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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Side Quests

Claire Farnworth
Scott Peers

Under the Ramparts to the West

Quest Giver : War Table

Requirement : Enter the Exalted Plains

Reward : 80 Influence

This is our “primary quest” in this area. Sounds like something is going down to the west. Head out that way (claim the three landmarks close by) and kill the enemies you encounter (likely Freemen and even some demons… who aren’t near a rift). Note the broken cart, the note, and all the fish as well! Ha!

Just to the west is the Western Ramparts. You can find one of the imperial soldiers fighting a corpse here. Take out the corpse and you’ll finish this quest.

Lay Rest the Western Ramparts

Quest Giver : Corporal Rosselin

Requirement : Finish “Undead Ramparts to the West”, talk to the Corporal.

Reward : 200 Influence, +2 Power

Rosselin has an idea of where the undead are coming from. Piles of bodies in pits, to the north and south. We’ll have to burn them!

Head into the ramparts and take out the undead as you go. You will soon come to a path split. Head left first and you’ll face an Arcane Horror. These things are somewhat similar to Despair Demons and are essentially the “Guardians” of these pits. They have a fire weakness and can teleport around, making them very annoying. All this is done while corpses attack, so try and focus on the horror, then clean up the scrubs.

Nearby is the pit, which has a magical enchantment over it. Have your mage destroy it and then burn the bodies. One more pit left. Head back to the path split and go forward this time for another pitched battle with corpses and an Arcane Horror. Take them out like before, break the magical barrier and burn the bodies.

Return to the path split again and sound the horn there. This prompts the soldiers to return to the ramparts, which are now full of people. Head back and report to Corporal Rosselin to finish the quest. You’ll start the next quest in the chain after that.

Another Side Another Story

Quest Giver : Corporal Rosselin

Requirement : Finish “Lay Rest the Western Ramparts”, talk to the Corporal.

Reward : 200 Influence, +3 Power

We’re off to go talk to the Marshal at Fort Revasan, which is to the northquite a ways. A good little explorative journey. On your way you’ll head through some valleys and eventually see s checkpoint where you’ll help some soldiers fight off Freemen. Note that there is a Freemen base nearby to th west (it has some pillars by it), do NOT go in there quite yet. Trust us!

Continue north from that checkpoint and you’ll have to fight off some demons with more soldiers in front of the fort proper. Fight them off and enter the fort. Just entering the fort gives you some influence and power.

Here talk to the Marshal and here his woes. Let him know you cleared the Western Ramparts of the dead. You will get some new quests here, including: “Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts”, “Calming Victory Rise” and “No Word Back”. You can also claim a landmark here and talk to a Sergeant Meursault nearby for the “Left to Grieve” quest.

Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts

Quest Giver : Marshal Proulx

Requirement : Find and talk to Marshal Proulx at Fort Revasan, complete “Another Side, Another Story”.

Reward : 512 Experience, 400 Influence, +4 Power

This quest isn’t quite like the Western One (That is more of the “Calming Victory Rise” quest), but instead we’ll be storming the Freeman outpost just south of Fort Revasan. Everything in here is level 15 by the way, just so you know. These guys are slightly tougher than previous Freeman enemies.

The front of the fort has some snipers on the battlements and some guards out front. Take them all out (pulling a sniper down with a chain is a blast). You can use the narrow area here if you wish, but its better to rush in and climb up to the snipers.

Continue on through some doors and take out another group of soldiers. This place really is a mess! The guards are the biggest pain, but Mighty Blow takes them out pretty fast (alone with area damage). Continue on to the objective using the narrow pathway on the left to come to the body pit. It is guarded by a boss though!

BOSS - Gordian

**Name** **Stats**
Health 46488
Defense 0
Resistance Cold
Immunity Frozen

Hey, Bioware calls this guy a boss! Not us. He’s more of an… elite soldier, but he can kill you if you aren’t careful! Gordian is an ice mage, and as such his biggest, most dangerous ability is his ice mines. They are DANGEROUS, and can easily kill multiple people if they are caught in them. For this reason you should NOT have too many melee attacks fight near him, as he can lay them at his feet and wreck you if you do that.

Aside from that, Gordian isn’t too much of a threat. You can slow him, knock him down, burn him… he’ll go down fairly fast with the right combos. Beware his ice mines and his barriers, as well as his teleportation at times, and you’ll have free access to the body pit before you know it.

Despite not giving us any loot, you can go up the tower nearby and at the top you’ll find a Legend of the Three Sisters: Book 3 codex entry, a pole for the Chantry Banner item, and a Chest .

Go back down and burn the body pit once your mage gives you access to it for a 200 Influence, +2 Power reward. We now need to blow on the horn nearby for another 200 Influence, +2 Power reward. Kind-of weird, but we’ll take it! Like the Western Ramparts, soldiers will come claim this area once you blow the horn. Easy stuff.

Calming Victory Rise

Quest Giver : Marshal Proulx

Requirement : Find and talk to Marshal Proulx at Fort Revasan, complete “Another Side, Another Story”.

