let you through. Talk to him when you can and he’ll tell you about the Red Templars and offer his intel.

His intel is in the nearby room, but you can climb the stairs here to get to a landmark before you head to it. Once you check out the intel, read all three pieces nearby. Nothing really damning here, honestly, but it completes this quest and starts the next one titled “A Fallen Sister”.

A Fallen Sister

Quest Giver : Fairbanks

Requirement : Complete “Watcher’s Reach Refugees”

Reward : 80 Influence, Experience

To the north is the Veridium Mine, where the “Fallen Sister” is. “Fallen” of course means we have to kill her. On your way there you will likely face a few patrols of Freemen, but nothing you haven’t fought before.

Once you get to the mine itself you’ll find another group of Freeman, but this time Sister Costeau is among them (or nearby… she’ll come out to fight once you start fighting). She is a warrior, sword and shield type. Only an elite mob though, so you can knock her down and take her out of the fight pretty quick. Be sure to loot her afterwards for the unique mace Soulkisser , which steals a small amount oh HP with every hit. It has low DPS though, so it probably isn’t worth it to your tank. Once you’ve killed the sister, the quest is officially complete.

You can look around this area though for a Mosaic Piece (the Invasion set), and a note that gives the quest “A Vicious Thug”. There is also a Chest nearby and the Cell Key . Note that picking up this cell key gives us the quest “Not Everyone’s Free” and also 80 Influence… for some reason. Oh well, we’ll take it!

Also be sure to check the back room by the cell to find a Chest and a note that starts the “A Deluded Chevalier” quest.

Not Everyones Free

Quest Giver : Cell Key!

Requirement : Complete “A Fallen Sister”, find nearby key.

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence

This is a short and easy “quest”. There are prisoners trapped in the cell at Veridium Mine. The key is nearby. Deal with Sister Costeau in the above quest “A Fallen Sister” and then search around for the key. Let the prisoners go to complete the quest.

Rifts at the Cove

Quest Giver : Scout Harding

Requirement: Be in the Emerald Graves

Reward : 967 Experience, 200 Influence, +2 Power (Per Rift)

Your standard “shut the rifts” quest. Only two in this quest, one to the south and one to the north. The southern rift has a ton of Wraiths and a Rage/Despair Demon combo, while the northern rift has a ton of Wraiths on the the first phase and a ton on the second with a Despair Demon. You’ve faced worse by now, so take them out and enjoy the rewards.

Rifts at the Pavilion

Quest Giver : Exploration / Briathos’ Steps Camp

Requirement : None

Reward : 1324 Experience, 600 Influence, +2 Power (2 Rifts), 967 Experience, 200 Influence, +2 Power (2 Rifts)

Four more rifts for us to shut down. This quest shows up easily once you getto the “Briathos’ Steps” camp, which is northeast of the Villa (head north past the villa, climb up to it through a valley).

The one to the south starts of pretty easy with some Wriaths and a Despair Demon, but the second wave has Wraiths, a Rage Demon, and a PRIDE DEMON!

In case you forgot what our beloved Pride Demon is capable of here’s a re-cap. He has a lightning whip and a lightning orb attack, which can slow you. He is also lightning resistant, if that matters to you. He is tougher than the Rage and Despair Demons (just not as annoying as the Despair Demons…). Take him out to seal the rift.

The second one is to the further south, in a dead-end grove. There are Great Bears nearby, so be sure to take them out separately unless you want total chaos on your hands. This one starts off pretty easy with two Greater Terrors but the 2nd wave adds in some Wraiths, a Rage Demon, and another Pride Demon. Yikes! Do what you did before to seal up the rift, and check to the south for an Elven Artifact you can activate. Note that these first two rifts give more experience than the last two…

The last two northern rifts are easy compared to the bottom two (and that fact shows in the reduced experience). The northwest one has you facing off against some Greater Terrors and a Despair Demon (who is as annoying as ever), while the northern one is all Wraiths and Despair Demons. Very easy stuff. Defeat the enemies and seal these rifts to wrap up this quest.

Note that once you finish this quest, you should get a new operation notification titled “Support from Nevarra”. Weird, but oh well.

Rifts at the Reach

Quest Giver : Exploration / Gracevine Camp

Requirement : None

Reward : 1324 Experience, 600 Influence, +2 Power (Per Rift)

You will get this quest once you discover the Gracevine Camp, which is north of the lodge and Briathos’ Steps Camp. Two rifts this time, both to the north. Should be easy, right?

