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Dragon Age: Inquisition


Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Under Her Skin

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Leliana Complete **In Your Heart Shall Burn** and **Acquire the Arcanist** War Table operation. n/a

Talk to Leliana after reaching Skyhold and the subject of Venatori will eventually come up. It seems they are working with a merchant named Vicinius , giving us cause to investigate him. Off to Val Royeaux… be sure to bring the wine! In the eastern part of the city, near the docks, you can find a door that lets you travel to his home. Once you arrive, check the table for the Letter to a Slaver codex and loot the cabinet and desk. Head upstairs. Read the note at the top and then kill the venatori in the next room.

Here there are plenty of things too loot and a note on the desk for the Charred Notebook codex. More importantly, Vicinius’ corpse. Check it and then you are prompted to find three crystals. One is in the corner near the bed. The second is in the other corner on that wall, and the third is against the opposite wall. Gather them up and head back to Skyhold.

Go talk to Leliana again and she’ll send you to Dagna next. Talk to Dagna to see a scene. This prompts an idea from Leliana and gives you the Plant Crystal in Venatori Headquarters . Completing this operation will get more information, speak with Leliana to listen together. Return to the War Table and complete the operation Investigate the Shrine of Dumat – it costs 1 Power. From here you may now travel to the Shrine of Dumat.

At the Shrine of Dumat you can run through the initial area and into the interior after defeating some demons at the top of the staircase. There are Greater Terrors, a Shade, and a Wraith at the entrance so focus on the Terrors first. Head down the right, defeating the Despair Demon, then collect the Memory Crystal . Cross over to the left side to find a second Memory Crystal then ascend the stairs into the next room. Two Shades, two Wraiths, and a massive Pride Demon await you here. Focus on the lesser foes before challenging the big guy. Collect the third Memory Crystal then head down the steps.

Turn into the middle area before reaching the room to spot the fourth Memory Crystal in the shelf. A Greater Terror and Despair Demon guard the fifth Memory Crystal on the right, defeat them and claim it. Defeat the other set of demons and collect the last Memory Crystal , just don’t miss the backpack on the table as it holds the Masterwork Dagger Grip and Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune schematics. Go back up the steps and into the final room.

Dialogue Choice

(Sobs.) For Calpernia’s sake, I am lost.

  • I’ll free you from your pain. ( Cassandra -1 )

  • Your death will be a message. ( Cole -5 )

  • You’re too useful to kill. ( Cole -5 )

Return to Leliana at Skyhold to complete the quest.

The Left Hand of the Divine

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Leliana Complete the **Wicked Hearts** Main Mission. 1025 Experience, 400 Influence, +3 Power

Talk to Leliana after you return from the Wicked Hearts Main Mission to get this quest. It seems the Divine has left her a letter from beyond the grave, and she wishes us to join her in a visit to Divine Justinia’s old Chantry. You can find it on the map, north of Skyhold. Valence Cloister .

Here you will be told to solve three riddles. Let’s do this in order:

Always remember that faith sprung from a barren branch .“

In the first room, head to the corner and ping your search bar near the painting of a flower on a rose bush. Leliana will share its significance. Use the hidden mechanism.

That light has no fear of darkness .“

Next head to the fire pits by the central statue and look around. You will find a second hidden mechanism. Use it.

Above all, that strength lives in an open heart .“

In this circular room find the painting of someone piercing an enemy’s heart. Search near it for a third mechanism. Use it and a door will open up. This door is behind the statue. Go find and open it, then watch the scene. If you let Leliana kill Natalie then it deeply hurts her chances of becoming Divine, but if you let her live it will strengthen them.

Once you return to Skyhold, go talk to Leliana to complete the quest and learn of your new friends.

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