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Dragon Age Inquisition
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth, Lynette James, Greg Wright, Greg Boccia
First Published: 18-12-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 10-07-2020 / 19:45 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 12-07-2020 / 13:38 GMT

**Codex Entries** **Enemies**
Tales #116 - To Be Corrupted Red Templar
Letters #29 -Envy's Dogma Red Templar Marksman
Tales #68 -Majestic Bastards Red Templar Horror
Tales #16 - A Nutty Affair
Tales #55 -Her Perfumed Sanctuary

Head to the Inquisitions War Room

Taking the Path of Reaching out to the Templars will bar you from working with the mages. But who better to fight against this magic than those trained to do so? To start down this path, you must visit the Inquisition's War Room and send an agent out, which will cost 15 Power total. A small price if you have been exploring additional areas. Doing so will take you to a meeting with the Lord Seeker immediately with a host of Orlesian Nobles at your back.

Meet With the Templar Contact

After speaking to the Nobles you will be free to move. You can find some minor loot down the road you came from (minor money), but you must press on to our contact. In the stable area search both stables for loot and be sure to read the Folded Letter , then talk to the knight.

Raise the Flags in Order of Importance

Next, you will be asked to undergo a ritual: raise the flags shown to you in the order you value them. A very... personal objective. You can also side with the noble and demand to see the Lord Seeker if you wish.

The choice is of course yours, but you may as well accommodate our guests. You can find some loot around the courtyard and a Crushed Note before raising the flags. Raise the flags in the order you wish. You will have a chance to explain your actions afterwards.

Your choice here sets the tone for what kind of Inquisitor you wish to be and what the Inquisition stands for. It has no real bearing other than different dialogue responses (left). You can find loot throughout the castle so search thoroughly (right).

Meet the Lord Seeker

Head into the next door/objective to start a meeting. Your replies don't matter here, as the knights have a sinister purpose. Once the fighting breaks out, have your tank taunt the front knights while you take out the archers, then clean up. Barris will help out here. Loot and go through the next door.

Kill the soldiers in the hall and nab the nearby loot, then head right. There is an open room here with a Chest and some loot, but there is also a door nearby that a rogue can unlock with 2 x Chest . Once you have them, head to the other end of the hall and up the stairs. There is another door someone can pick with more loot. Head outside when you are done.

A fight is waiting for you. There are three templars facing you from the front while some archers are on a roof to your upper right. A ladder behind you offers a tactical view for ranged characters. After you deal with these first enemies, a door to the dining hall opens to the left with more enemies. Use the doorway as a chokepoint to lay down area of effect abilities and let the enemies roast in it.

Head inside and search the tables to the far left for the To Be Corrupted codex, then head upstairs for a Chest . You can jump the barricade here for some loot, another Chest , and up on the third floor, a note that explains what is happening if you didn't already guess. Red for a reason, right? Head back and go through the second floor door. This leads to more fighting, only this time you'll have more normal allies. The numbers rule applies here, so help them overwhelm the red templars.

Once they are dead, head to the top of the stairs you came from and open the door against the left wall. Yikes! Read the letter here for some context, then open the Chest. This chest in particular has an Amulet of Power; Cassandra , so be sure to get it.

Continue ascending onward, looking for loot as you go. You will soon meet with the Lord Seeker, who turns into something... odd.

Escape the Prison

Well then... Head forward and enjoy the scenes. Answer as you will. Soon you will have free rein again. Run to the marker to be in a room with pillars pouring out spirit magic. Here head to the left and right lower rooms for dialogue and a way to go further forward. Time the pillars and run to the left and right rooms for more dialogue. Getting hit DOES hurt here, for the record. At the end, go through the unmoving pillars to continue (take the hit).

You'll be in a room with a door or wall your class can counter like a breakable wall or lockpick door.

Inside you can find an object to examine for the Envy's Dogma codex, as well as a boost of Cunning +1 . This is part of a side quest for this area called "Demonic Dogma". We'll cover it in the guide though.

Head to the right and meet up with Cole. Ask for his help to get an idea of what to do. He will then open the way forward for you.

Continue on and watch the scenes. Once you are near "Cassandra", search the open right cell for a Prison Key . Now, head forward and examine what is going on in the rooms to the left and right. Bad, isn't it? (Sera is rubbing off...). Head forward and take a right, then talk to Cole.

He'll gift you with another task and some Veilfire. You will have to light four Braziers. Head back to the rooms with the prisoners for Brazier #1 and Brazier #2. Half-way done already! This causes the demon to be quite angry...

Finding the Envy's Dogma and other secrets increases different attributes (left). You must light the Braziers to fight against the demon (right).

Head to the end of the hallway then left. Cullen is locked up here, but Brazier #3 is here as well. Light it and then out in the hallway Brazier #4 will appear. Lighting this pushes the hallway down. Follow it and head into the right room. Light the brazier (which no longer needs numbering, apparently) and then go back to the hallway and light the next one you find. This opens the door and lets you into a secret room.

Read the inscription here for an updated Envy's Dogma codex and a sweet boost of Constitution +2 . We'll take it! Continue on to the last door and you will be swept to a forest next...

Escape the Forest

Head through the forest, noting that staying still is dangerous; a spirit geyser will erupt at your feet and explode. Continue onward and upward when you can, ignoring the wraiths. Pull a lever near Cole when you can and then you'll be in the main courtyard.

From here, find your way to the dining hall area and head up the stairs. Head back to the second level (vice leaving) to find the third and final "Demonic Dogma" inscription. Read it for an updated Envy's Dogma codex and a sweet Strength +3 boost. Very nice.