Reward : 200 Influence, +2 Power

This quest is much like our fight at the Western Ramparts: two body pits need to be burned. Each is guarded by an Arcane Horror. There are more corpses to fight here than down south, but we like it that way! Visit each in turn, kill the defenders, use your mage to take down the barrier and then light the body pits.

Once you are done you’ll have to use the horn to signal the place is once again safe. Like before, soldiers will now move in and occupy the place once you have finished.

No Word Back

Quest Giver : Marshal Proulx

Requirement : Find and talk to Marshal Proulx at Fort Revasan, complete “Another Side, Another Story”.

Reward : Experience, 80 Influence

All contact has been lost with the River Garrison, to the north. We have to go see what’s up. Naturally. The garrison is actually a very large building that would make a fantastic base of operations.

Head up there and enter from the southwest side (not much of a choice). Help the soldiers you encounter kill the demons. Turns out THAT is why they haven’t been in communication…

What we need to do here is go to the bottom of the garrison where you will find a crypt and a RIFT. Oh wow… take out the rift (which counts towards the “Rifts on the Battlefield” quest) and then search to the north down here for a Bottles of Thedas . Very nice.

Head back up the ladder and blow on the war horn to hand back control to the soldiers. You will also get this garrison as a fast travel spot on the map now. Too bad there isn’t a fricking shop…

Left to Grieve

Quest Giver : Sergeant Meursault

Requirement : Find and talk to her at Fort Revasan

Reward : Experience, 80 Influence

Sergeant Meursault wishes us to find letters of fallen soldiers, so we can send them on to their families. Awfully nice of her.

In total we have to find SEVEN letters. No small task. It is recommended you do the “Calming Victory Rise” and “Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts” quests before you tackle this, just to make things go smoother.

Since there are so many, give some guide writers a break and humor us as we number them for you. From the map there are three “northern” markers which we will call letters 1-3 (left to right), a central marker due west of Fort Revasan which will be letter 4, and then three letters to the south, which we’ll call letter 5 (the northwest one), letter 6 (the northeast one) and letter 7 (the one furthest to the south).

Letter 1 : The unfortunate bearer of this letter is just to the northeast of the Riverwatch Camp. Just off the road you can find a cart and animal that were slaughtered. UNDERNEATH the animal is the soldier, who has the letter on him. Your party may even comment on how he died…

Letter 2 :This letter is found inside the Eastern Ramparts. On the northern side there is a tower and an Ocularum. Just to the south of that Ocularum is a charred corpse. Examine it to find this letter.

Letter 3 : To the northeast of Fort Revasan, along the roads, is another destroyed cart. These soldiers really like to die by carts it seems. The cart is off of the main road. Examine the corpse to find the letter.

Letter 4 :You can find this letter to the west of the “Eastern Ramparts”. It is near a dead body, by a cart. Some of your inquisition troops may be nearby, just to the north.

Letter 5 : Head to the Western Ramparts and in the big central area with the two giant arrow launchers, find the stairs to the south. This letter is on the left side of those stairs.

Letter 6 : This one is south of the “Andruil’s Messenger” landmark, on the road that leads up to Fort Revasan. Along the way look for a group of corpses near some sandbags. The letter is nearby, on a barrel.

Letter 7 : This one is a note in the Western Ramparts. It is located by the highest trebuchet, near a Chest .

Sketch of Enavuris River

Quest Giver : Dead Body

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence, 207 Gold, Masterwork Scour Armor

Southwest of Fort Revasan, you will find an exclamation mark begging your attention. The mark is showing you to a corpse in the area, near a rocky dead-end. Examine the corpse to get the sketch and this quest.

To find the hidden location, head to the “Ancient Baths” location, which is of course southwest of the Dalish Camp. From there, head south to the river outlet and then start following the coast east. Ping your search along the way and you’ll run into it. It is a patch of sand at the river’s edge.

Map of Enavuris

Quest Giver : Note in the storeroom at Victory Rise.

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence, 247 Gold, Cleave

You can find this quest / map while doing the quest “Calming Victory Rise” fairly easily. After you take out the body pits, stop by the storeroom on the northern side of the area (easily seen by its big doors under the main fortifications) and search everything inside to find this map and this quest.

The ruins to the southwest of Victory Rise have the windows from the map (these are the same ruins with the veil fire lanterns in them that gave us one of the elven glyphs from the “Scattered Glyphs” quest). Head over there and look through the window, then head north to the nearby rock formation. Ping around here with your search to find the hidden loot on top of the rock formation.

Map of Halinsulahn

Quest Giver : Note in the small camp in the northeast part of The Crow Fens

Requirement : None

Reward : 242 Experience, 80 Influence, 213 Gold, Masterwork Firm Bianca Grip, Fire Rune

After you fight the Stormrider (or before, if you are doing a hit and run… but seriously, fight the Stormrider!) look for a small camp to the east / northeast. Not only does it have a great note in it, it has this map as well. Looking at it will give you this quest.