The southern one by the river is fairly easy. Despair Demons are annoying and the second wave includes a Pride Demon.

The one just to the north (go around to the right to reach it) has a ton of Wraiths and a Rage Demon / Pride Demon combo on the second wave. Again, pretty much the same stuff you’ve been dealing with.

Rifts at the Sighs

Quest Giver : Exploration / Direstone Camp

Requirement : None

Reward : 967 Experience, 200 Influence, +2 Power (2 Rifts)

After you get to the Direstone Camp you’ll get three more rifts to close. As you can see, one is in the north, one is in the center, and one is to the south. From the camp, go north to access them all, but be careful of any roaming giants!

The central one is easiest to get to from camp, but is fairly average. You have a Greater Terror and Despair Demon combo here that doubles on the second wave. That’s why there’s less XP here.

The southern rift isn’t any better, boasting some Wraiths and a Rage Demon while throwing in a Despair Demon in the second phase. Still lower XP, as you can see.

Finally we have the northern rift, which is… a surprise! The first wave is pretty weak. Wraiths and a Despair Demon, but the second wave. Oh boy. We get Greater Shades (no biggie), TWO Despair Demons, and a FEAR DEMON. If you have complete “Here Lies the Abyss” then this guy isn’t new.

Fear demons are electric and spirit vulnerable, but immune to fear (surprise) and cold resistant. They can also spawn their own minions called Fear Underlings and use ice attacks. Fun. Take them out with fire if you can (like the Despair Demons) and try to get the Despair Demons in the crossfire. Despair Demons are more annoying, but they don’t hit as hard so you may want to focus on the less mobile and more dangerous Fear Demon.

Note that the third rift here gives enhanced experience when you close it as well as 600 Influence.

Holding the Emerald Graves

Quest Giver : Scout Harding

Requirement : Be in the Emerald Graves

Reward : 100/200 Influence, +1 Power (Per Camp)

We have three more camps that we need to find and claim to complete this quest. As usual, let your quests guide you near these camps and then go claim them when the are close to you.

The lowest one is the “Briathos’ Steps” Camp, and is northwest of Villa Maurel. This camp will serve you well for the rifts nearby and for helping out Fairbanks in your last push to rid the area of the Freemen.

The next two are equally apart and can be gotten to at your leisure, really. To the west is the Gracevine Camp which is easy to get to while to the east is the Direstone Camp. Each of them has their own small set of rifts nearby.


Quest Giver : Random Letter by the “Andraste’s Light” landmark.

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence

You will discover this quest near the “Andraste’s Light” landmark, which is just to the north of the first camp. A grieving mother wants someone to light a candle for her. Sad. The chantry she references is to the north quite aways, and there are a ton of quests to do between here and there.

With that in mind, I wouldn’t worry about this quest until you help out Fairbanks and win his support. Then when you are ready head toward the marker on the map. There’s no special obstacles on the way here, aside from maybe a pack of Black Wolves that like to hang out south of your destination, but once you reach the “chantry” (more of a landmark), place the candle and you’ll be done with the quest.

You may as well claim “The Lion’s Pavilion” landmark and nab the note behind the awesome statue up above for the “A Lover’s Promise” quest while you are here.

A Vicious Thug

Quest Giver : Note at the Veridium Mines

Requirement : None

Reward : 200 Influence, Experience, +2 Power

This quest is gained when you examine a note at the Veridium Mines, although you may just do it out of order if you visit the Villa Maurel first. This quest is all about killing off the elite mob over there, the thug known as Duhaime.

You can find him at the Villa Maurel, north of Fairbanks’ Camp. Kill him off to access the Villa itself as he has the Villa Maurel Key . Be sure that you do go to the Veridium Mines and examine the notes there to get this quest as well (you will complete it if you visit the Villa before the Mines).

Either way, take him out. He is an elite enemy, with several Freeman troops around him. He is a two-handed warrior and can knock you down easily (if he gets near you) and can hit multiple people with his swings if they are close enough. Not much of a threat. Take him out and loot his corpse for the unique axe Glittering Darmallon .

