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Dragon Age Inquisition
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Author(s): Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth, Lynette James, Greg Wright, Greg Boccia
First Published: 18-12-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 09-07-2020 / 23:04 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 10-07-2020 / 10:13 GMT

The Hinterlands is located in Ferelden outside of Redcliffe. The conflict between Rebel Mages and Templars is evident here as the two sides often battle across the hilly terrain. This is one of the largest areas available for exploration in Thedas with plenty for the Inquisitor to do. The Crossroads and Redcliffe Farm highlight the mainstays of civilization not wrought with conflict but with commerce and stability. There is a High Dragon in this zone and the Carta base dungeon of Valammar.


Agents :

  • Clemence - Meet with Alexius in the Gull & Lantern and talk to Clemence.

  • Corporal Vale - Complete all the quests for the refugees then tell him you want to grow the Inquisition's reputation.

  • Enchanter Ellendra - Complete "My Lover's Phylactery" and either have Vivienne in the party, the Arcane perk, or be a mage to recruit her.

  • Horsemaster Dennet - Complete "Horses for the Inquisition" and have Cassandra or Vivienne convince him to join the Inquisition.

  • Lord Berand - Complete "Love Waits" and ask him to join.

  • Ritts - Complete "Strange Bedfellows" and have Varric recruit her. You can also be a dwarven Inquisitor.

  • Speaker Anais - Complete "Praise the Herald of Andraste" and talk to Anais once more.

  • Tanner - Complete "Business Arrangement" and have Cassandra strong arm Tanner into joining the Inquisition.

Companions : Blackwall

Codex Entries

Codex Location
Templar Encampment In Fort Connor. At an abandoned camp on a bench to the west of Fort Connor. On the templars in the quest "Agrarian Apostate"
A Page from a Journal, Edges Scorched Near an apostate cache in a burning house that's locked.
An Unsigned Letter on a Bandit Body Corpse of bandits outside of the Rebel Queen's Ravine.
Stronghold of the Apostate Mages In the cave in the East Road during Measuring the Veil. In an empty shack on Redcliffe Road.
Construction Orders Lying on the ground at the bandit camp along the East Road.
An Unsigned Letter in the Hinterlands In the Dusklight Camp.
The Orlesian Empire In the shack where Blackwall is located.
Charred Paper On the bandits that attack Blackwall when you recruit him.
Dwarven Runecraft Inside a burning building east of Fort Connor. On a barrel.
A Letter Found on a Dead Body Across the bridge from West Road to Redcliffe Farm.
A Letter Found on a Dead Dwarf West and up the hill from the letter on the dead body at West Road.
A Letter in an Empty Home The eastern shack on the Redcliffe Farms near the Redcliffe Farm Camp.
A Heartfelt Request Pinned to the fence of the Druffalo pen in Redcliffe Farm.
The Tevinter Imperium Inside the Druffalo shack at Redcliffe Farm.
Hard in Hightown: Chapter One Second story of Dennet's House on Redcliffe Farm.
Codex Location
A Note Found on a Corpse In Dead Ram Grove near a Shard.
An Unsigned Letter Bottom level of the Grand Forest Villa. Top level of the Grand Forest Villa.
A Letter from the Carta Top level of the Grand Forest Villa.
A Letter Found on a Corpse In an alcove of Old Simeon's Cave.
A List of Supplies On a barrel at the docks in the Blood Cliffs.
Hunter's View of the Mage-Templar War On the nightstand of the Refugee Hunter's house in the Crossroads.
Healer's Notes at Redcliffe Crossroads Above the Refugee Hunter's house in a round abode on the table.
Letter Found in a Redcliffe Home In Hyndel's father's home in the Crossroads.
A Letter to Revered Mother Giselle On a table in the healing house in the Crossroads.
Astrariums On a table near Constellation: Judex.
Queen Asha of Antiva On a table to the left of the entrance inside Winterwatch Tower.
Phylacteries (Letter Found on a Dead Templar) Outside of Winterwatch Tower near some statues.
Carta Note on Security In Valammar on a table.
An Angry Note In Valammar behind a locked door.
Defaced Carta Notice In Valammar behind a locked door.
Codex Location
Order for Lake Operations In Valammar with the Carta Leader.
Report on Activity in the Hinterlands In Valammar with the Carta Leader.
Personal Note Scrawled in a Ledger In Valammar with the Carta Leader.
Darktown's Deal In Valammar with the Carta Leader.
Fereldan Culture In one of Redcliffe Villages shops.
Lyrium In the locked shack in the center of Redcliffe Village.
The Carta In Redcliffe Village next to the shop near the docks on a bookshelf.
The Dwarven Merchants Guild In Redcliffe Village on the docks.
Hero in Every Port (Ballad of Nuggins) In the house next to the Gull and Lantern.
The Troubles of a Chantry Scholar In the Redcliffe Village Chantry.
The Circle of Magi In the Redcliffe Village Chantry.
The Annulment at Dairsmuid On the second floor of the Gull and Lantern.
Seers and the Allsmet On the second floor of the Gull and Lantern.
The Crows and Queen Madrigal First floor of the Gull and Lantern, atop a barrel.

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