To find this stash, head to the Dalish Camp and take the river east. Head to the waterfall and take the south side up. You’ll find a letter here to a lover, along with a Chest , but to get to the stash head up the rocks and get to the top. Use your search ping to find the patch of sand up here with the stash items up above.

Holding the Exalted Plains

Quest Giver : Scout Harding

Requirement : Enter the Exalted Plains

Reward : 512 Experience, 100 Influence, +1 Power (Per Camp)

This quest will actually take some time. Mostly because one of the camps is locked behind a War Table operation. No matter though. Once you do start to quest to the north, you will unlock the Riverwatch camp on the west side of the map.

The last camp is northwest of Fort Revasan. Head along the road and try to go to it. You’ll encounter a collapsed tunnel, but can start a War Table operation to clear the path to Ghilan’nain’s Grove. That quest also includes a fight with a bunch of pissed-off Gurgut creatures, but once you slay them all you can set up the Fens Camp and be done with this quest.

Rifts in the Old Plains

Quest Giver : War Table

Requirement : Enter the Exalted Plains

Reward : 512 Experience, 200 Influence, 2 Power (PER Rift)

This is a pretty big quest for rifts… FOUR in total they are giving us for this quest. That’s cool though, the rewards are pretty good.

The rifts here are split up pretty good. The closest one is to the east, in the forest area. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t really contain any surprises. The first wave is a Rage Demon with some Wraiths while the second wave is the same thing but adds in some corpses. Yes, we are fighting corpses in these

rifts now apparently.

There is a lot of quests and exploring you can do between that rift and the others, especially since the Dalish Camp is to the south (and they have a LOT of quests). But the southern rift has more of the same: Rage Demons and Wraiths. They add in two Shades in the second wave to mix things up.

The western rift is exactly the same as the southern one. No mixing things up this time. Rage Demons, Wraiths and Shades. This is the rift you should do when you are out there for the Elven Glyphs quest.

Finally we have the northern rift, which is honestly the hardest one of the four. Why? Well, it starts off pretty easy with corpses and terrors, but the

second wave adds in some rough stuff! An Arcane Horror AND a Revenant both make an appearance here. You’ve likely fought the Revenant before (from The Fallow Mire), but you may be new to the Arcane Horror. They are very similar to the Despair Demon with their vulnerability, but have a tendency to teleport away when they are in danger, making you track them down again.

Take out every rift here and seal them for good to complete this quest and make the plains a much safer place.

Rifts on the Battlefield

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : Complete “Calming Victory Rise”, “Lay Rest the Eastern Ramparts”.

Reward : 512 Experience, 200 Influence, 2 Power (PER Rift, some are 967 XP)

Four more rifts to take out. Most of these are in the north, but one is in the south, southwest of Fort Revasan. It has Shades for the first wave and Shades and a Rage Demon for the second wave. Pretty easy stuff, honestly.

Now, onto the northern ones. The closest one is in the village (the destroyed village) of Ville Motevelan. Get past the rubble and take the demons on! The first wave is a Rage and Despair demon. Not too bad. The second wave is a bit tougher with TWO Despair Demons (I hate how they move around!) and a Revenant. Take them all out to close the rift. There are a LOT of landmarks here so get them all. Also, check in the ruined yellow house for a hidden Bottle of Thedas while you are here. Also note that this rift gives you more experience than normal.

The third rift is actually part of a quest called “No Word Back”. It is mainly Corpses (archers, mostly), Wraiths and an Arcane Horror. Not too bad. Defeat both waves and secure the garrison afterwards. There is another Bottle of Thedas down here you should nab once it is safe.

The final rift is to the northwest of the garrison, out on the riverbank. It is a bit harder than the last one, and features a Greater Terror/Despair duo to start with and then THREE Despair Demons and a Revenant. Yikes. After taking them out, check the tent to the north for the unique Farslayer bow. Note that this rift is the other one that gives you increased experience.

And with it gone, you’ve saved the plains from the rift menace. Good job!

Rifts in the Fens

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : Complete “Ghilan’nain’s Grove”, set up Fens Camp.

Reward : 967 Experience, 200 Influence, +2 Power (Per Rift)

Three more rifts to test us. These are the last ones, I swear!

The southern rift is fairly weak. Wraiths. Tons of them. Both waves. That’s it! Seems impressively mild for this much experience…

The two northern rifts are a bit better, with Despair Demons and Rage Demons thrown in. Both of them are really nothing you haven’t see before, but before you take them on make sure you kill any of the roaming Gurgut in the area. We don’t need them joining the fun.

Slaughter these remaining demons and seal up the rifts. Don’t go too far east when you are fighting the northern rift, either. Hehe….

A Fathers Guidance

Quest Giver : Note in abandoned house.

Requirement : Search the house just to the west of the Western Ramparts, and read the note left on the table.

Reward : Gold, Fire Agate x3, 80 Influence

A sad quest. You get this by reading a note in the abandoned (destroyed) house to the west of the Western Ramparts. A father has left items behind… but they are not likely needed anymore. We are then tasked with finding them.