A Corrupt General

Quest Giver : Exploration

Requirement : None

Reward : +2 Power

To get this quest, try to enter the “Villa Maurel” north of Fairbank’s Camp. Pretty hard to miss the place, it is huge and guarded by the Freemen. Once you try the front door, you’ll get this quest.

We need a key to get in. Thankfully, a gentleman just to the north will kindly accommodate us… over his dead body. Just to the north is Commander Duhaime, who has some letters in this area. He is an elite enemy, with several Freeman troops around him. He is a two-handed warrior and can knock you down easily (if he gets near you) and can hit multiple people with his swings if they are close enough. Not much of a threat. Take him out and loot his corpse for the Villa Maurel Key and the unique axe Glittering Darmallon .

Let’s go see what’s inside! This villa is pretty small, but does have an elite fight in it and another small quest to do, as well as LOOT! We’re not going to bother pointing out all the chests here… there are a lot. But this place isn’t big by any means so you’ll find them.

There are quite a few Freemen enemies scattered out here and there. The elite is to the north, so take out the side enemies, then go north and face him (we can save looting for later). The leader’s name here is Maliphat. You may have seen his name on notes here and there. He is a dual-wielding rogue, but isn’t too rough. Knock him down and have at him.

Once he is dead let’s work on getting the loot in this place. And codices, plenty of those. From the courtyard (where I’ll be giving directions relative to), search the east side of the villa to find the dining hall. Here you can find some notes that unlock the Maliphant’s Journals codex. There’s more updates to this here as well.

Now, head into the next room and search the table with the pickaxe on it to find a secret rune. This actually starts the “Safe Keeping” quest, but we are going to go over it here (it is down below, but merely for completions sake). We will call this Rune 1/3 .

After you loot the west chambers, head over to the east side. Head past the “Private Chambers” and search for Rune 2/3 near the knocked-over bookcase. There are several bedrooms nearby, with plenty of notes. In particular, you want to get the Sexuality in Thedas codex, in the east bedroom.

Once you are done here, head back to the courtyard and head north, to the Study. There are quite a few notes in here, but Rune 3/3 is just to the left, by the candle. Among the codex’s you can find here (which are all very interesting reads) are the The Exalted March of the Dales , the The Long Walk to Halamshiral , and an update to Maliphant’s Journal .

Now, break the nearby wall with a warrior and you’ll find the hidden stash! This room has a Mosaic Piece , part of the Invasion set and an update to the

Maliphant’s Journals . There is also a contraption here in the middle that we’ll need to use. Put the rune pieces on it and then have your mage power it up. Take the completed Rune Key when you are done.

This unlocks the door next to the desk outside and finishes the “Safe Keeping” quest. Inside the treasure room are two Chests and some various other loot, but the real treasures are the Orlesian Banner Crown and the Amulet of Power (Vivienne). With that we are done. Let’s leave this place.

Safe Keeping

Quest Giver : Find a rune during the quest “A Corrupt General”

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence

This quest is found while exploring the Villa Maurel during the quest “A Corrupt General”. Specifically, finding 3 runes in the rather small villa. We cover this quest thoroughly under “A Corrupt General” (up above), so if you need help finding those rune pieces, please consult that quest for help.

Motherly Encouragement

Quest Giver : Find a body in the river northwest of the Veridium Mine.

Requirement : None

Reward :

This is an odd quest. Here we’ll look into why this body is here, or what could have made her fall. To do this though, we’ll have to get up on the ledge where a body could have fallen from…

If you haven’t explored up north awhile, this quest will be put on the back burner. Other quests to the south and camps to the north need te be done and found first. Once you get to the Direstone Camp though you can go north, then east and south to get to the area we need to be at. From there, it is a simple matter of following the objective.

Wow… silly girl. Read the book nearby to officially finish the quest, and harvest what she could not if you wish. Don’t fall!

A Deluded Chevalier

Quest Giver : Read a note in The Veridium Mine.

Requirement : None

Reward : 200 Influence, +2 Power

To get this quest, read a note regarding the chevalier working for the Freemans at Veridium Mine. This is best done when doing the quest “A Fallen Sister”, as she is in the area.

To complete the quest, we have to visit the lodge located west of Briathos’ Steps (the camp to the northwest of the Villa). There are quite a few Freemen here, but before assaulting the main camp, take care of the outlying enemies. There are also a few shacks outside the main camp, one of which requires a rogue to unlock you. Inside these shacks you can find loot of course and a Chest , but also the Dalish Banner and a book on The Perendale War , which is a codex entry.

