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Dragon Age Inquisition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth, Lynette James, Greg Wright, Greg Boccia
First Published: 18-12-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-07-2020 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 02-07-2020 / 05:05 GMT



Name Type DPS Level Requires
Song of the Marshes Axe 254 20 Level 17
Caliban Sword 224 23 Level 20
Thunderstrike Mace 223 23 Level 20
Evanura Sword 196 19 Level 16
Axe of Green Edges Axe 169 13 Level 10
Cleave Axe 168 10 Level 7
Avenger Sword 154 16 Level 13
The Dueling Blade Sword 137 14 Level 11
Soulkisser Mace 127 13 Level 10
Vidathiss Mace 124 9 Level 6
Sword of Charris Allied Sword 108 7 Level 3
The Sweetish Fingers Sword 79 6 Level 2

Please note: The above DPS figures are approximate and will vary slightly.

Song of the Marshes

How to obtain: Reward for the war table operation Defeat Marquise Bouffon.


How to obtain: Loot from the Kaltenzahn high dragon in Emprise du Lion.


How to obtain: Randomly sold by Caer Bronach merchant in Crestwood for 8572 (requires The Short List Inquisition perk).


How to obtain: Obtained by interacting with a landmark in the Emerald Graves.

Axe of Green Edges

How to obtain: Looted after destroying the Fade rift in the Flooded Caves during Still Waters.


How to obtain: Quest reward for Map of Enavuris on the Exalted Plains.


How to obtain: Complete the war table operation Delicate Negotiations.

The Dueling Blade

How to obtain: Sold by the Village of Crestwood merchant in Crestwood for 941.


How to obtain: Looted from Sister Costeau in the Emerald Graves during the quest A Fallen Sister.


How to obtain: Loot from Lord Seeker Lucius in the Castle of Caer Oswin during Cassandra's personal quest Promise of Destruction.

Sword of Charris Allied

How to obtain: Complete the Quest for the Red Lyrium Reapers minigame on the Dragon Age Inquisition website. Once the Acquire the Arcanist War Table quest is completed, The Inquisitor can find the sword in a Special Supplies chest in Skyhold's Undercroft.

The Sweetish Fingers

How to obtain: Dropped by the elite Templar Knight on the west side of the Templar Encampment in the Hinterlands.

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