Continue on to where the Lord Seeker was for a scene. Answer how you wish after that to move onto the next part of this section.

The next section consists of you finding Templar Veterans and lyrium. While you are out searching though, the Great Hall will be held by the Templars, which means its strength is on a limited timer...

Maintain a Hold on the Great Hall

  • The Templars will hold the Great Hall, but their strength will wane over time!

  • Returning to help the Templars re-secure the Great Hall will restore their strength.

  • If the Templars are overwhelmed, the battle will be lost.

You must be quick in your upcoming exploration. First, go outside where the Lord Seeker cutscene took place for a Chest . Up at the front of the hall you can also read an inscription to update the Therinfal Redoubt codex. After that, take note of the two doors in the Great Hall you can use. Let's start with the door on the left to head to the Upper Barracks.

Upper Barracks

Gather the loot in the hallway and go out to the courtyard. There are new enemies here called Templar Horrors . There are two of them with two archers. Really nothing harder than you've fought before. They are found shooting spikes out of their back at you, which will home in. Take them out and then be sure to search the shack they came out of for the Majestic Bastards codex.

From there head to the archway and have a warrior bust open the wall at the end for a room with Chest x3 in it, then go through the nearby door. Head to the left first and assist the Templar. He will go to the hall (1/3). Head back and up the steps and assist the Templar up here. She too will go to the hall (2/3). Now, there is a rogue-locked door here that leads down to the prison. You can find The Prisoners of Therinfall here.

Head across the narrow walkway to a room leading back to the Great Hall. Drop the ladder to the left and then pick up the A Nutty Affair codex from a bench to the right. There are three other ladders to drop up here as well as Chest x2 in the back and another mysterious note. Go and help the Templars kill off the threat and get ready for the second door.

You must find the three veterans to help hold the Great Hall (left). When you return to the Hall, you must confront a fair few demons and kill them off to return the meter to full again (right).

Officers Quarters

Head out to the courtyard and kill the horrors and archers that await you. After that, head to the door across from where you came from to find the Lord Seeker's office. A scene with Cole occurs here. Afterward, loot the Chest (which likely has a rare item) and read the notes. Pick up the Lord Seeker's Key. Head outside and hang a right, opening the door to the lyrium cache room. You can get some commentary on the red lyrium here. Loot the Chest x3 in the room and pick up the Lyrium Cache from up above.

At this point, go and help out the Great Hall, just to be safe.

Next, from the Lord Seeker's office, head right (facing his office, head right) to find a door in the corner. Head up the stairs in here and assist the Templar you find fighting on the roof. He'll head off to assist Barris. Nab all the loot up here and in the room beyond. Head back to where the Templar was. See the rampart near the entrance to the stairwell? Head over there and have one of your warriors bust down the far wall. This leads to a drop and a sealed room with a Chest . Unbar the door and make your way back to the Great Hall.

Great Hall

Talk to Barris to perform the ritual. Well... to have him do it. You will fend off Red Templars and Horrors as the Templars bring down the barrier. They will come from the sides, so use the chokepoints on either side to hold them off and watch your back. Have your teammates strangle-hold one side while you watch their back for them.

Once the barrier has fallen, head up the steps. You can refill potions up here with the cache near the railing (heal first!) and nab a Chest off to the left. There is also the Her Perfumed Sanctuary codex on a bench to the right. Continue on to face the demon.

BOSS - Envy Demon Level 8

Name Stats
Health 31115
Defense 14
Immunity All Disabling Effects

If you have been exploring side areas and buffing up, this will be a pretty easy fight. The Envy Demon has a TON of hit points, but very little defense and poor evasion.

When it comes to attack, the Envy Demon can dive into the fade and appear underneath you, much like the Lesser Terror enemies. It can also let out a scream in an area around itself that causes anyone caught up in the screech to have FEAR , which stuns you in place. This gives ranged attackers the biggest advantage, as they'll never have to worry about getting stunned. Beware of standing too still during this fight as spirit geysers will erupt underneath you, much like the memories you had earlier in this chapter.

Once you take off about a third of its health, it will go into "hiding", as Cole points out. Several Red Templars and Archers will appear during this phase and need to be put down. Cole has had enough of watching though, and will join in the battle.

After clearing the riff-raff out, the Demon will appear to mimic you. In one of our games, the demon came out as a human warrior, using two-handed skills and a weapon. For another the demon was an Archer. It is also 10 times the size of your characters. Keep laying into him and watch out for his attacks. For the last third of the fight, the demon will revert back to its normal self. Keep killing reinforcements as they show up and slay the demon for good.

The Envy Demon can teleport up underneath you for a lot of damage (left). It will also periodically summon help which you must kill before attacking it again (right).

After the fight you will be able to loot the demon and area. The demon will likely drop a rare item for you here, so put it to good use! Head back towards the Great Hall to meet up with what is left of the Templar Order.

You will have a dialogue choice here. Do you want the Templars to concede and join the Inquisition as they are, or Rebuild and become allies? This choice will affect what your companions think of you.

ALLIANCE : Solas Greatly Disapproves

Cassandra Greatly Approves

Blackwell Approves

Sera Greatly Disapproves

Vivienne Approves

The Iron Bull Greatly Approves

Dorian Disapproves

Cole Greatly Disapproves

Varric Slightly Approves

DISBAND: Blackwall Disapproves

Cassandra Disapproves

The Iron Bull Disapproves

Sera Greatly Approves

Solas Greatly Approves

Vivienne Disapproves

Dorian Disapproves

Cole Greatly Approves

Afterward, in the War Room, you will have the chance to recruit Cole, although Cassandra slightly disapproves by doing so. Of course she does. He can permanently join the party though, so we suggest you take him.

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