Once you have that stuff, it is time to assault the main camp. It has a few Freemen enemies in it of course, but also Chevalier Auguste, who is actually a two-handed weapon user. Much like Duhaime, if you’ve fought him. Put combos and status effects on him and watch out for his wide attacks. Slay all of his support and he’ll be no big deal at all.

Once he is dead loot him for some rare loot and the Sketch of a Chateau Courtyard map, which is a hidden map codex and gives you something to search for at the Chateau (look for the quest of the same name later in this exploration section). There are a lot of doors here as well you can unlock that have a lot of loot behind them and even some notes to and from Auguste. Notable loot however is a Bottle of Thedas hiding in one of the shacks, and a Mosaic Piece from the “Invasion” set hiding out in another one of the shacks.

Victims of War

Quest Giver : Kill all three Freeman Leaders

Requirement : Kill all three Freeman Leaders

Reward : Experience, 230 Influence, +1 Power, Fairbanks Agent

This quest is about killing the three Freeman Leaders in the area, but doesn’t show up in your quest log until you actually KILL them all. The three leaders are:

  • Sister Costeau - Killed during the quest "A Fallen Sister".
  • Maliphat - Killed during the quest "A Corrupt General".
  • Chevalier Auguste - Killed during the quest "A Deluded Chevalier".

Once you have done all the quests above, return to Fairbanks' Camp and report your success to him. You'll complete the quest now and gain **Fairbanks** as an agent. WHEE!

Last Wishes

Quest Giver : Exploration

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence

You can find this quest by examining the pot next to the “Andraste’s Strength” landmark, whish is northwest of the Briathos’ Steps Camp. There is a large urn near the landmark that the widow wishes for some kind soul to help spread the ashes. It’s so big, I’m not surprised she needs help!

THIS quest will be on the backburner for quite a time. The location we need to travel to is far to the north, so this may very well be one of the last quests you accomplish in this area.

Once you have done most of the quests in this area and have started exploring the northern reaches of this area, set your objective back up for this quest. The area we want is at the edge of a cliff, so head there and spread the ashes to end this quest. Rest in peace…

Noble Deeds, Noble Heart

Quest Giver : Clara

Requirement : Complete “Not Everyone’s Free”

Reward : Experience, 500 Influence, +2 Power, “Manage Stolen Freeman Property” (possible)

Talk to Clara at Watcher’s Reach after completing “Not Everyone’s Free”. If you talk to Clara before you complete the aforementioned quest, she will say she’s not in the mood to talk. Now that those folks are free she is willing to dish a rumor about Fairbanks…

So, Fairbanks might be nobility huh? I suppose we’ll investigate. First, go check out the shacks nearby the lodge (in the room the rogue had to unlock) to find a hidden book on Orlesian Nobility for Proof 1/3 . Heh. The next two are down by the Villa Maurel. On the northern side, in the gazebo area, you will find an old painting in the corner for Proof 2/3 . Whatever works! In the southern area head into the locked room (that you probably unlocked a long time ago) and then search the corners of the area for an old Midwife’s Journal and Proof 3/3 . Proof in hand, let’s go back to camp.

From here we can give the information to either Clara or Fairbanks! Fairbanks, as it turns out, already knows what (who) he is, but doesn’t want to be caught up in it at all. So, who do we choose? Well, choosing either one completes the quest. Choosing Clara will make Blackwall slightly disapprove, but if we listen to Fairbanks Blackwall will slightly approve AND we will get a new operation called “Manage Stolen Freeman Property”. Its your call on whether or not to expose Fairbanks, but the operation alone should make you pause…

Observing a Menace

Quest Giver : Exploration / Notes

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence

This quest we will obtain by reading some notes (which actually become the The Diary of Troilus Hertubise codex entry) that are located sought of the camp, up on a hill. They are near a rift, the most northern rift in the “Rifts of the Pavilion” quest.

The menace is down below, to the north, by the river. Part of the “Rifts at the Reach” quest. The camp the scout is using is just to the south, on top of the rock (approach from the southwest, climb around). You’ll find a journal here. Read it (good story) and then you’ll be tasked to find the next camp to the east.