To the northwest, out in the open plains is where the tree in question is. It is the tree that is growing sideways out of the ground. Near the base is a box that you can loot with some gold and fire agate x3 in it. Once you retrieve the items, the quest is complete.

A Dalish Perspective

Quest Giver : Olafin

Requirement : Find Olafin to the southwest of the Western Rampart, talk to him.

Reward : 80 Influence

You can find Olafin off in a valley to the southwest of the Western Rampats. Note that when you talk to him, a group of corpses will attack you all! Help him fend them off and then talk to him to get this quest. We also get a new codex entry: The Dalish Elves .

He will ask us to seek out his encampment, which is just to the west. Not very hard to get to at all, just head through the forest and press westward. These elves aren’t hiding and you’ll soon find them. Once you find their camp, this quest will be over. Be sure to talk to the keeper and mention the hunter sent you to report for +1 Dalish Favor .

It should be noted that you can gain a number of additional quests here, including “By the Grace of the Dalish”, “From the Beyond”, “The Golden Halla”, “A Well-Stocked Camp” and “Someone to Lose”. The most important one is the Grace of the Dalish, as we will need to earn favor (like above) to gain their trust. Nothing comes easy! Now get to work!

By the Grace of the Dalish

Quest Giver : Keeper Hawen

Requirement : Complete “A Dalish Perspective”

Reward : 300 Influence, +3 Power, Experience, Ability to use Dalish Merchant, Agent: Ithiren

To complete this quest, you must gain the Dalish’s favor. Doing that means completing quests around the camp. These quests are:

From the Beyond: +3 Dalish Favor

The Golden Halla+: 3 Dalish Favor

A Well-Stocked Camp: +1 Dalish Favor (per stock)

Someone to Lose: +2 Dalish Favor

Something to Prove: +3 Dalish Favor

All together you need about 15 Dalish Favor to “complete” this quest. We have all the quests layed out down below, so it should be an easy thing to do (most of them are quite easy as well). The rewards are quite worth it as you get another agent AND the ability to trade with the Dalish. The trader here specializes in magic staves, but also has quite a few schematics to look through, including some masterwork items. He also has the High Keeper Robes , but those will cost you a pretty penny (or rather 15,000+ gold) and they are ELF/MAGE ONLY. Eh, if you like Solas THAT much…

From the Beyond

Quest Giver : Keeper Hawen

Requirement : Complete “A Dalish Perspective”, offer to help at Var Bellanaris.

Reward : 200 Influence, +2 Power, +3 Dalish Favor

This quest is very easy. Var Bellanaris is a holy place to the Dalish, but it has been overrun with demons so volunteer to go help out. It is to the south, not too far away, and “overrun” with demons means you’ll slay 2-3 Wraiths and a handful of Lesser Shades. Really, no big deal. DO NOT desecrate any of the tombs here…yet. Doing so will make the Keeper angry when you report back to him. You can return once you talk to the Keeper and loot the tombs to receive “Spoils of Desecration” side quest.

The Golden Halla

Quest Giver : Ithiren

Requirement : Talk to Ithiren at the Dalish camp and ask about the Halla.

Reward : Experience, +2 Power, +3 Dalish Favor

This is another pretty easy quest. We are tasked with finding a “Golden Halla”. It isn’t really golden, though. Well, not fully. It is out in the plains to the south. Go out there and find it, then you will be tasked with herding it back to the Dalish.

“Herding” this thing is getting behind it and driving it forwards. Not too hard but it can be annoying trying to get the thing to move where you want it. Moving left will make it go right and vice versa. It is going to run away from you no matter what and will sometimes run into a pack of wolves. Once you get it near the camp (not IN, just near) this part will be done.

Now, talk to Ithiren to get your rewards and complete this quest.

A Well-Stocked Camp

Quest Giver : Nissa

Requirement : Talk to Nissa at the Dalish camp and ask what troubles her.

Reward : 128 Experience, 80 Influence, +1 Dalish Favor (Per Item)

It appears the Dalish stores are low. Well, we’re ready to win their favor, aren’t we? Read her ledger nearby to discover that they are getting low on Spindleweed, requiring 5 bushels of it. You may already have these items of course, but if not the river nearby has plenty of it. PLENTY. The worst part it that Nissa can’t seem to walk 20 steps to pick the stuff up herself! Regardless, go get it and bring it back to her.

Next up is 10 Elfroot. You likely have this already, but if not do other quests and obtain it, then bring it back for your reward.

Next up is 10 Canine Leather. Again, good chance you have this already. It drops from wolves in the area. Kill them to obtain it and bring it back for your reward.

Now we have five iron. There is no way you DON’T have this unless you just straight up hate gathering things. Turn it in for your reward. Lastly we have 3 Great Bear Pelts. Now, this does NOT come from this area. Great Bears just aren’t in this map. They ARE in the Emprise Du Lion and The Emerald Graves map though, so save this for when you head there (or if you already have them, turn them in).

