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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

The below details all approval options for Dorian throughout the main story, side quests, cut scenes, and other prompted dialogue. Where ‘N/A’ is stated after a quote, this indicates that your response has no consequence to approval ratings. As with all companions, your approval rating with Dorian starts at 0. This is altered by specific choices in the following ways:

Slightly Approves / Slightly Disapproves:

  • Slightly Approves (+1 to approval rating)
  • Slightly Disapproves (-1 to approval rating)

Approves / Disapproves:

  • Approves (+5 to approval rating)
  • Disapproves (-5 to approval rating)

Greatly Approves / Greatly Disapproves:

  • Greatly Approves (+25 to approval rating)
  • Greatly Disapproves (-25 to approval rating)


Brilliant, isn’t it?

Am I speaking too quickly for you?

  • “I was enjoying the show.” (Romance)
  • “Distracted? By my wit and charm? I have plenty of both.” - N/A
  • “You’re very confident.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Perhaps.” - N/A
  • “Are you so sure?” - N/A

Distracted? By my wit and charm? I have plenty of both.

  • “We’re all frightened.” - N/A
  • “Not at all.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You’re boring me.” - Disapproves

It was us all along. We destroyed the world.

  • “You’re not responsible.” - Slightly Approves
  • “It’s not destroyed yet.” - N/A
  • “Why whine about it?” - Disapproves

“No one will thank me, whatever happens. No one will thank you, either. You know that, yes?

  • “Nobody knows that.” - N/A
  • “No one likes a pessimist.” - N/A
  • “I don’t need their thanks.” - Slightly Approves

Letter Regarding Felix

I think the Venatori found out he was helping me. I think they killed him./He’s dead. The Blight caught up with him.

  • “I’m sorry for your loss.” - Approves
  • “That’s not surprising.” - N/A
  • “They’ll pay.” - Slightly Approves
  • “So quickly?” - N/A

Tevinter could use more mages like him, those who put the good of others above themselves.

  • “Were you two involved?” - N/A
  • “What about yourself?” - N/A
  • “You might be idealizing him.” - N/A
  • “Follow his example.” - Approves

Main Story

Here Lies the Abyss

But if you want twenty volumes on whether Divine Galatea took a shit on sunday,
this is evidently the place to find it.

  • “Stop whining.” - Slightly Disapproves

If in a relationship with Dorian at this point:

I don’t know if I can forgive you for that moment.

  • “I’m sorry.” - Slightly Approves

“Are you… all right?”

  • “I don’t want to talk about it.” - Slightly Disapproves

Corypheus and his contemporaries entered the fade and began the blights. In comparison…

  • “I wish you’d been there.” / “I’m glad you were there.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)

My advice? Keep this quiet. Let them speculate. Too many will see this as a challenge.

  • “I agree.” - Approves
  • “You don’t?” - N/A
  • “Not my problem.” - Slightly Disapproves / Disapproves if in relationship

What Pride Had Wrought

All my talk of how terribly wrong things are back home, but what do I do about it? Nothing.

  • “You came here to help.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You could do great things.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Just go, then.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “What about us?” (Romance)

You make monumental decisions affecting the entire world. How can I not consider some of my own?

  • “I could go with you.” - Approves
  • “I need you here.” - N/A
  • “I understand, if you must go.” - N/A

Prompted Dialogue

Regarding southern mages…

The Inquisition is seen as an authority. You’ve given southern mages license to… well, be like mages back home.

  • “So long as they’re like you.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “Is that so terrible?” - N/A
  • “So they’ll rule us next?” - N/A
  • “I doubt that.” - N/A

I could watch you roam Skyhold all day…

I suppose it’s more fun this way. For me, I mean. You’re rather strapping.

  • “I could say the same of you.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “Thank you?” - N/A
  • “It’s so true.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Don’t flirt with me.” - N/A

It occurs to me that you’re a mage…

…It’s such a bizarre notion to me.