This camp is near Direstone Camp, but up on the hill (go north and around to get to it - watch out for giants in the area around here). It is at the bottom of the rocky outcrop. You’ll see what happened to the poor scout. Loot the body and read the final journal to end the quest. At least he tried to help.

A Lovers Promise

Quest Giver : Exploration / Notes

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence

You can find this quest while doing the quest “Devotion”. It is gained from reading a note by The Lion’s Pavilion landmark. We’re going to meddle in some peoples affairs… again… ‘cause that’s what we do!

The place we are going to is just north of the Gracevine Camp. Someone has set up a camp here. Once you examine the camp the quest is complete, but you aren’t done! A Giant Spider will attack now (it just HAD to be a giant spider), so be ready to take it down and loot it afterward to see what likely became of the lovers, or at least one of them….

Map of Watchers Pass

Quest Giver : Map

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence, 279 Gold, Bianca Arms IV, Superb Belt of Health

This is one of the documents you can find at Fairbank’s Camp in Watcher’s Pass. However, despite the map saying “Map of Watcher’s Pass”, this hidden treasure location is NOWHERE NEAR that area.

To find it, we must first go to Direstone Camp. That is way to the north, so this quest can go to the backburner until then. Once you are there though we can go find this. Head north to the river and follow it east and south. You will get to a bridge sooner or later. This is the key spot!

From the bridge look around for a rock with the painting on it and head over there to get your search ping going. Follow the ping up the rocks to find the hidden treasure cache and end this quest, it’s Bianca Arms IV and a Superb Belt of Health .

Map of Elgarnans Bastion

Quest Giver : Map

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence, Amulet of Power (Solas), 244 Gold, Frost Rune x10

You can find this map at the Gracevine Camp. Once you take it over, look around and you’ll find it fairly easily.

The treasure is near the self-titled Elgar’nan’s Bastion, which is quite a ways away. Best saved for after you explore further north. Once you have the Direstone Camp and have explored to the north and northeast of it you will know where the bastion is.

Once you are there among the ruins, head to the area that has stairs and, to the north, two arches (putting the stairs on your left). From there, go up the stairs and north to the tree, where your search beacon will begin to assist you on finding the treasure. With the beacon you can find it easily, so loot it for the loot above, the best of which is the Amulet of Power for Solas. Lucky Solas. And with that we are done!

A Bear to Cross

Quest Giver : Johnson

Requirement : ???

Reward : 80 Influence

A troop named Johnson located at Hill Camp will tell us of a local bear problem and ask our help with it. The bear in question is territorial and attacking people to the northeast. Head there to find a cave with several Bear Pups and the elite bear Johnson was talking about.

Try to draw out the pups first and slaughter them before taking on the main enemy. When you do draw out the elite bear, try to keep him taunted and at the front of the cave: a good place to lay down traps and other area effects. Keep your health up here as the bear hits non-tanks HARD and can kill quickly. Chip it down and slay it to complete the quest.

Chateau dOnterre

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : None

Reward : 967 Experience, 200 Influence, +2 Power

This is a named quest, but not until you head into the Chateau and start seeing weird stuff… no one gives you this quest before that. This is the dungeon (Cheateau) near the end of the “Motherly Encouragement” quest and can be entered at any time you wish.

After you enter you find yourself in the very dark foyer (players who have Cole in the party will get lots of good dialog here). The portraits in the hallway are named and the door to the right is locked. Head left and read the A Torn Diary codex/note on the floor. Between that and the candles you know we are in trouble…

Head through the door into the galley. From here, take the close hallway and have your rogue unlock the door here out to the courtyard. Explore out here using your search ability to find a hidden Sketch I one Chateau d’Onterre Interior codex by the steps of the pond. ON the steps. A bit weird, but there it is.

After picking it up be aware that corpses are patrolling the chateau. Usually only one at a time though, so not much of a threat. Now, let us explore the rest of the downstairs area. You will find the Servant’s Quarters, the Kitchen and a Ballroom. Items of note include loot in the kitchen, a Chest in one of the many hallways connecting these rooms, two Chests in the ballroom, an update to the A Torn Diary in the ballroom, a room off the ballroom with an elven relic to activate and another Chest , and finally a journal in the bedroom of the Servant’s Quarters. Go ahead and explore this downstairs area and find those items, then return to the gallery and head upstairs, to the Library.