Once you do that last favor, you will have completed this quest.

Someone to Lose

Quest Giver : Emalien

Requirement : Talk to Emalien at the Dalish camp and ask who (or what) Valorin is.

Reward : +2 Dalish Favor

Valorin is, according to the map, up north. Not too far away, really. Head up there and in his search area look for a large destroyed red house. His charred remains will be in the middle of it, amongst the rubble. Examine him and loot the Chest nearby, then return to Emalien to report on her brother. Damned idiot. Being nice here to her earns you Cole’s approval, but Solas and Dorian with both slightly disapprove.

You will now start the “Something to Prove” quest.

Something to Prove

Quest Giver : Emalien

Requirement : Complete the quest “Someone to Lose”.

Reward : +3 Dalish Favor

Since Valorin went and killed himself, it is up to us. To complete this quest we have to find and return “Lindiranae’s Talisman”, a Dalish Relic. If you wish, you can find this while doing the quest “Scattered Glyphs” below. You may as well knock out two birds with one stone. If you just want to focus on this quest though (can’t blame you, that other one is LONG), follow the river southeast of the Dalish Camp. You’ll come to a cave mark on the map titled “Shrine to Sylaise”. Break down the barrier in here for an Ancient Elven Robs and Lidiranae’s Talisman . With it in hand, go back and give it to Emalien for a nice jump in Dalish favor.

The Spoils of Desecration

Quest Giver : Destroy a tomb in Var Bellanaris

Requirement : None

Reward : 256 Experience, 160 Influence

You want to make sure you do “From the Beyond” before doing this quest. Head back to Var Bellanaris when you do to avoid making the Keeper angry and loosing any favor. In the northern section of the graveyard destroy the two graves on the hill near the entrance. One of these two graves will have a Key Shaft 1/3 . You will spawn a Wraith, Shade, or Terror for every tomb you destroy.

The hill across from you has no keys, but two graves with items if you want to keep killing (and you do, right ?). Head to the center area now and two more hills await us. To the left is a hill with three graves. One has another Key Shaft 2/3 and two minor graves. The hill on the right has the last Key Shaft 3/3 somewhere in the two graves.

Next open up the door to the tomb nearby. This officially completes the quest, but let’s explore inside! There are Chest in the two rooms in here, along with plenty of Deep Mushrooms and some minor loot barrels. In the back you can find the main chest… vase… thing, which honestly has crap loot, but there is a Mosaic Piece to the left.

Once you loot the main vase you’ll be attacked by two Corpses and an Arcane Horror. Well, you know what to do with them.

Scattered Glyphs

Quest Giver : Exploration, Dalish Keeper

Requirement : None if exploring, or talk to the Keeper after completing “From the Beyond”

Reward : Access to “Investigate the Elven Glyphs”, unlocks the “Lost Temple of Dirthamen” area. Further treasures and influence.

You can get this quest from lighting some veil fire and finding one of the four glyphs needed! To start you out (and to show how we got it), just south of Olafin (the Dalish archer southeast of the Western Ramparts; the man who gives you the “A Dalish Perspective” quest) is a broken archway. Light the veil fire there and take it down the hill to the collapsed mine to find Glyph 1/4 . That will get you this quest.

Now, to find the others! Talking to the Dalish Keeper will mark the areas you can find them on your map.

A second glyph can be found to the northwest, out of the forest. You will come across a campground and a small ruin. There will be a veil fire spot on the wall of the ruin you can light. Do so and then search the small walls of the inner rectangle area to find Glyph 2/4 .

A third is southeast of the Dalish Camp, south of the forest. Follow the river until you come across the “Shrine to Sylaise” and enter. Inside you will find some Freemen enemies. Slay them, light the veil fire, and examine the rune on the opposite side of the area for Glyph 3/4 . Also note that you can find the Sylaise: The Hearthkeeper codex here and can even break a barrier down nearby with a mage for some Ancient Elven Robes and Lidiranae’s Talisman , which is important for another quest so hold onto it.

The fourth and final one is out in some ruins to the west. Near the western rift, actually (it is advised you destroy the rift before searching for it!). There is a wall in these ruins your warrior can smash for easy access to the rift and ruins. Once you clear the area of danger, have your mage find and light the veil fire and then go west to the open courtyard (past the destroyable wall) and search the northern wall for Glyph 4/4 .

Finding all of the glyphs enables you to do the “Investigate the Elven Glyphs” operation at the War Table. This costs 5 Power, but you should have that easily. Go back to the base and do this operation when you can. It takes up no time either, which is a bonus. Once you are done, you will unlock the new area “Lost Temple of Dirthamen”.

This is a self-contained area, we are going to continue this quest in this section under “God of Secrets”. You can go there any time, but you may as well head there and do it now, you don’t want to forget about it as the game goes on!

God of Secrets

Head down into the crypt and read the book. Push onward and kill the corpses at the intersection (or nearby) and then light the nearby veil fire. We will be using this veil fire a bit here, so get used to it. We recommend having your main character take up the torch, as the AI has a tendency not to fight if they are carrying it (which isn’t good if you rely on the AI at all).