  • “There are worse things.” - N/A
  • “I quite agree.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Hence the rebellion.” - N/A

Did you know we’re actually related?

We are talking long ago, of course.

  • “Nice to know.” - N/A
  • “Is that a good thing?” - N/A
  • “I don’t care about that.” - N/A
  • “Can we still flirt?” - Slightly Approves (Romance)

You’re… Dalish?

So I take it you’re… Dalish? Is that the correct word here?

  • “It is, yes.” - N/A
  • “It’s correct everywhere.” - N/A
  • “As opposed to “slave?” - Slightly Disapproves

I hope this won’t be an issue between us. I am here to help you with the Venatori, after all.

  • “I appreciate your help.” - Slightly Approves
  • “No need to dredge up the past.” - N/A
  • “Don’t give me a cause.” - Disapproves

You were part of the Carta…

Centuries of warfare with the Qunari do lead to this state of affairs.

  • “What about in person?” - N/A
  • “I’ve no issue if you don’t.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Tevinters aren’t popular.” - N/A
  • “I thought about it.” - Slightly Disapproves

About Chancellor Roderick…

You know he died, I assume. Got us as far as the camp, and then… that was it.

  • “That’s too bad.” - Approves
  • “I’m suprised he helped.” - N/A
  • “I never liked him.” - Slightly Disapproves

“But in the end, he believed. He asked me to tell you he was sorry.”

  • “He was a good man.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Thanks for telling me.” - Slightly Approves
  • “He judged me too quickly.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I’m glad he saw the light.” - N/A


Tell me about yourself

And beyond my being so charming and well-dressed? Which is obvious to anyone.

  • “It’s obvious to me.” - Slightly Approves (Romance)
  • “If you say so.” - N/A
  • “I hadn’t noticed.” - N/A
  • “Don’t push your luck.” - Slightly Disapproves

Tell me about the Imperium

Back home, it’s… how it is? Slaves are everywhere. You don’t question it. I’m not even certain many slaves do.

  • “You’re saying they like it?” - N/A
  • “It’s not like that here.” - N/A
  • “That’s a terrible attitude.” - Slightly Disapproves

Some slaves are treated poorly, it’s true. But do you honestly think inescapable poverty is better?

  • “At least they have a choice.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I suppose not.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Treated poorly?” - N/A

You are what we needed most at the moment we needed it. That’s what they will say in ages to come.“

  • “I’m surprised you think that.” - N/A
  • “I agree.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “I don’t know.” - Slightly Approves
  • “You are a fool.” - Disapproves

Tell me about Alexius

And then he… gave up. He stopped trying.

  • “I’m sorry.” – Slightly Approves
  • “You mean you argued.” - N/A
  • “You both gave up.” - N/A

I still believe that Corypheus needs to be stopped, and that I need to be here to help stop him.

  • “Why is it so important?” - N/A
  • “You think you can help?” - N/A
  • “I don’t need your help.” - Disapproves

Main Story

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

All this dancing, politics, and murder makes me a bit homesick.

  • “Should we do that more often?” / “I liked your dance.” (Romance)
  • “You miss that?” - N/A
  • “Happy I could help.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Don’t be ridiculous.” - Slightly Disapproves

Val Royeaux Wedding

Happiness is tempered by duty.

  • “Find your way together.” - N/A
  • “Business first, fun second.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Make a strong name together.” - N/A

Spend your new wealth on joy.

  • “You’ve a duty to yourselves.” - N/A
  • “Live life to the fullest.” - Slightly Approves
  • “Who cares what anyone thinks?” - N/A

We must find purpose in duty.

  • “Roles are useful and vital.” - Slightly Disapproves
  • “Make use of your influence.” - N/A
  • “You get this power, not them.” - N/A

Marry for duty, love in secret.

  • “Houses are mere appearance.” - Approves
  • “You can and should.” - N/A
  • “Don’t make it obvious.” - Disapproves

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