Up here use your ping and head around the stairs to the back. It will lead you to a statue on the rail that you can move for Sketch II of Chateau d’Onterre . Interesting. Nearby is a room with a couple Chests, and another room that leads to a locked door. We need the Balcony Key… which we don’t have yet.

Head back to the library and revel in the vast amount of readable material here. Seriously, you get four codes entries here by reading everything you can: The Girl in Red Crossing codex, Of Gods and Doubt codex, the Superstitions codex and finally the The Canticle of Threnodies codex. There are also three Chests in various corners of the library, so loot them all. At the end enter the door on the right to find the bedchambers.

Here check the first bedroom for two Chests and a note on one of the tables. The second bedroom is a bit more interesting. Your search ping will show up again, so follow it to above the fireplace for Sketch III of Chateau d’Onterre . Loot everything in here and then back out to the bedroom hallway. This next part is a little tricky, and may very well be the reason you are checking this guide out. We have to jump out the window!

Nearby is an open window. Use it to go outside and drop down to the balcony to find a Mosaic Piece , then drop down to the pond. Climb back up to the Bed-Chambers now and go back out the window but STAY on the blue ledge and move around to the other side. You can drop down and open the door here now (or go in the other window) to be in the Antechamber. From here loot the Chests and open the door to the bedchambers to have a shortcut. Note that this area also has stairs leading down to the Servant’s Quarters you can open a shortcut to and find a Chest along the way.

Continue on to come to the upper area of the Ballroom. Here you will find a giant dragon strung up. Head over to its head and explore the statue nearby to have it move its tail. Go read the note that shows up on the tail. Very ominous. Explore this area for loot and another note, then open the door out to the balcony. Kill the dead here and then open the far door at the end to connect the place to the library, then go back to the balcony.

Well… no choice now but to interact with the cube. Do so to gain a whopping +10 to Cunning and spawn an Arcane Horror down below. Before dropping down be sure to unlock the large door in the back to find some codex and a Superb Ring of Staggering among other things in this room (another Mosaic Piece too).

Head down using the broken railing nearby and take it out to end this quest. Note that the real rewards are on the corpse. These include the d’Onterre Crest Ring , an Amulet of Power for Cole Only, some other rare gear, and the unique Superb Cooldown Amulet , which cools down all of your skills by a very respectable 15%. Very nice!

A Puppet Master

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : Complete “Victims of War”, do the “Draw Out the Red Templar Lieutenant” War Table Operation.

Reward : 1324 Experience, 600 Influence, +2 Power

This quest is a bit tricky to get to, but not hard. First we must complete the “Victims of War” quest and get Fairbanks and his people moved to Argon’s Lodge. Then, we must do the “Draw Out the Red Templar Lieutenant” War Table operation to draw Carroll out. The puppet master! Once you’ve done this, head back to Emerald Graves and you’ll see the quest marker point to “The Lion’s Pavilion”, which is close to the Direstone Camp. Head on over there and assault his position.

In the front of the area are two Red Templars and two Red Templar Marksmen up the stairs. Go after the marksman first and lay down traps and area effects in this center stair region. Carroll himself is a Red Templar Horror and is just up the next set of stairs, so he will come down and fight, along with two Red Templar Shadows.

Carroll is weak to fire and resistant to most stunning and incapacitating effects (although Knight Enchanters and their Disruption Field are way, way overpowered). Set him on fire and kill everything to complete the quest.

Parsons Battered Notebook

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : None

Reward : None

This quest is… odd. It starts by finding the codex Parson’s Battered Notebook , which is located located east of the landmark “Andraste’s Mercy”. Head over there and then head east, to the river. The water falls down into a gap at the end, but you can climb the slope to the right you can find a small rocky out-cropping with a corpse and the codex nearby. Now… this poor man’s quest was ended prematurely, but we can pick it back up. The key here is… what order do we go in? Thankfully, the codex helps us out and tells us to start with #12:

  1. Beyond Andraste’s Mercy, a hundred steps to revelation. - “Beyond” means start behind it (behind the landmark), then walk straight pinging your search bar until you get the hidden notification (won’t take too long if you run). The search leads to a tree, which gives you a hidden box with the #3 on it.

  2. Arching above outstretched wings. Even stone can rise. - Continue along the road to the area where it goes under a rock formation. Note the owl statue. Climb up onto the rocks slanting upwards, and then use your search ping and find another hidden box, this time with the #9.