With the torch examine the dog nearby for the The Lost Temple of Dirthamen codes, the quest “Runes in the Lost Temple” and, naturally, Rune 1/7 . Funny how that works. Cool statue.

Turn left now and into the room of misery. In the back here is a statue you can examine for the Heart of Misery if you have the veil fire. Pick it up for Secrets 1/6 and an ambush by corpses and corpse archers. Kill them all and head back to the intersection.

Head right now and into the room on the right. Note the gate here. We’ll be back for this, but you know of it now. Head back and continue down the waterway. Head to the very end and pull the lever, then head into the Chamber of Whispers. Inside look for Rune 2/7 which updates the area codex, and then pick up the Tongue of Whispers , which is Secrets 2/6 . Another ambush. You can use the doorway as a killing zone.

Head back to the waterway and down the left path. Further down we go! When you get to a path on the left, note that you can break down a magical barrier and find a note, some loot, and a Mosaic Piece from the “Freed Are Slaves” set. Nice.

Continue down to the Sanctuary, where we can go a number of ways. Let’s head left first. Skip over the waterfall door and examine the corpse. Head into the next door on the left. Read the note here and loot the Chest . There is a Rune 3/7 here, as well as another veil fire torch. Have a rogue pick the door and you’ll be in the Chamber of Torment. Before going into the room on the right with the secret, look into the back room (by the waterfall) for Rune 4/7 on the far wall. After that, go into the secret room and pick up the Hands of the Torment , which is of course Secret 3/6 . And yes, another corpse attack. Go figure. One of them actually has a key item though, so be sure to loot THESE guys for the Ornate Elven Key .

Head back out to the Sanctuary and then to the south side of this area (past the door that is magically sealed). Open up the locked door here with your key and head in. A bit in to the left is a lever that opens another door. Do so and then look for the breakable wall here. Have your warrior do the honors and search around for a Chest and Rune 5/7 .

Exit the room and continue left, jumping over the rubble. There is a secret in the back here. Go look at the dead end to find the Ears of Unheeding , which is our Secret 4/6 . We get to fight TWO Arcane Horrors now, which is way better than corpses. Take them out!

From here, head through the archway/door across from the broken wall and keep the torch out of the water. In the back you’ll find an elven relic you should activate for some experience and minor influence. Keep going and search the next room for Rune 6/7 .

Head back to the broken-wall area and left out the gate we opened up with the switch. To the left is a door a rogue can unlock that leads to two Chests . Continue straight and up to a new room. On the left is some Rashvine Nettle, so be sure to grab it if your in the market for it. Right next to it is Rune 7/7 .

Continue on through the path behind you and you’ll come to the “Chamber of Despondency”. Loot the bag here and open up the door with the lever. This door leads to the initial start of the temple (told you we’d be back!). More importantly, take the Heart of Despondency which is Secret 5/6 , and kill the Arcane Horrors that attack!

Head back down to the sanctuary (you may fight another horror on the way) and head right this time. Inside the door is the Hard in Hightown: Chapter Seven codex. How or why this is here is beyond me. You can also find the last secret here, the Eyes of Secrets which is Secret 6/6 .

Now, take all of these body parts to the middle area and go down into the middle water area. Here you will find stone pedestals you can place them all on. Not a good idea, right? Heh. Do it anyways (NOTHING stops the Inquisitor!) and you’ll summon…

BOSS - The Highest One

**Name** **Stats**
Health 46488
Defense 0
Vulnerability Fire
Resistance Cold
Immunity Asleep, Frozen

The Highest One is the old leader of this place, and is an ice mage. As such, he has a vulnerability to fire, so use that to your advantage (Earthshaking Strike is lovely here, and I’m sure any fire mages will have an excellent time as well).

The Highest One has several attacks you’ve likely seen before, such as shooting a stream of ice at you (which can leave you chilled), causing icicle spires to show up at your feet and knock you down, and he’ll even summon corpses to provide you some distraction. His most annoying move however is that fact that he can put up a barrier on himself, which honestly he needs as he is really weak and has NO defense.

Despite his barrier, this is an easy fight. This is mostly due to the fact that The Highest One does NOT move around alot, so you can set traps up easily on him. Be sure to get him burning! He is also not immune to being knocked down or stunned, so use that to your advantage. The only real nuisance is that barrier, which you’ll either have to dispel or eat through. Still, this is a pretty easy fight considering you can have your warrior keep his ass on the floor while you roast him alive. Poor Highest One… he just revived and he’s going to die so soon!

The magically sealed door is now open. Enter to find a supply cache to the left, a Mosaic Piece in the middle (“Freed are Slaves”) and a couple Chests . The big reward in the chests (that isn’t random) is the Dirthamen’s Wisdom shield. Enjoy if you are a warrior, or let your tank enjoy.

With that, this quest is (finally) done! Head back out to the exit and kill the Venatori that show up.

