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Dragon Age Inquisition
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Author(s): Greg Boccia, Greg Wright, Claire Farnworth
Editor(s): Claire Farnworth, Lynette James, Greg Wright, Greg Boccia
First Published: 18-12-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 09-07-2020 / 23:04 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 10-07-2020 / 09:13 GMT

Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Josephine Speak with Josephine in Skyhold 1,025 Experience, 400 Influence, 3 Power
Meet with Josephine in **Val Royeaux** to deal with the deaths of her messengers. The Comte turns out to be a man from the Repose, but Josephine thinks she can get this contract annulled by a Du Paraquette if they were elevated to nobility once more. Return to Skyhold and talk to **Josephine** and **Leliana** . Josephine wants to work it out, Leliana offers an assassination. It's your choice, but we'll assume you are setting up a deal with **Du Paraquette's** . Meet with Countess Dionne in Val Royeaux then return to Josephine.

Note: Doing the Destroying House of Repose's Contract quest with Leliana will accomplish the quest as well, with the same rewards. Choose whichever path you wish here as the end result is the same.

The House of Repose paid a visit, time to set up a favor for Judge Auld. Go to the War Table to set this up. After this completes speak with Josephine once more than back to the War Table to set up a meeting with Bellise. Head to the World Map and look for this mission outside of Val Royeaux. It should be a quick meeting, just tell Bellise you'll help her. Back and forth, talk to Josephine then go back to Val Royeaux. Speak to Josephine here to complete the quest.

Heraldry from a Herald

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Josephine Speak with Josephine after the **Wicked Hearts** quest. None
Talk to Josephine sometime after the **Wicked Hearts** quest and the topic of her family's crest will come up. This starts a War Table mission called **Find the Old Montilyet Family Crest** .

Once you complete that mission, you can head to the shops in Val Royeaux and find the crest for sale (it costs 0 Gold, and is in the main square of Val Royeaux, in a shop out in the open). Buy it, then return to Josephine in Skyhold and show her. This will complete the quest.

An Unexpected Engagement

Quest Giver Requirement Reward
Josephine Speak with Josephine after the **Wicked Hearts** quest, complete the above quests, dedicate to romance. Romance!
This quest is the result of you pursing a romance with Josephine. After you complete the quests above, you will get a cut-scene by walking into the room Josephine sits in (on your way to the War Room, are we right?!). This may not happen **IMMEDIATELY** , but it will happen.

Josephine has been engaged, so we must look into things. Despite Josephine insisting she will take care of the matter... we can intervene. From here you can do a number of things (other than ignoring it of course). There is a Challenge Josephine's Fiance' to a Duel War Table Operation from the get-go but there is also a Gather Information on Lord Otranto War Table Operation that you can do FIRST that provides info. Sooner or later though, you will have to challenge the man to a duel...

Once the War Table mission finishes, go talk to the messenger and then travel to Val Royeaux. A duel will start here. You will have a special dialog option if you did the Gather Information mission. Use it if you wish. Soon someone will interrupt and you can make the most important decision: seal the romance or cast it off?

Note : Sealing the romance should give you the Beloved and Precious trophy.

Choose what you will and enjoy the scenes. Ah, young love...

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