  3. Dragonslayers, four at the northwest, two from the northeast, three from the southeast. - Head to the pavilion now (the Dragonslayer), and face the statue. Now we light the lanterns here according to the puzzle. Four lights to the northwest, two to the northeast, three to the southeast. Doing this will produce a small box in the middle fire pit. Opening it gives you the next number, #20.

  4. At the first breath of sighs.- This is also odd, but it refers to the Sighs area of the map, which is near the waterfall to the Northwest. Head over there and ping near the waterfall to find the next box (it is right under the waterfall). This will give you the last number, #14.

  5. An upward pointing finger, there your heart lies. - This of course refers to the Southfinger Tower. Head over there next (mind the giants) and on the western side of the tower look around for the final box. No number this time, just a “Misshapen Child’s Doll”. This spawns a demon named “Treasure” as well as two shades. This is an elite monster, and kinda looks like a Despair Demon. Treat it like such and use fire attacks to help take it down.

No treasure afterward, aside from the essence that is bound to drop from the enemy.

The Knights Tomb

Quest Giver: War Table

Requirement: Complete the “Investigate Elven Ruins” War Table Mission which you can access after the “Wicked Hearts” Main Mission.

Reward: Experience, 200 Influence, +2 Power

This quest will have us investigating the tomb in Emerald Graves, located Northeast of the Direstone Camp. Past where the giant’s roam, near the ruins. “Din’an Hanin” is the name of the place, and is actually a Fast Travel spot on the map, so worth investigating even outside this quest.

Once you get this quest (following the requirements above), head to Din’an Hanin and be sure to pick up the Mosaic Piece in the right corner near the entrance. Your companions will comment on the bodies here as well. Go ahead and enter.

Inside you’ll see your soldiers. To the left slightly is The Emerald Knights codex entry, near the stairs. Head further in (the right side has nothing for us) and on to a group of Venatori. In the back is a Red Templar Behemoth. Use the narrow space here if you need for defensive purposes. Be sure to loot the behemoth for Emerald Seal 1/9 , which is our new objective.

There is nothing down below (besides corpses), so continue onward and upward past the hall to an open room. Nothing here. You can read the statue for a codex update. Head left and down the path until y u can take the stairs on the right (let’s head that way first). This leads to a room with a single Venatori in it. Slaughter him, read the statue, loot the body, and search to the statue’s right to find Emerald Seal 2/9 . Head back to the path split now.

OK, now head straight and attack the Venatori below. Three Marksman (often grouped together; take advantage of that), a Zealot and a Spellbinder. Take them down. In the right corner (of the lower level) is the Arlathan: Part One codex for the taking.

Now, time to go upstairs. The right path has a corpse at the top, but the left path is where it is at. A Red Templar Behemoth walks around up here. Slay him and loot him for Emeral Seal 3/4 . Be sure to search to the left up here against the wall for a Mosaic Piece and then head further back (north) to a door. Head through and ping around to find Emerald Seal in the rubble up here.

Head back to the stairs now and down the middle area pushing onward. There is a door for a rogue to the right, with a Chest in it. You can jump to the money from here if you want, or go back and head down that way naturally (by the ladder you can head up the stairs with the debris, sneak through it on the left, and get to the money that way). There’s another Chest on the floor past the ladder, as well as another rogue (locked) door to the right with another Chest in it.

Continue on to the Hallowed Tombs. This is a HUGE area, so stick with me. Let’s explore this upper area first. There are statues on the right you can hit up for codex entries (always good), but past that is a group of Venatori. Take them on and kill the Behemoth behind them for Emerald Seal 5/9 . Now let’s head left, to the green-ish room. There is a door your rogue can unlock here as well as Veil Fire. Unlock the door and have your mage light the fire. Use it to examine the center column for the Epitaphs for the Lost codex.

Head through the door to the back room (dark in here) and search the corner for the hidden Emerald Seal 6/9 . To the left is an elvan relic you can activate. The small column here is an update to the Epitaphs for the Lost relic. You can break down the wall here too. To the right sitting on a shelf by the corner is the Arlathan: Part Two codex. There is a stalker nearby you can kill and a corpse to loot. DO NOT go out the exit here. It doesn’t lead anywhere new. Trust us.