Ghilannains Grove

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : Investigate collapsed tunnel northwest of Fort Revasan, and then complete the “Gain Access to Ghilan’nain’s Grove” operation at the War Table.

Reward : Influence, Access to “The Fens Camp”.

After you complete the “Gain Access to Ghilan’nain’s Grove” operation at the War Table you can access the area right near the third and final camp. However, it has been overrun with Gurgut! We need to take them out in order to set up camp.

These creatures should pose no problem to you (if they do, we’re in trouble for what else I want you to do in this area), but if it helps use area attacks as they are grouped up. Feel free to use as many potions as you want too. We are about to set up camp after all! Slay them all and set up The Fens Camp, which will serve as a good outpost to this area.

For the Empire

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : Investigate broken bridge northwest of Fort Revasan, and then complete the “Repair Pont Agur” operation at the War Table.

Reward : 200 Influence, +2 Power, Dalish Banner Crown

This is a fairly long quest that takes place after you do the “Repair Pont Agur” War Table operation.

After you do that, the bridge in the northwest part of the map will be fixed, giving you access to the northwest part of the map. We are tasked to “Go to Citadelle Du Corbeau”, but getting there is no walk in the park!

For starters, this entire area has been overrun with the undead and demons. Your first clue to this is the fact that we have to burn body pits! Head northwest to the “Northern Ramparts” and fight your way to the two body pits. There’s one to the south and one to the north, each guarded by an Elite Arcane Horror. Take them down to stop the corpses, mop up the enemy, break the magical barrier and burn the pit. We’ve done this twice before, so you are in expert now, right?

Once you get both pits burned, head north to the door. An elite Revenant will break through. He’s a bit tougher than normal, but fairly easy to take down. Be sure to loot him though, as he has the unique Rendor’s Blade on him.

Now, further in there is something you should know: this castle has AUTOMATED DEFENSES. That means a giant ray of death will sweep through certain portions of the upcoming area and severely damage anything that it touches. It is also quite noisey.

In this first small courtyard, be sure to hit up the nearby The Raven landmark and press onward to safety. You’ll see a dying soldier here who will explain the defenses somewhat before he goes. Hit the lever and continue. The ladder here has a Chest on the top (of the hill), but we DO NOT recommend using this height advantage to get away from the Laser ‘O Death… the AI isn’t smart enough to follow you and may get caught up in the nearby slope. Instead, suck it up and dash through the area to the back, where it is safe, and then fight the corpses.

Continue on through the rubble and follow the walkways. You’ll get to an even bigger courtyard soon, with multiple openings. Tons of undead here of course. Note that one of the nearby ladders on the right side has a Chest at the top. In the courtyard itself another “Laser o’ Death” will roam around, so be careful. Instead of following the obvious path onward, head LEFT to the tree and find an area where you can drop down onto a wooden walkway. Follow this walkway and jump the gap to a Chest with some nice schematics. Keep following this path to the battlements where a Rage Demon waits below. You can find another Chest on a ledge to the right before you drop down and face him.

Kill him off and note the path to the left and the path onward. To the left is a dead end, but there are two Chests down that way. Nab them and go back, taking the path onward. You will eventually end up fighting a ton of corpses at the top of a flight of stairs. Use any area skills you have here and once you are done, get the Citadelle Du Corbeau landmark.

Next we have to shut down the defenses. Either use the ladder or the steps in the back and you’ll find the gear to shut the defenses down. Turn the wooden wheel and the door down below will open. Go down there and talk to the guard to finish up this quest. Besides the influence and power, you also get the Dalish Banner Crown .

Since you are here, be sure to go talk to the commander down below to hear her story and get the “Pressed for Cache” quest.

Pressed for Cache

Quest Giver : Commander Jehan

Requirement : Complete the “For the Empire” quest.

Reward : 967 Experience Points, 200 Influence

Get it? Because “Cache” sounds like Cas.. ah, nevermind… Herewe are tasked with recovering TEN supply caches, all down south in areas we have already been in. These are pretty easy to find given the narrow search areas, but we’ll go over them quickly:

  • Supply Cache #1: Located near the bridge.
  • Supply Cache #2: South of #1, in a blue house.
  • Supply Cache #3: South of #1, in a red house, near a ton of corpses.
  • Supply Cache #4: North of the Riverside Camp, by a house.
  • Supply Cache #5: North of the Riverside Camp, on the dock.
  • Supply Cache #6: South of the Riverside Camp, by the large boulder.
  • Supply Cache #7: South of the Western Ramparts, along the road.
  • Supply Cache #8: South of the Western Ramparts, along the road.
  • Supply Cache #9: Near where the Dalish Outpost was, at the start of the forest area.
  • Supply Cache #10: Inside the Dalish camp.
    Once you collect (or mark) all of these supplies the quest will be complete. You can go back to the Commander if you wish, but she won’t say anything to you.

Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets

Quest Giver : None

Requirement : Investigate collapsed tunnel northwest of Fort Revasan, and then complete the “Gain Access to Ghilan’nain’s Grove” operation at the War Table.