Head back to the entrance and head right. In the right corner are stairs leading upwards. Head up and your search will ping. Continue to the hallway and search the rubble on the left for Emerald Seal 7/9 . Head forward and you can find some pillars with the Epitaphs for the Lost updates and some lanterns you can light. At the end is a door your rogue can unlock so you can get the Chest behind it.

OK, so that is the upper level. Let’s head back to the entrance one last time. This time, head forward to the rubble and then slightly to the left. See the wood over the gap? Cross it and go down the ladders here. Search here near the rubble for Emerald Seal 8/9 . The path to the right here leads to a dead-end with a Venatori Stalker (it is the area you could have jumped down on the left from the entrance).

Let’s head to the left. The corner here has a body you can loot. The straight path leads to stairs heading back to the middle level, so head right. Follow this path and your search bar will ping. This leads to a narrow room with some Venatori. Kill them off and search near the entrance you came from for the final Emerald Seal 9/9 . Light the braziers here if you want and then go through the nearby door.

Enter into the tomb. First thing’s first: check to the right to find some stairs and an alcove, each with a Chest . Now, our goal here is to light Veil Fire braziers until we can reach the artifact. BEFORE you do that go look behind the central statue (in the back) to find a Veil Fire lantern and an update to the Epitaphs for the Lost.

Now, pick up some Veil Fire and on each side of the center gap are two lanterns to light. After lighting each one you will face a wave of Corpses and Corpse Archers. You can attack them while they rise up, giving you an advantage, and half of them come from the other side of the room (let them come at you - use traps for easy kills). However, on the fourth lantern you will face a Revenant with the usual corpses.

Once they are dead, loot the Revenant for the Erstwatch Guard unique shield and you’ll see there are platforms by the central statue now. You can use them to reach the floating The Death of Elandrin scroll, a codex entry and valuable text regarding the Exalted March on the Dales. Great history! As for what we can do with it….

Sell the Histories to the Chantry

To do this, head to Val Royeaux and then up to the second level (use the map warp-point). Talk to the sister and hand over the histories. Despite the game using the word “Sell” here, you don’t actually get any money. Very disappointing…

Return the Histories to the Dalish

This is the better choice, in our opinion considering you get no money either way. Head to the Exalted Plains and the Dalish Camp. Hand the histories over to the Keeper. You get to tell him about the elves you saw as well, which will unlock the “Bestow Mourning Halla” War Table operation.

BOSS - Greater Mistral

**Name** **Stats**
Health 173472
Defense 52
Vulnerability Fire
Resistance Greater Cold Resistance
Immunity All Disabling Effects, Slowed
Ability Perceptive

As with all High Dragons, preparation is key. Or you can be like me and go in arrows blazing (LEROY JENKINS) with three potions. Make sure your potions are stocked and Regeneration Potions replenished because those things are great for Dragon fights, and help save on Health Potions. The Greater Mistral is an ice-based dragon, so pass out cold resistance gear and fire staves to mages. A mage that has Fire Spells can deal a ton of damage.

The Greater Mistral has all the attacks of a High Dragon that we’ve already seen before. These include swiping any one of its four claws at us, swinging its tail in a large arc, and flapping its wings to bring us in closer and damage us with the wind; mostly annoying for ranged and/or mage characters as warriors can stay in the middle with the dragon and be safe.

Being chilled and frozen in this fight is very possible if you get caught up in the ice attacks, but this shouldn’t be too hard to avoid if you space out your fighters. At certain points in the fight the Greater Mistral will take to the skies to fly around for awhile, shooting ice balls down at us before returning to land again.

Great Mistral is one of those dragons that will giver herself Guard multiple times during the fight. This is of course annoying as it is several thousand extra damage you must do. Keep your fighters spread out, use potions smartly and use fire attacks when you can. Use your most powerful skills and focus attacks. No need to hold back here! There’s a group of rocks on the edge of the fight zone that you can position an Archer on to get the ‘higher ground’ damage bonus. Once you take her down you will be handsomely rewarded! Good job on killing another one of these massive beasts.

Loot : 4,138 Experience, 2000 Influence, +5 Power, In War, Victory (Armor), Gift of the Talons, Helm of the Inquisitor, Amulet of Power (Sera Only), Pure Dragon Blood x5, Dragon’s Tooth, Dragon Webbing x8, Dragon Scales x5, Dragon Bone x10

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