Reward : Superb Amulet of Cunning, Shortcut through The Dead Hand.

To get to this “quest”, we must have access to Ghilan’nain’s Grove and the “Fens Camp”. We’ll assume that you have access, so let’s uncover a well-kept secret in this area.

As you head east from the camp you will inevitably hit a path split. The left path leads to the fens while the right path leads to the “The Dead Hand”, which is a landmark. That’s not all that is over there though: a ladder leads down into a crypt.

Now, down here you can find a number of codex items and the rare lootable bag or other minor thing, but by all appearances this crypt just leads to a large room and a locked gate at the end. In the middle is a statue of an archer and four orbs around her. The game doesn’t come out and say it, but there is a puzzle to be solved here!

The objective here is to get the archer to SHOOT all four orbs. The problem with that is that three of the orbs are blocked by pillars. That’s where we come in! Let’s go over how to shoot each orb.

There is a lever to the northwest thats sole purpose is to rotate the archer and make her shoot. The northern orb is the only orb that is unguarded, so it makes sense we start here. Rotate the lever until the archer shoots this orb. One Down. It is a good idea to have one of your party members HOLD THEIR POSITION at this lever.

Next Orb. Just northwest of the northwest lever is a panel on the floor. Have a second party member the go stand on it and make them hold their position. This lowers the another barrier. Now, have someone use the archer lever to shoot the unguarded orb. Two down.

This one fairly easy. Just need to light three torches in quick succession. One of those torches is behind a gate though. You can find a lever close to where you came in that lowers a nearby gate giving you access to a torch. There is a Mosaic Piece over here you should nab by one of the torches. Now light each torch. This lowers the barrier on the eastern side. Quickly pull the archer lever to shoot it. Three down.

The last one is a bit tricky. First, one party member needs to get TRAPPED behind the gate with the torch used for the last orb we did. Have them hold position by the torch and trap them in there by using the lever by the door. This raises a gate and lowers another one. Change to the person you trapped and they can now access a lever. Pull it. This opens a gate on the opposite side where you will find a crank. Make sure the statue is ready to fire at this last orb. Use the crank, then quickly pull the lever that rotates the statue.

Once you are done, follow the lights as they light up the locked gate and let you in! Search the tomb for the Superb Amulet of Cunning (which we suspect is a nod to figuring out this unnamed puzzle) and then examine the nearby statue for the Dirthamen: Keeper of Secrets codex.

From here you can continue in, loot what you can, and fight off an Arcane Horror and some corpses. This crypt leads to the southern part of the fens, right near a camp where one of Cassandra’s personal Templar Hunts occurs, but you will have to manually unlock the gate to get out (providing you a shortcut through the area). With that our small section on this puzzle is complete. If you haven’t already, be sure to go play with the huge, over-grown lizard up north! Enjoy!

BOSS - Gamordan Stormrider

**Name** **Stats**
Health 138534
Defense 46
Vulnerability Spirit
Immunity All Disabling Effects, Slowed
Resistance Greater Electricity Resistance
Ability Perceptive

This thing is an electric dragon, and as such is in a very advantageous position for one reason: water. There are pools of water all around us. Water and electricity are definitely bad for our health, so the number one thing you want to be aware of going into this is that the water here WILL get electrified and if you stand in it so will you!

The Gamordan Stormrider has many High Dragon attacks that we’ve already seen before. These include swiping any one of its four claws, swinging its tail in a large arc, and flapping its wings

to bring us in closer and damage us with the wind (mostly annoying for ranged and/or mage characters as warriors can stay in the middle with the dragon and be safe).

You’ve likely seen these attacks before, as this shouldn’t be your first dragon by any means (The Hinterland Dragon is easier, for example). This is still a good second or third dragon to tackle.

The biggest threat is of course the water and electricity. The Stormrider will breathe electricity like other dragon’s breathe fire, moving the sparks back and forth. She will also shoot out larger electric balls that will stay on the battlefield for a short while, shocking anything that gets near them (it should be noted though that these larger electric “traps” somehow DO NOT turn the water into a death-trap).

At certain points in the battle the Stormrider will take to the skies and shoot down her electric mine bolts at us. Other than that, a good time to heal and revive if need be, but stay out of the water. This is when she will electrify it.

Keep your forces spread out due to the large radius of her electric mine attack and watch how deep into the water you go… you don’t want to be in the water if you can help it. Other than that use Spirit Magic if you can (note her weakness) and your strongest attacks to take her down. An Archer can actually have a comfortable time taking her down if positioned just right behind some rocks. The electric balls of pain will hit the rocks in front allowing you to sit there and shoot. Enjoy the massive haul of loot once the fight is over.

Loot: 3,652 Experience, 1600 Influence, +4 Power, Bianca Aiming II (Enhanced), Lady Jocasta’s Revenge, Superb Amulet of Dexterity, Dragon Gland, Intense Dragon Blood x10, Dragon’s Tooth x2, Dragon Webbing x4, Dragon Scales, Dragon Bone x3

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